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Question: What’s your take on Britney Spears?

Answer: She’s never had a chance to find out who she really is or what she really wants. As a show child and young adult, her entire life has been focused on performance and competition, not inner happiness. When she was troubled by her own feelings, she had to “push them down,” as there wouldn’t be time to addrress them with her busy career. Later, she learned to turn to addictive substances to mask those unpleasant feelings that many of us have about ourselves. She may have begun this process early so now she has addiction problems on top of everything else.

If she sticks with rehab, she can definitely turn the whole thing around.
There, she’ll be a part of a tribe of her own peers: people who’ve been where she’s been, and who are where she is right now. In that setting, she’ll have the downtime and opportunity to go within and find her real feelings that she’s never had a chance to get in touch with before. At the same time, she’ll have the support to get off the drugs and alcohol that keep her from connecting to these feelings.

Aboriginal tribes knew what we as a culture have forgotten: that truth heals.My work with people in public events puts people in that same tribal setting. There, I create a safe place for people to speak the things that have been left unsaid, and healing naturally flows from there.

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