Are Celebs Causing Our Girls To Go Wild?

Are Celebs Causing Our Girls to Go Wild?

August 1, 2007

Parents are justifiably worried about their young girls and their increasingly wild behavior. They blame celeb role models like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Nicole Ritchie, who flaunt with abandon their body parts, their uncontrolled drinking and drugging, and their DUIs.

But celebs aren’t the root of the problem; their behavior is just another symptom. The real cause is messages passed down from parents to young girls, many of them unconscious, like:if ou have to be popular to be happy

§ if you’re not happy, turn to a substance like I do to mask your feelings

§ if you’re not pretty (read fat), no one will love you

§ if you’re too smart, you’ll scare off the guys

§ you’re incomplete without a man

Gal celebs and our daughters are wilder today because they’re in resistance to these not-so-subliminal messages. Marriage, if it happens at all, is at an older age. It’s girls now who act so wild (the Brit Pack has replaced the Brat Pack) – they’re acting out their anger and confusion about these messages.

Our celebs are living the same lies as our daughters and a lot of their wild behavior is a result of those lies. They’re just teenagers or 20-somethings who are somebody else’s daughter, desperately trying to find themselves and figure out if the messages they got from their parents and society-at-large are valid.

What can parents can do to protect their daughters from this trend?

§ uncover the messages they’re sending their daughters

§ change the messages to ones that work today

§ give their daughters ways to build real self-esteem

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