Three Ways to Find (and Keep) Your Soulmate

They say love makes the world go round, and there’s no time like February to bring that loving feeling into sharp focus. From love songs and love poems to romantic books and movies, tales of true love are bound to color your world this month and bring up some soul-searching questions.  Have you been seeking love without success? Do you worry that love is all about luck?  Do you believe a soulmate is waiting for you? And if so, how do you go about finding that elusive person? It may be time to re-examine your beliefs about love.

Does it fall like rain from heaven into your waiting arms as the songs suggest? Or is there some work you can do to bring love home and keep it burning bright?

Most people admit that finding and maintaining a healthy and lasting love relationship is their most difficult task in life. I believe that finding a loving life partner becomes easier when you know something about energy healing. In my work as a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I’ve helped many people with the healing they needed to accomplish before the love they hoped for could enter their lives. Whenever two people interact on any level, whether they are having a friendly chat or communicating with glances and body language, there is an exchange of energy between them. Learning how this energy works can help you attract more loving and positive relationships.

Your healthy love life begins with a balanced second chakra energy center. A healthy second chakra is a fertile place—an engine of creative possibility that allows inspiration to flow through the body. As the seat of the inner child and emotions, this center also hosts your creative and generative impulse. These aspects of the second chakra reflect the wholeness of the individual, which is why they are so important to forming happy relationships with others. Energy healing can make sure your second chakra is clear and balanced and thus the energy you bring to any relationship is positive.

Check out these 3 ways I suggest to make sure you are ready to begin or to nurture a healthy and happy love relationship:

1. If You Want to Attract Love, Be More Loving

In energy medicine you learn that what you put out into the world will be reflected back to you. Light attracts light, so if you want more love, or stronger love, you need to love more. This doesn’t mean being more needy or clingy. True love is never restrictive, but allows for change and growth. To be more loving means to be more accepting and open, loving your partner, your friend, your mother, for who they are, rather than who you think they should be.  Being more loving can also include opening yourself up more. Allow your fourth chakra, your heart center, to open a little wider and let your love shine forth. While it’s true that opening yourself up to love does make you more vulnerable, the rewards are worth any risks. Being more loving and open with other people also paves the way for you to be able to experience Divine love, which is the purest love in the universe.

2. Build a Strong Foundation, Learn to Love Yourself First

You’ve heard this truth many times before, which is why you might be overlooking the most obvious factor in bringing new love into your life. Loving yourself is a precursor to being able to love or be loved by someone else. Forgive yourself for your mistakes, know that you are worthy of love, and that you are indeed enough with or without a romantic partner. In order to believe that someone else will love you, you must first love the magnificent human being that you are. No matter what self-doubt, low self-esteem or insecurity you may have suffered from in the past, the time has come to make a fresh start. Being open to love begins with a firm base of self-awareness and self-knowledge. Know, accept, and love who you are so that you can offer the same welcoming acceptance to others. It’s the secret to all good relationships. If you love yourself and feel worthy of being loved, you will break down the walls to your heart.

3. Step Out into the World with Love

What would your soulmate be doing right now? How would that person be interacting with the world? Would they be volunteering at the animal shelter? Would they be coaching kids’ basketball at the community center? Would they be driving seniors to the neighborhood health clinic? Is that your way of being in the world, too? Giving back and serving others is the way to be a loving person yourself and to meet people who have the love quotient you are seeking. Be the love you want to find. To attract love you will need to project love into the world. Because creating relationships takes energy and work, you can turn the focus of your love outward into the world by taking action and doing things you love. These activities will fuel you with positive energy and help you shine as you use your unique gifts. This radiant new you will begin attracting all kinds of new loving relationships.

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” –Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Have you moved closer to becoming the most loving, accepting, and giving person you can be? Is your energy positive and focused now that you know you are ready to experience love on every level? The more love you can give, the more you can receive, and the more enjoyment you will experience.

Finding and keeping a soulmate depends on being the very kind of open-hearted, loving person you are seeking.  Be a beacon of love for yourself and others and you’ll soon find the joy those love songs are talking about!

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