Wake Up!

Wake Up!

I was asked recently to share some of my wisdom and life lessons in just a few words. I chose to share one of the most important lessons in life that I believe everyone can live and learn by, and that is the lesson of waking up. I tell a story about the Buddha that will help you see the importance of being awake.

According to the ancient seers, we are really asleep, dreaming that this world is real. Actually, everything we’re dealing with is an illusion. It is essential to feel and live in the present moment and understand what that means for you and everyone around you, but at the same time to realize how illusory it all is. That way, you won’t let your past weigh you down or be frightened of what the future may hold.

We are all part of a Oneness that connects us all. Humanity is larger than all of us as individuals. If everyone would do their part to wake up, our humanity as a whole would be in a much higher and blessed state. On a smaller scale, however, it is time for each of us to wake up as individuals. You alone have to power to make yourself happier, healthier and more aware of your meaning here on earth.

Please read my article in Inspire Me Today about waking up at: https://www.inspiremetoday.com/archiveDisp.php?type=0&ref=1558

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