“Truth” with an Agenda

When public figures straight out lie to us, and then use lame excuses to justify it – throwing around the phrases “deeply regret” and “profoundly sorry” like candy from a parade float – do they really expect us to believe them, or in them? Ted Haggard messed up – not because of his sexual orientation – and we could have understood had we been told the truth. Instead, excuses, half truths, and more lies cover what could have been a stunning moment of clarity for him and a huge step on his path to self improvement and redemption. His most recent version of “truth” is a desperate attempt to regain power and status, not peace. See my blogs on the Huffington Post and Psychology Today

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Posted January 30, 2009 | 01:01 PM (EST)
Just how honest has Ted Haggard been with himself and the media as he tries to repair his public image? He’s been on a number of TV shows to coincide with the debut of the HBO documentary called “The Trials of Ted Haggard.” I’d give him a C- for effort…. Read Post