Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Pendulums



If you’re on the path to higher consciousness, you have likely heard a great deal about the importance of keeping yourself and your energy field clear of negative energy. But how do you know for sure if your energy field is clear and strong, or if there are imbalances or blockages that need correcting?

Of course, you can take healing courses or workshops or meet with an energy healer to have your chakras read. A practitioner of energy medicine can determine where your flow is blocked or crimped like a hose and keeping your energy from streaming freely. You can also learn to read your own chakras by using an old and powerful tool: the pendulum.

The pendulum is an incredible way to diagnose imbalances in your chakras so you can continue your work of ridding your whole being from negativity. A pendulum can even connect you to your higher self!

Here are five things you need to know about pendulums:

1. The Type Does Matter

A pendulum is technically any weighted object connected to a fixed point by a string or cord so it can swing easily in all directions. I recommend you use a conical beech wood pendulum rather than a crystal or metal pendulum for these purposes. You’ll get the best results.




Keep the pendulum close to you for a few days; carry it around in your pocket and sleep near it at night so it begins to resonate with your specific energy. The pendulum acts as an amplifier for your energy, so the more it is in tune with you, the more accurate the readings and revelations you’ll get from it. Be sure to bless the pendulum each time you use it, and if you happen to get a used pendulum, don’t attempt to use it until it’s been cleared of all energy attached to the previous owner.

2. Get In Touch With Your Unconscious

Once you have let your pendulum soak up your energy, it’s time to test it and learn its signals. The best way to try this is to ask a series of questions that you know the answer to. To get a response from the pendulum, hold the cord between your thumb and forefinger and let the wood cone hang down, not touching or resting on any surfaces. Keeping your arm and hand still, ask a question, the answer to which is definitely “yes,” like your name or the city you live in. Observe which way the pendulum moves—clockwise, counter-clockwise, or side-to-side. This movement will always mean yes. Repeat the process with “no” questions.

When you have a baseline for yes and no, you can start asking questions that your conscious mind doesn’t know the answers to, but your unconscious mind does.

3. Connect to Your Higher Self

In the same way you can get yes or no questions answered by your unconscious, you can also get answers from your higher self. It’s important to center and ground yourself beforehand with meditation and/or a walk in nature. Then, relax, open your mind, and ask that your higher self help you in guiding the pendulum. Let your guides and higher self know that you would like their assistance, and then be sure to remain open and available to their influence.




Clear your mind so you are only focused on the question at hand. You don’t want to indirectly influence the response by letting your personality or conscious mind get in the way. Let the advice and wisdom of your higher self tell you whatever you need to know.

4. Determine the Condition of Your Chakras

When your chakras are blocked or distorted, it can manifest in all kinds of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual distress, so you want to keep them as clear and open as possible. In order to maintain the health of your chakras, you have to know how they’re moving so you can figure out where there are distortions or imbalances. In other words, you have to know the problem before you can treat it, and that’s where the pendulum comes in.

It’s best to have a partner help you with this process, and you’ll want to test your pendulum for accuracy with the yes no questions before you try to read chakras. When you’re ready, hold the pendulum about four to six inches above each chakra and observe its movements. It may take a minute for the pendulum to pick up enough energy to being moving, so try to be patient and remain clear and receptive.

If the pendulum spins clockwise, that means the chakra is open and balanced. If the pendulum spins counterclockwise, that indicates a blockage or negative energy associated with that chakra, possibly from emotional trauma. If there is no movement, that could mean the pendulum is in the wrong location on the body, or it could mean the chakra is closed-off.

A pendulum will find distortions and imbalances so you can fully understand the condition of your chakras, and your energy field.




5. Anyone Can Learn

One of the best things about pendulums is that anyone can learn how to use them. The more you use it, the better you will be at understanding its messages. Just like learning any new skill, practice and patience are necessary, but the rewards are immense.

Pendulums are powerful tools, and used correctly, can give you great insight into yourself and others. As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I have seen energy healing change lives dramatically, and it starts with finding the blocks in your field, and then ripping them out at the roots. A pendulum is one of the first steps on the road to healing, health, and happiness.

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