Spiritual Energy: A Renewable, Sustainable Resource

And they’re off! Campaigns are marathons. Long grueling days, followed by long, grueling nights. You see the crew of your private plane more than your family. You watch yourself on the news, listening to constant critiques and analyses. You wonder if you’ll get a break, and if you do, will it be in four years or eight? Getting a break means you’ve lost. In this world, we expect our politicians to have superhuman endurance. The human body can’t live on hotels and adrenaline forever. Our leaders need a plan in place – not just for the economy or foreign relations. A plan for dealing with the physical and mental turmoil of office and keeping their spiritual energy renewed. Why do leaders need inner peace? Check out my blog at Psychology Today to find out more.

July 14, 2008 – 2:30pm in Psychology Today
Sometimes watching the news feels like reading the old Dick and Jane books. Run, spot, run! There they are, the presumed candidates, running, running, running.

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