Your Life Purpose

Are you ready to ignite your goals, your aspirations, or an intention you have — so you can THRIVE in sync with your soul’s deepest desires?

In Part 1, we explored the power of the Hara and I shared a quick, powerful practice for connecting with your Hara line. This practice pulls energy from the Earth up into your field and helps you clarify your life’s purpose…

In Part 2, we’ll build off of the foundation we created together, and I’ll guide you to tap into your Hara line to anchor your goals, mission, and intentions…

The Hara line is at the center of your incarnation in this lifetime…

It’s the expression of your Soul’s intention for this life — including fulfilling your unique mission and your Soul’s purpose…

The energy flowing your Hara line is also what brings you ease and supports your flow with ALL of life.

When you cycle energy through your energy system and field, you recharge the Hara which supports this flow state and truly living from a place of joy.

Charging the Hara also empowers you to move through your life from a strong inner authority that is a “truth-telling” or “straight-shooter” type of energy.

With authenticity and integrity and respect, you’re able to see clearly and speak clearly about what is true — this includes your needs, your worth, your self-care.

This clarifying energy also supports you in creating and holding healthy boundaries.

It is in this place — this place of clarity and power, strength and purpose — where the Hara anchors your aspirations, your goals, and your intentions.

What is it that you most want to create for yourself right now?

If you’re on a path of higher consciousness, this time, during the pandemic, has opened up an opportunity for deep reflection… on what is working and not — in our lives and our world.

As we emerge from this time, especially with the momentum of Spring, we are entering a time of new beginnings… of renewal…

The invitation is for us not to go back to the way things were, not to just restart… but to return to our activities and life’s work — stronger, wiser, more resilient.

And for some of you, the invitation is to not return to your former life, or lifestyle, at all.

In this 10-minute meditation, I’ll guide you in tapping into the Hara line with a focus on what you’re most wanting to manifest for yourself at this time.

This time in inner reflection has opened in you a renewed sense of purpose. Or maybe you were on your path, but just got slightly off track, and you are ready to course correct, to recalibrate…

This is the importance of working with the Hara specifically at this time. Your essence and the imprints of all that this lifetime holds for you, is held here.

So, whether you are reconnecting to your authentic self… or reclaiming the call on your life in this incarnation… or you’re discovering and committing to a path of higher consciousness… the Hara holds the key.

If you want to create a new career, a new relationship, let go of old patterns, heal and release old wounds… this is the momentum of this time and the power of Hara.

Everything is possible when you focus on your intention.

Discover the Change-Making Power of Living Your Life Purpose

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