Part 1: Discover Your Life Purpose by Aligning With Your Hara Line

Your Life Purpose

Do you hear the words “life purpose” and wonder what your mission is in this life? What you’re here to do with your life, to experience, to accomplish?

You might not consciously remember this, but before you incarnated into your current physical body, your soul made a plan for your life here on Earth — your life purpose. Your soul decided what lessons you should learn in this lifetime and what you should do with your skills and abilities… with the ultimate goal of keeping you evolving into higher consciousness.

Between lives, your soul creates blueprints outlining the best ways you can learn and benefit from the lessons you encounter in life. The details are not set in stone, though — just as you have a blueprint, you also have free will, so how you choose to respond to everything determines your life course, and how you live your soul’s calling.

The question I have for you today is: Do you feel fulfilled?

Most people do not, feeling that something is missing — and they often feel trapped by limiting life circumstances. In fact, one of the biggest sources of negative emotions and blocked chakras for students who come to my energy healing courses and workshops has to do with feeling a lack of purpose in their lives.

That’s why I’m SO HAPPY to give you a quick, powerful practice for clarifying your life’s purpose — so you can get out there and LIVE it! Imagine how satisfied you’ll feel when you do.

How Aligning Your Hara Line Connects You With Purpose and Fulfillment…

When you’re living in alignment with your soul’s plan, you feel more at peace with yourself and your place in this world. That nagging sense of dissatisfaction falls by the wayside and you feel fulfilled instead of empty or longing for something you can’t identify. Feelings of stuckness, pressure, and being drained fall away, replaced by feeling of purpose, freedom, and flow.

And the key to that is aligning your Hara Line.

When your Hara is aligned, you’ve accepted your life purpose. You’re living it with integrity, and this personal task of yours — the core reason why you’re ALIVE — is in sync with your soul’s deepest desires.

So what exactly is the Hara Line?

Your Hara Line is an invisible (to most people) line that runs one level below your personal energy field. As you’ll discover in the video below, your Hara Line connects three important points that relate to your life purpose.

While your seven main chakras are like a totem pole that runs from the base of your spine to the top of your head, your Hara line goes up your spine at a deeper level, connecting your:

  • Tan tien (also known as your lower dantien). This is your center of balance, intention, and power. It connects you to the core of the Earth and then runs upward to your soul seat. It’s located an inch or two below your belly button.
  • Soul seat. This is where your purpose and sacred goals lie. It connects to your tan tien and then runs upward to your Individuation point. You’ll find your soul seat below your throat, above your heart and over your thymus gland.
  • Individuation point. This point connects you to Source and is located three to five feet above your head.

What happens when you align these points and your Hara Line is incredibly beautiful.

In this 12-minute video, I’m going to guide you to connect them…

In this Part 1 of my 2-part series (Part 2 is here) on your Hara Line — I guide you to connect those three important points, so you can feel more clear, more alive, and more receptive to the beauty and the connection that’s always available to you.

When your Hara line is not in alignment, it reveals inner conflicts that so many struggle with:

  • Feeling like you can’t cope or like this earthly plane is too much
  • Feeling lost or alone or just plain stuck, like you’re not able to move forward in a mean­ingful way
  • Having a hard time fully understanding who you really are or why you’re here
  • Not being empowered to use healing energy for yourself or others

When your Hara Line IS in alignment, you’re clear on the big, fulfilling reason why you’re here, and (!):

  • Your entire chakra system and energy field are energized and enlivened
  • Stuck energies release and problems like depression or anxiety clear up
  • You feel well ­grounded, with no need to defend yourself or prove that you’re right about anything
  • You stand taller and straighter and can see where your life is going

Enjoy the practice and let me know how it helps you. I am so grateful every time I hear from one of you about the synchronicities that start appearing when your Hara is aligned — and the clarity and purpose you tap into.

In Part 2 of this series, I’ll share with you how to anchor your Hara Line with your goals, your mission, your aspirations, or an intention you have. As you’ll see, when you’re in the place where your Hara line is in alignment, there are no problems or obstacles that you cannot overcome with intention.

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