Looking for Guidance? These are your most powerful guides.

A few years ago, I was teaching a weekend workshop and noticed a woman in the back of the room who had an unusually powerful energy field. I had a feeling she was going to experience an initiation, a spiritual step-up, at this workshop. Later that night, I was awakened after only a couple of hours of sleep by an extremely bright light. At first, I thought it was the moon, but then I realized it was a moonless night. I realized that the spirit guides had arrived.

I began to hear beautiful music and to vibrate. I sensed that this energy was not for me, but I trusted the spirit guides knew what they were doing. I realized that whomever this energy was for –it was powerful, and that I was open and ready to receive it.

The next morning, the woman with the powerful energy field asked if she could come work with me on stage. As she walked toward me, I suddenly knew that she was the reason the spirit guides visited me the night before! They knew that I needed their support to help this woman reach a higher level of initiation. When she came on stage with me and started speaking about her family and history, I felt myself being lifted up several levels energetically.

At the same time, she morphed before my very eyes. As I ascended the levels with the help of the spirit guides, I began to see that the woman standing before me was really a Native American from thousands of years ago; that she had been some kind of priestess for their tribe. I could hardly believe my own eyes, and was excited that my audience was able to sense the same thing. Some of them could hear with me the sound of tribal drums beating. Indeed, this woman looked and felt like a Native American guide standing before us, and I knew then that my job was to connect her to one of her ancestors who had been a Native American medicine man or woman from long ago.

This magical connection would only have been possible with the help of the spirit guides who had visited me the night before. I knew that I would not have been able to carry the higher vibration in my own energy field and body were it not for the preparation from the guides. Our spirit guides work in mysterious ways, and they always have a reason for their work.

Spirit guides are our most powerful guides and mentors and are present in everyone’s lives, including yours. You may not recognize their presence or feel them but know that you have your own guides by your side waiting to offer support and guidance whenever you are open to their assistance. Their assistance can come in many different forms. In order to help you, their energy may not even be focused directly on you – they may need to focus their energies on someone near you who can assist you in reaching your place of self-realization.

The key to identifying and connecting to your spirit guides is to ask – guides won’t reach out to help unless we request their help; they don’t volunteer. So you’ll want to ask every day – it only takes a moment. Be patient as you practice connecting with them and I guarantee you that your spirit guides will soon be always at your side.

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