Higher Initiations

How To Prepare For Your Next Initiation: The Transformative Possibilities of Levels 5, 6, and 7

Higher Initiations

What if you could become filled with light and bliss, more deeply connected to Source and to the Ascended Masters?

What if you could choose which path of higher evolu­tion suits you best?

These are just some of the possibilities you can unlock within the highest levels of initiation.

Recently I shared with you about the transformative power of initiation… and your ability to expand your awareness and progress to higher levels of being.

I gave you an overview of initiations and shared a little about the first four levels of initiation. If you haven’t seen that video yet, I recommend checking it out — it lays the foundation for what we’ll be exploring now…

Today I’m going to share the next three levels of initiation with you — levels 5, 6, and 7 — and share a practice with an energy tool to help you prepare for your next initiation.

First, though, let’s get reoriented…

Initiation is a process that expands your consciousness, so there’s more of the real you available in this body, in this incarnation — with all of its higher spiritual values.

This process takes place over many lifetimes — and you’ve likely already had your first initiation or two. During this lifetime, you might experience the first two, three, or may even four (that’s very high!) levels.

In this 14-minute video, we’ll explore levels 5, 6, and 7 — because although these higher levels are rare, I want you to become aware of the possibilities that come along with them. At a deep unconscious level, you can begin striving for these levels… and that’s how you’ll truly transform.

Follow along with the video as I guide you through:

  • The fifth initiation, the energy that comes from the light-­filled heart of your soul star is downloaded into your heart
  • The sixth initiation is the initiation with your Monad, your God Self, where you actually connect to ascension energy and enter the fifth dimension
  • In the Seventh Initiation, the highest one you can reach while here on earth…

We’ll also move through a brief guided meditation that focuses your attention inward, calms your mind, and has a wide range of powers to transform and heal you — emotionally, physically, and mentally.

As you’ll discover, each new level brings more power, love, and wisdom into your energy healing practice.

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