Higher Initiations

Discover How to Unlock Higher Levels of Initiation

Higher Initiations

I want to share with you about the transformative power of initiation… and your ability to expand your awareness into higher levels of being.

Initiation is a process that expands your consciousness so that there is more of the real you — with full access to the higher spiritual values that are available to you in this incarnation.

This depth-process can take place over many lifetimes… and you’re likely to experience a few new levels during this lifetime. (In fact, you may have likely already had your first initiation or two!)

That’s actually likely why you’re here, reading this… and if you’re sensing an uptick in your vibration while you’re reading this, you’re in the right place.

Initiation encompasses step-­ups in consciousness on the path to mastery.

Mastery at healing yourself and others with energy…

Mastery at more open, compassionate, and balanced life…

Mastery at living in receptive and flowing energy…

Mastery at shifting your perception of yourself and the world around you — toward possibility and your highest potential.

It’s incredible what happens when you begin to move away from fear, anxiety, “me me me,” “worry worry worry,” and separation. You start to see everything more broadly, more deeply, and more highly. More clearly. Your vantage point RISES.

In this 14 minute video, I am going to guide you through the first few levels of initiation…

There are actually 352 levels of initiation (!!) when following the journey back to Source. (Christ, a man and a Master Healer, made it there — and that’s our goal too, a lofty one, no doubt, but definitely one to have!)

In Part 1 of this 2-part series on the Power of Initiation (Part 2 is here)— I tell you about only the first seven levels of initiation, since they make up the first round of the ascension process.

In my book, Heal Yourself, Heal The World, I refer to the first level as “Physical Self — Birth,” because this is at the core of this level.

This first level represents your physical self and what can happen at any powerful moment in your life — when you’re being intimate with a partner, giving birth, having a moment in nature, perhaps while running or watching the waves roll in… and in the moments you feel connected to everyone and everything.

After this initiation, you’ll feel more connected to Source and have the desire to do good for others rather than being focused so much on yourself. You may start to seek out new spiritual books, companions, or teachers.

Following this first journey to the first level of initiation, we’ll continue onto the upper levels and unlock the transformative power of initiation so you can truly master each level (initiatory levels 2, 3, and 4 are discussed in the video above) .

Discover the Power of Initiation

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