Three Ways You Can Light the Way for a Happy and Healing New Year

“If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.” –Rumi

The turning of the year is fast approaching. It’s a momentous time, and probably also the busiest, most hectic season on your calendar. You may feel you haven’t got a moment to breathe, and yet right now, today, your soul is calling for a time out. This season is made for reflection, for contemplation, and reverie.

It just feels right, as you move from one year into the next, to pause for an inventory of spirit. Where did your soul travel in the year that is ending, and where would you like to go in the bright future ahead? Yes, the future can be bright if you choose to make it so!

At the approach of a new year, people long to energize themselves for a step up. The whole tradition of New Year’s resolutions stems from a sincere desire to do better and be better in the next leg of the journey. If you look closely, each of those resolutions has a spiritual component.

If you succeed in losing that excess weight that is troubling you, it will mean you have increased your self-love and self-respect, honoring your Creator. If you do better financially, you will have the means to help others and to pursue the life purpose you are here for. If you vow to learn more and expand your knowledge, you will achieve a higher and broader vision that you can use to make the world a better place.

As you make time to contemplate the year that is closing, you can be joyful and grateful for all the ways you were able to grow in spirit. You’ll be shedding light on your life, and you’ll start to think of more ways for light to come in. What made you happiest in the past year? What are you most grateful for and proudest of? Now you can make plans to move further in the direction of the divine light that powers everything.

The energy that brought you to life also brought the universe to life. You ride atop an underlying intelligence that surrounds and permeates everything in existence—an energy that is All That Is. Some people call it God, some call it Source, and some call it the light. When discussing energy healing, I use the term unified field from the world of physics—but really this is love. The basic energy of the universe is unconditional love, and it is the strongest force there is. Connecting to higher-vibration energy is what your soul—having come from the light—longs to do. Activities that connect you to the light nourish your soul.

Here are three ways to strengthen your connection and bring you ever closer to the light in the year ahead:

1.Practice Meditation – Maybe you fell off the meditation wagon in the long months since last December or maybe you never had the training you needed to “see the light” that this ancient practice of peace can give. For a fresh start on this healing, light-filled path, get help from my video class.  Commit to connecting with Source through meditation and you will open a channel to the light that will inspire all your spiritual endeavors in the coming year and beyond.

2.Use Your Journal – Have you been keeping a record of your life in spirit though the past months? If so, you’ll be able to look back and see all the opportunities you were given to heal and nurture your soul. Use this moment to reflect on those times and write yourself a letter of encouragement and hope for the days to come. Your journal is a powerful tool for bringing light into your life and helping you grow in understanding and compassion for yourself and others.

3.Make Prayer Your Set Point – As the hymn says, “Ere you left your room this morning, did you think to pray?” A prayer of gratitude, a prayer for help, a prayer for knowledge—where do you turn when you feel the need for connection? Making prayer your go-to practice every day in every season is your instant pipeline to the light.  Have you ever been wrestling with a problem and suddenly thought, “Oh yes! I don’t have to do this alone!” That was your angels, your spiritual guides, your soul, reminding you that you are never alone. Prayer can be any form of contact you create with the Source of all light—from hiking to singing to cooking to kneeling in worship.

How exciting it is to take a deep breath and know that you can nourish your soul and bathe in the light of a loving Universe—make your soul connection—whenever and wherever you choose. As your present year ends and your new year begins, rejoice and seek the light!

“We turn to feed the fading fire, dream deeply through the night

And cherish songs that carry us from darkness into light.”

–Anne Hills, “At the Turning of the Year”

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