“Healing, Hollywood Style”

Nov. 2, 2006

I live a fairly discreet and quiet life with my husband, dogs and horses in a rural part of Malibu, CA. “Rural Malibu” may seem like an oxymoron but there really is such a place. I go about my business like a normal person, with little fanfare, and I do not seek out fame or celebrity. So when I visited the horse stables recently, I was very much taken aback to be greeted with an outpouring of excited acknowledgement and admiration from the regulars, who generally just nod politely.

They had just read the latest issue of W Magazine, in which Kevin West, the editor, writes about me and my work. The article,“Healing, Hollywood Style,” is an entertaining piece on the popular health and wellness practices today¹s celebrities have embraced. The article is positive, well crafted and Kevin is enthusiastic about his healing experiences. Who would have thought that a trendy pop-culture magazine such as W would delve into the world of healing?

Kevin went on a year-long spiritual and healing journey seeking treatments from a variety of practitioners. He attended one of my free, public access events and was intrigued; the next day he called for an appointment. Later, I met with him in a private session that he calls the “strangest, most exciting hour” that he had in his exploration of alternative medicine.

I would encourage you to pick up a copy of the November issue of W Magazine.
The article is a straightforward, honest account of one man’s search through the often confusing world of alternative medicine.

When magazines famous for showing the latest Gucci fashions become open to alternative medicine, it is a potent sign that all people are interested in, and in need of healing. No matter who we are or what sort of lives we lead, we all seek answers to the questions that trouble us.

In my work I have encountered a wide variety of people; some are more skeptical than others, but in all cases I have been impressed by people’s willingness to simply try and be open to the spiritual world. It may be easier to stay in our safe and protected bubble, but often it¹s when we push through our comfort zone and try something new that the truly extraordinary occurs.

Consider trying something outside your comfort range today.