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Waking Up with Divine Feminine Energy

Have you ever felt that there are more rooms in your house than you have ever seen? Do you sometimes suspect that there are hidden pages in the book of you? Are there powers of love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, creativity, and healing that you sense you possess but haven’t yet managed to bring into play?

You know there is more to your story because you glimpse it, you see it shining, you hear the melody just beyond. It lives in the joy and fulfillment, the excitement and optimism, the gratitude and boundless love you sometimes feel—and would like to more fully embrace each and every day.

Your intuition tells you that there is a bigger, better, more empowered you—your best self, your higher self—ready to awaken. Your higher self is your connection to the Divine, the Source of All That Is, and the power of unconditional love. How successful have you been in waking up your higher, most-enlightened spiritual self? What would it mean in your life to fully activate your best self? To borrow from the Sufi poet, Hafiz, “Just think what a love like that can do.”

Try to imagine how your higher self would experience life on earth. Would you feel more hope, trust, harmony, and faith? Could you be more loving to yourself and others? Would you feel less fear and more love, connection, and compassion? Could you move away from limiting beliefs and toward confidence in your ability to manifest your greatest dreams? Would you laugh more freely, smile more openly, and help others move away from negativity and toward joy and appreciation?

When you work at expanding your awareness, bringing yourself into balance, experiencing greater peace, raising your consciousness, and connecting with these elements of the Divine Feminine, you are actually assisting every other person and creature on the planet to do the same. With every thought and emotion you have, you’re sending out a wave of energy that makes its way into the fabric of humanity’s consciousness. By embracing your growth and striving to be your best self, you contribute to the well-being of all.

Here are five ways you can activate your inner Divine Feminine energy to wake up an enlightened version of you:

1. Meditate with The Great Mother

Your first step should always be opening the channel to your Higher Self. Preparing the way for awakening and healing begins with this universal practice to still the mind; calm, cleanse, and refresh the body; and increase your connection to the infinite Source of all creation, The Great Mother. Learn to meditate with an experienced teacher (like me) and build a practice that will stay with you and support all your future endeavors.

Meditation is amazingly good for you physically, mentally and spiritually. A big part of meditation’s success is its powerful ability to reduce and release stress. Meditation will also assist you in removing any blockages that come from holding onto anger and resentment. Meditation, especially when you’re connected to Divine Feminine energy, creates space for forgiveness, which opens up your connection to others and paves the way to enlightenment.

2. Discover who you are with unconditional love

Begin your course of spiritual awakening at the heart of matters, through the lens of unconditional love. Examine yourself to see if you know who you really are and what you really want.

  • What are your beliefs and values?
  • Your hopes and fears?
  • What do you love to do and whom do you love?

Because you are a unique being, there is much knowledge about yourself that only you can discover, much work that only you can do. Explore your feelings—past and present. When you start to dig into them, it may surprise you how much the feelings you’ve suppressed and the lies you’ve told yourself have held you back.

You can change your life by staying always in the mindset of self-reflection—figuring out how you feel about everything that happens to you. Ask why you feel the way you do. Working with Divine Feminine energy can bring you closer to honest, non-judgmental self-evaluation that will help you awaken your enlightened self.

3. Pray with your Divine Feminine guides

You’ll find a world of information to discover in the study and practice of prayer…it’s your high-speed connection to Divine Feminine energy. Common to every culture and every people, prayer is about joining to the light, Source, Goddess, or whatever name you have for the energy of unconditional love, creation, and strength.

Forms of prayer can include contemplation, affirmations, music, art, being in nature, and physical activities like dance and yoga—all used to connect with the guides and goddesses that can bring you gifts of healing and grace. Try forms of prayer that are new to you.

For example, use these Divine Feminine affirmations to declare a shift in your higher-self qualities:

  • I am able to heal.”
  • “I am an instrument of peace and love.”

You can also connect to the Divine Feminine through creative activities you love by asking to be a channel for the divine light as you work.

4. Journal your thoughts, goals, and experiences

Once you’ve created the habit of exploring your feelings, you can make that focus a healing spiritual practice by journaling every day.

Keeping a journal of your thoughts and emotions supports your spiritual awakening in several ways. And as an added bonus, the Divine Feminine is always listening…if you journal your hopes and dreams, you may end up being guided toward a path that will lead you there.

If you haven’t kept a journal before, you’ll discover a wonderful opportunity to express yourself, explore your feelings, be authentic, and tell the truth in a safe and private setting. It takes practice to express your authentic self openly and honestly. When you learn to be truthful on the pages of your journal, you learn to be truthful in the world. You step into a new level of self-awareness and self-trust, opening the door to goals and future accomplishments.

5. Build your connection to Divine Feminine

Remember who you are: you are a child of the Divine Feminine and have the power to create your world with love, happiness, and inspiration.

Although you are always connected to the Great Mother and to all of creation, there are ways you can practice each day to strengthen your alignment and make your connection clearer and more focused.

You have the power to keep your point of contact with the Divine Feminine open and flowing. Use your intuition. You have a channel of communication always available. Be open to the messages of Spirit. Use meditation to quiet your mind. Ask for what you need to know and be ready to receive. Invite the Divine to enter your life each day.

divine feminine

As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I’ve learned that the “best you” is really a higher you—your Higher Self. When you feel good, when joy and gratitude and creative energy fill your heart, you’ll know your alignment with Spirit is healthy and strong. In alignment with your Higher Self, you are in touch with your soul and can experience Divine Feminine energy and feel your part in the interconnected world. You will know you are loved unconditionally and you’ll have the power to be more compassionate and loving toward others. Your Higher Self, in itself a part of the Divine Feminine, goes far beyond your everyday awareness and can transport you into transcendent realms.

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