Find Your Soul Sanctuary: 5 Ways to Uplift and Nurture Your Soul

What does it mean when your days stagger along from coffee break to coffee break? Maybe you wake up already too tired to think about facing another day. Or maybe you are so burned out that even thinking about your situation is too exhausting—so you never do. You need something deeper than a day off or a nap or another double espresso. You may be tired on a soul-level.

The story of Superman visiting his Fortress of Solitude is a myth for our time.  When the strange visitor from another planet felt his powers waver, he knew it was time to retreat, recharge, and reaffirm his mission to be a force for good on Earth. He reconnected with the source of his power and his mission and grew strong once again. “But I’m not Superman,” you say. And I respectfully reply, “How do you know?” Have you consulted your Source lately about your powers and your purpose?  It may be time for your own soul retreat to remember who you really are.

Your soul needs sanctuary—a holy, safe haven—a protected place in which to experience awakening, inspiration, and remembering. Spirit lets me know when it’s time to refresh, and I choose a place that is peaceful, beautiful, and sacred. I’ll be retreating to one of my favorite sanctuary spots in the Ojai Valley in Central California, at the end of this year–the perfect time for renewal. This special weekend retreat at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa means a time of self-reflection, healing, spiritual growth, the company of like-minded seekers, relaxation and the joy of being in a place of natural beauty as well as a vortex of powerful spiritual energy.

The purpose of sanctuary is to free your soul from the layers of daily concern, fear, worry, and doubt that are misdirecting your attention. Retreating to a sacred space of peace and tranquility helps you renew and refocus on your inner being, your connection to Source and the power of unconditional love.  The gift of your time in sanctuary is a greater understanding of your Higher Self—that part of you that is connected to Spirit—and the discovery of all the imprints and impressions life has left in you, how you have become who you are today, and how to become who you will be tomorrow.

You can learn to spread your wings and fly as you reconnect to the real you, your authentic passion and personal power. Take a look at these 5 ways you will feel when you are acting and being from the Higher Self you are meant to become:

Calm – You will feel at peace with who you are and what you want to do because you are connected to the Source of All. You know that the true set point of your being is a calm and balanced state and you can always return there.

Confident – You will step beyond fear and be a beacon of light for others who are looking for their own paths. Seeing your beam of love and security shining forth will empower those around you to act with compassion and self-acceptance as well.

Creative – You will trust your instinct for trying new things and making things new. The joy of using your unique vision to experiment and create will enrich your life and open doors to new experiences and new knowledge. You will be a fearless explorer and inspire others to make the discoveries our world needs to heal and thrive.

Courageous – Courage is trust in the power of your ability to understand and act on your life purpose. Knowing you are always connected to Source and that spiritual help and guidance are always available for the asking gives you the courage you need to live each day and to help others step into their powers without fear.

Clear – “All clear!” is the signal that the way ahead is open and safe for us to travel. When you feel clear, you trust yourself, you trust your vision, and you trust your Source. You see your path without obstacles or barriers. You know who you are and where you are going. You are ready to channel the energy of unconditional love that sent you here and gave you the gifts you have to use and enjoy.

I’m looking forward with love to my year-end sanctuary weekend in Ojai. The combination of tranquil natural beauty (the sunsets!), the sacred space known since ancient times for its healing energy, and the dedicated time of reflection, fellowship, grateful self-care, and playful freedom are calling! Here you can pamper your mind and soul along with your body. Experience balance in your life—a time for deep inner work combined with restorative relaxation and recreation. Create that sanctuary space for yourself, find your higher voice, and learn to do what your soul wants to do…heal yourself and heal our world!

Deborah King