Curious to Talk to Someone on “the Other Side?”



What happens when someone close to you dies suddenly, and you have unresolved issues or questions involving that person?  Or what if you simply can’t get a handle on your grief, and wish you could speak to them one last time? Are you limited to finding answers, comfort, and closure alone?  Many people struggle with regrets or sadness after losing someone, which can result in on-going symptoms like, depression, compulsive behavior, weight problems, anxiety, isolation, and worse. What if there was a way to ask that one burning question, or have that last conversation that would provide a release from guilt and regret, and maybe provide a glimmer of hope and guidance from beyond?

There is and it isn’t new! All through history, people have embraced the concept of an ongoing relationship with the deceased. Myths such as the Greek story of Demeter and Persephone and the Egyptian story of Isis and Osiris remind people that it is possible to reconnect with those who have died. Most ancient cultures and some modern ones have rituals that maintain a connection with the ancestors. In many cultures, it’s considered not only normal but desirable to connect to the deceased. I teach classes on how to do connect with the dead and how to honor our ancestors.

For many people suffering from the loss of a loved one, any hope of opening the lines of communication with the deceased is met enthusiastically. John Edwards, a leader in the field of “crossing over”, or speaking to the dead, shared his gift with a receptive public shortly after publishing his book, One Last Time, in 1998.  When he appeared on the Larry King Show to discuss his book, the switchboard practically exploded due to the flood of callers who were anxious to speak with him. Edwards landed a TV show soon after and spent the next several years transmitting messages from beyond to a studio audience.  John Edwards didn’t invent the idea of communicating with the dead, but he certainly brought it to the mainstream!

In the course of my energy healing work, I “cross over” whenever I sense it will help my client. For example, I sometimes find an individual incorrectly corded to someone who has died. If you are familiar with my workshops and writings, you know all about chording: cords are streamers of auric light that emanate from your chakras and connect you to other people; they can be either positive or negative. Death doesn’t undo these energetic connections, so when people find themselves chorded incorrectly to someone who has died, the cord may need to be cleaned or even removed in order for the living person to move on.  I do this by crossing over and connecting with the deceased, addressing the cord, and clearing or releasing it. This relieves my client of the constraints that are holding them back and often the change is immediately apparent.

Interested in learning more about this fascinating topic? Tune in this Wednesday at 2:00 PDT to my Hay House Radio show!  I’ll be speaking with a very special guest, Mark Anthony, a talented medium and crossing over specialist.  Get your questions ready, we will be available to provide you with answers from the other side. This is a not to be missed opportunity, see you there!