Climbing the Mountain to Your Highest Self

“Happiness is not determined by what’s happening around you but rather by what’s happening within you.”    —–Buddha

What would you say is the most important question of human life? Is it “Who am I?” Or “Where did I come from?” Or “Why am I here?” Mystics and philosophers of all traditions have reflected on these mysteries and arrived at one constant recommendation for seekers—“Look within!” The answers to these eternal questions and so many more are already alive and well deep within the recesses of your being.

The fact is that we’re all here on the same pilgrimage of the soul. Life is a journey toward higher consciousness. As I see it, we’ve come to this physical plane to be bearers of the light. This “light” is the highest energetic frequency that exists in our world and from which we originate. It’s the energy called Source, Spirit, oneness, love, or God.

On the path to higher consciousness, the mission is to shift from lower-self qualities—which are largely related to physical existence and survival—to higher-self qualities, using the energy of love that your soul intended for you to develop in this lifetime. Growing in the direction of love leads to happiness, health, abundance, and peace.

Is there a short cut on this path to higher consciousness where all good things await? As I have often said, learning to meditate changed the course of my life and set me firmly on a spiritual climb I never would have believed possible.

Things didn’t look good for me at first. My pilgrimage of the soul began with a childhood haunted by abuse. Although I had connected deeply with the world of Spirit through my family’s Catholic faith, I abandoned that connection during my rebellious teenage years, replacing it with addictions—to alcohol, Valium, high-risk sports, and extreme dieting. As a young lawyer, I was promiscuous and driven by ambition. Then, at age 24, I learned that I had cancer.

My diagnosis stunned and terrified me. I didn’t want to die. In fact, what I desperately wanted was a better way to live. I began reflecting as deeply as I could on my life and what might have caused me to become so ill. At this point, I discovered meditation. This new avenue of spiritual awakening helped me begin thinking clearly and allowed me to calm down.

When I stopped the addictive behavior that was numbing the pain of my difficult childhood, I focused on caring for myself—mind, body, and spirit. My self-esteem began to improve, and I started to feel better. I tried alternative healing modalities. After several sessions with an energy healer, I had a “spontaneous” remission from the cancer. I knew this miracle was due in great part to the energy work I’d received. In my quest to learn more, I took the first steps on my true life path to becoming an energy healer myself.

Daily meditation became crucial to my physical, emotional, and spiritual health. In my studies to become a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I learned that every culture throughout history has had some form of meditation. The purpose is to still the mind; calm, cleanse, and refresh the body; and increase the connection to Spirit.

One of the biggest problems of our modern-day culture is that we’ve let go of many of the things that in previous times supported our spirit. We’ve become more science and technology driven, more isolated from our neighbors, more secularized as a society.  How has this affected us? People have become more unsettled and anxious, restless and discontent—forever searching for something that will make them feel happy and whole.

Sadly, many members of our society are in a constant state of agitation and unrest. For me, the key practice for increasing your light and keeping your psyche healthy is meditation. Meditation can keep you connected to a power greater than yourself and help you stay focused on living in the light. When you connect with the Divine each day, this connection helps you discover your reason for being here. It helps you feel fulfilled and purposeful, knowing your life makes a difference to others.

What happens when you meditate correctly and regularly for some time is that your brain begins to function in a much more coherent way, which allows you to access intelligence that is beyond regular waking consciousness. The more you meditate, the more information will come to you. I highly recommend that for the best results you learn to meditate by studying with a teacher. You can learn from me here.

While the popular view of meditation is that its key purpose is to help us reduce stress, tune out, and get away from all the chaos of daily life, there is a much deeper purpose. The real intention of meditation is to tune in, to get in touch with what’s inside of yourself as well as with your Source of Being.

The ultimate goal is to reach that state of peace within that so many traditions speak of—the peace that is so profound that it is indeed beyond all understanding.

By expanding your awareness—by experiencing greater peace, raising your consciousness, and connecting with the Divine light—you are actually assisting every other person and creature on the planet to do the same. We’re all connected by one vast field of energy.

When you’re in that field, you’ll find the true meaning of Oneness. You’ll also discover that this field is pure, boundless potential—that you can accomplish anything when you’re tapped into it. You can create anything, heal anything. Meditation is the one intentional path that easily and reliably takes you there.

Are you ready to begin your journey to Meditation Mastery?

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