Brushes with Darkness



Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

― Martin Luther King Jr.


What if you are on the road to living your most authentic life and feel you’ve found your purpose, when suddenly you find yourself the target of dark forces whose intent is to pull you off course?  Can there be cracks in your spiritual armor that make you vulnerable to darkness? It can happen to anyone. I’d like to share a story of my own brush with darkness.


Years ago, when I was laid up in bed with a back injury that seemed to have come out of nowhere, I found myself with nothing to do except meditate, journal and sleep. I took advantage of that opportunity to get clarity on some emotional issues that I had been struggling with, and found myself becoming more and more connected with my guides.  Little did I know that this connection coupled with a challenge that I was facing in my healing practice, would attract some very unwelcome guests.


I woke up one night with my hair standing practically on end! There was a palpable evil presence hovering over me, floating on the ceiling of my room. I had never felt anything so terrifying, especially when this accumulation of darkness actually spoke to me.  The darkness communicated this message “If you’ll give up your guides and join us, you’ll get everything that you want.” I knew exactly what I wanted, and apparently this dark force knew too!


I had been making tremendous progress with my own spiritual journey and was deeply involved in my healing practice. But, despite my must herculean efforts, I had not been as successful as I wanted to be in the area of helping people.  I yearned to break through this barrier, so you can understand how the dark offer was tempting to me. That frustration and yearning to be able to effect immediate improvement in others was what was making me vulnerable!


I fought back the temptation to give in to the forces, and focused on an icon of my main guide. Holding the icon up, I bid the spirits to leave in His name. They retreated a little, but came back night after night until I realized that the back injury that was immobilizing and weakening me wasn’t even real. Armed with this knowledge, I stood up and faced the forces – I used every weapon in my arsenal – an icon of my guide, a bottle of blessed water, and my own fierce, unbending intent.  I ordered the forces out of my life, and they left.  They come back to test me periodically but never with the same force, and I was always able to see them coming, and withstand them.


What are some things that make us vulnerable to darkness?


Holes in our energy field due to unprocessed emotions and unresolved trauma can allow darkness to slip in and fill those spaces.  What I’ve learned in my time as a spiritual teacher and energy healer is that regular meditation and journaling are the best protection against falling into the trap of beginning to believe your own stories; remember, it’s the lies we tell ourselves that do the most damage. Healing courses are another way to resolve issues that might leave you vulnerable to negative energy.


Ego and pride, which can be associated with our appearance, financial or social status or our special abilities can keep us from being our best selves, and make us susceptible to darkness. Power can corrupt, and in the course of my own energy healing training, I saw many powerful shamans and healers fall victim to their own pride and ego, with dark results.


Giving away your power to others who fill a void in your life can be setting yourself up for psychic attack.  It’s important to have the strength and self-awareness to know when someone is filling an unhealthy need, so that you can maintain your own personal power. Working with a wellness coach, or taking life coaching courses so that you can work on yourself can help resolve those old injuries, and protect you from psychic attack.


An unhealthy body, brought about by abusing alcohol and drugs, not getting enough sleep or exercise, or poor nutrition can make us open to negative energy, and keep us from living a balanced, light filled life. My students know that I am all about eating well, exercising and spending time in the outdoors. I even like to sleep outside!  Make physical health a priority, and make sure that you are aware of the right diet, exercise and sleep requirements for your unique body type!


Keeping a healthy mind is equally critical. You are what you eat, but you’re also what you watch or read. Be careful of exposing yourself to evil and violence, either through movies, books or online. Watch movies and TV and read books about people who inspire you as an alternative to overdosing on violence and negativity. Finally, your mother was right about one thing: we become like the people we hang out with – don’t waste your time with people who pull you down. Instead, seek out people who inspire you to be your very best self possible, people who help you raise your consciousness. You’ll want to join me at my live online event sponsored by Hay House, Seeking the Light, starting soon, that addresses this very topic in detail.  It’s a great place to get lots of light!