My Wish for You: A New Beginning

I rejoice in new growth. I leave all reservations behind me. – Louise Hay


The New Year is fast approaching, and the good vibrations of the holidays continue to warm your heart and lift your spirits. Your soul wants to know “what’s next?” The desire for a fresh start beckons your mind, body, and spirit. You can feel yourself poised for a new beginning as you ask yourself, “What can I do better? How can I be more, love more, give more? What can I do to feel greater fulfillment, peace, and joy in the days to come?”

This call to turn over a new leaf is a natural part of your soul’s spiritual development. In fact, every moment is a new beginning, a new opportunity to spread your wings. You always have it within your power to heal, to thrive, and to grow. Whatever you wish for in the New Year, you can achieve through the power of your connection to the creative energy of the universe. How will you power up your spirit? What will your new beginning look like? How will you access the energy of your highest self?

Here are my five suggestions for launching your high-flying fresh start for the New Year:

1. Give thanks for the gifts of the old year. There is nothing like gratitude for setting your spirit on a new course. Consider all the growth and all the knowledge you’ve gained over the last twelve months. Each accomplishment and step forward was a gift and a blessing you received from a loving universe. Taking stock of all the goodness in your life opens your eyes to the miracles that surround you and expands your awareness of all that is possible for you.

2. Forgive everything and everyone, especially yourself. You can wipe the slate clean and set yourself free with the willingness to forgive. Let go off all the missteps, negative thoughts and feelings, frustrations, and fears of the passing year. Let the past be past and refuse to allow old pain to enter the new space and time you are about to experience.

3. Decide what you want and set new intentions. How do you want your life to change? Make a list of what you wish to bring into your life: people, qualities, events. Decide what you truly want. What is your true soul calling? Your prayer, journaling, and meditation practices will help direct your search for whatever you need to help you set your goals and focus your powerful new energy. Use positive affirmations to keep yourself on the light-filled path you want to follow.

4. Make taking care of yourself a top priority. Nurture yourself in mind, body, and spirit. Your wellness is the foundation of all you hope to achieve and to give. Use your meditation practice to establish the inner peace you need for learning and growth. Make sure you get plenty of rest, eat well, and keep up all your energy healing techniques so that your chakras are free and clear. Spend time in nature and reserve some relaxing time that is just for you –quiet time to let your mind and body refresh. Give yourself the opportunity to heal and grow with spiritual study and building connections with loving, like-minded friends.

5. Cherish and build your connection to Source. Always remember the loving energy you came from and that continues to power your life each day. The strength to make positive changes in your life, to find and follow your purpose, to heal yourself and others comes from that original creative energy. With that loving connection in view, you’ll remember to ask for the help you need from your angels, your spiritual guides, your ancestors, and the wise teachers you encounter on your path. Your “connections” give you the power you need to realize your dreams and extend your healing energy to the world.

What’s behind that desire you feel at the New Year to make a personal fresh start as well as to grow and heal and bring that healing love to a world in need? It’s the creative energy of a universe powered by unconditional love, the Source of All That Is. As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I wish you a bright new beginning. Feel the embrace of that miraculous and all-encompassing love and use it to power a bright New Year!

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