In my twenties, I was in the fast lane: a young attorney with plans to conquer the corporate world (as well as the highest and hardest ski slopes and mountain tops). But as the saying goes, if you want to make God laugh, tell Her your plans.

I was basically fueling my life with alcohol, Valium, and high-risk sports that helped me keep the memories of childhood abuse under some sort of illusory control. Then came a shocking diagnosis of cervical cancer. I didn’t want the radical surgery that was the standard of care at the time. The doctors gave me a few months before I’d have to have the surgery, so I started looking for alternate ways to heal.

I knew I had to lose the addictions, so I joined AA, which had the added benefit of reconnecting me to spirit. As a child of Catholic schools, I had been able to commune with Jesus and the saints, but had thrown those babies out with bathwater in my rebellious teens; with AA, I got back in touch. I also wanted to figure out what I was really feeling, so I began to journal. Here on the blank pages I could release all my pent-up remembrances of my horrific childhood. And I learned to meditate, which gave me a new-found clarity. It was my meditation teacher who helped me to understand the post-traumatic stress syndrome my childhood had bequeathed me.

In short order, I was led to an energy healer and, several sessions later, to the astonishment of my doctors, I experienced a remission of the cancer. While the physical problem was gone, I knew the emotional trauma that led to the cancer was still inside, waiting for its chance to jump me again.

I started looking for a way to get rid of my leftover emotional baggage. The more I learned about energy healing—the new path my life had taken—the more I realized that emotions have their own energy, and that energy can be transformed: it can shift from being a negative destructive force and become an instrument or force for the light. Like the way my journal entries that helped me release my memories of abuse turned into my first bestselling book, Truth Heals, which has helped countless others with their own traumatic past.

Think of the emotional baggage you carry—the traumatic events you have lived through. It could be a breakup or divorce that really traumatized you or the death of a loved one, especially if they died “too young.” Grief that is not released from the heart can cause havoc with your health. It could be surviving a natural disaster, like a flood or earthquake; a terrifying auto accident; any form of abuse or sexual harassment; a devastating financial loss, like many of us experienced when the real estate market collapsed; or a disease like cancer. It could be that you were bullied in school, mistreated at work, or taunted for being gay or different in any way. There are so many ways in which you can experience trauma, and it doesn’t have to be dramatic. It can be words spoken carelessly that cut you to the core. No one sees the scars, but they are there.

Do you shake it off and promptly say, “Don’t worry about me. I’m fine.” Uh-oh. You may think you’re fine; you may hope you’re fine; but are you really?

After I was physically healed of the cancer, I knew I still had an emotional garbage deep inside, so I searched for methods that were spiritually based and worked with energy. And I came across (oh, the serendipities of life) the Ascended Master Saint Germain and the Temple of the Violet Flame. The technique that utilizes the Violet Flame involves the transmutation of your old wounds, actually transforming the negative energies into a higher light. It’s pure alchemy, and I am offering that astounding experience to you . . . for free.

Do you have old wounds or recent traumas that you’d like to release? Do you want to feel vitally alive and filled with enough energy to get through your to-do list and check off your bucket list? If you are struggling with trauma, if you are seeking emotional healing, check out my free webinar and come experience the Violet Flame with me! on Thursday, December 14, 2023 at 11am PST / 2pm EST.

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