The Spiritual Healing Death Connection: How Energy Medicine Can Help Us Understand, Prepare, And Grieve

By practicing spiritual healing death not only becomes more manageable – through the prism of energy work we are actually more able to understand death as an essential and beautiful component of the life experience. There is no concept that is more baffling, scary, or heartbreaking for us – indeed, we all have basic questions about death from the time we are very young.


➨ Why must people die?

➨ Is there life after death?

➨ Are my loved ones still with me even after death?

➨ Does death have to be painful?


Of course, no one can definitively answer these questions. Part of every spiritual journey is coming to one’s own conclusions about the meaning of the death experience. Spiritual healing is a method we can employ to help us find the beginnings of those answers, and ease unnecessary suffering for us and our loved ones.


Spiritual Healing Death Practices Make Living Easier

happy-woman-in-the-spring.jpgSpiritual healing is the art of creating balance in all parts of your being. Much as a medical doctor might treat maladies in your body, a spiritual healer soothes and stimulates the flow of energy through you, discovering blockages and then releasing them. When we are faced with the death of a loved one, or simply contemplate our own deaths, many of our fears, insecurities, and questions are crystallized. Old beliefs or traumas that have been locked away for years might also rise to the surface at these times. Energy healing for death-related issues can be a powerful tool for opening.


1. Overcoming the Fear of Death

It is very natural to be afraid of death’s mysteries. Consciously reconnecting to our source energy and purpose helps us put death in perspective, by understanding death’s role in our evolution as spiritual beings.

2. Helping A Loved One Make Their Transition

For a loved one approaching death, perhaps at the end of a long illness, there is nothing more powerful than the presence of friends and family. You have the power to lead them peacefully through this experience, by working with principles of spiritual healing.

3. Finding A Beautiful Way To Grieve

After someone we know has died, we can use the energy flowing through us to help us celebrate their life, while drawing inspiration to live our own lives more fully. There is no better tribute to a loved one who has passed than to live a happy life.

Learn About Spiritual Healing Death Concepts At The Deborah King Center

Share Your Vocation With Spiritual Teachings.pngThe concepts and techniques that human cultures have employed to cope with death for thousands of years are still relevant and available to each of us today. How do you begin an education in topics as big as spirituality and spiritual healing? Start by studying with the modern day gurus whose words resonate for millions.

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