[REPLAY]Blessings from Michael the Archangel:
Guided Meditation to Embrace the New Year with Clarity and Purpose
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During the event, Deborah reminded everyone about her brand-new 7-week journey starting soon:

Master the Secrets of the Sutras

This robust, 7-week course is a brand-new advancement in Deborah’s most famous teachings on Sutras.

You may have studied an earlier version with Deborah at MindValley or Shift Network. But, like you, Deborah continues to advance spiritually. And this new course contains significant spiritual advancements that will benefit you as much as they have her.

You will discover the final secret meanings of the sutras that Deborah has never before revealed. Secrets that will seriously impact you and your spiritual practice.

Absorbing these secrets, previously only available to the holiest adepts in the ashrams in India, will open unimaginable doors for you, catapulting you into the farthest reaches of the universe and its unlimited power.

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