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Lynda Richards

Lynda Richards is a successful business owner, having operated her own company for the past 20 years. She is a certified LifeForce Energy Healing® Master Graduate Teacher at the Deborah King Center.

Lynda spent many years looking for a way to improve the quality of her life. Her challenges included adoption, death of her mother at an early age, experiencing abuse within the family, and addictions to drugs and alcohol. As a single parent, Lynda went back to school at age 39 to improve her own life and that of her daughter. Learning to read changed her life immensely. One of the first self-help books she read was You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. This started a new outlook on her life. Affirmations changed the way she felt about herself and others. Lynda now reads extensively and has attended workshops online and in person to continue her growth.

In 2009, Lynda had the opportunity to attend an Energy Medicine workshop given by Deborah King. Deborah was offering her energy healing program for those who were interested in healing themselves and others. Lynda began study then and has completed all levels including LifeForce Coaching. She now continues teaching at the Deborah King Center as a Master Graduate.

Lynda’s belief is that the number one reason why anyone should open their hearts and minds to this amazing practice is that ‘you deserve it’—learn to love yourself, forgive yourself, be of service to the world—and that this process will make us and the world a much better place.

Lynda’s goal in life now is to give back to others what has been given to her and to help raise the consciousness of the world through meditation, prayer, service, and hands-on-healing.

Grace Eunyoung Sa

Grace is a licensed professional simultaneous translator between English and Korean for 20 years at international conferences working with government organizations, multinational companies including CitiGroup, Allianz, etc.

She is a LifeForce Energy Healing® Master Graduate Teacher at the Deborah King Center directly trained under Deborah King for 12 years. She provides healing works to people worldwide helping the clients find their voice, meet their truth and become free as she had undergone the brutal effects of stuffing down her truth to comply with subtle and yet firm Asian societal expectations. She experienced empowerment and clarity from the healing works of Deborah King and is amazed at the fun, loving and peaceful ordinary daily life she has come to live.

She had translated Deborah’s first book “Truth Heals” into Korean and her “Heal Yourself and Heal the World” is scheduled to be published in 2021 into Korean as well. She is working to spread Deborah’s teachings to the world as an ambassador to help those in need find their silver lining.

Ardele Gorman

Ardele grew up in rural western Canada, attended the universities of Alberta, Calgary, and Saskatchewan, and graduated with undergraduate degrees in Physical Education and Education and a Master’s degree in Counselling. She has worked with children, youth, and families for over 30 years as a counsellor and Student Services consultant. During this time in addition to providing direct counselling, she has contributed to the development of programs, services and supports for children, families, and community organizations.  She continues to be concerned for availability of supports to those living in rural areas.

Ardele has experienced firsthand living with chronic illness. She believes and lives the reality that healthy living is a balance of body, mind and spirit and that rebalancing is an active ongoing process. Her approach in working with others is that life challenges can move us to greater strength, self-understanding, and engagement with others. She is intuitive in her understanding of others and continues to develop her foundation in understanding the dynamics of healing, wellness and effective interventions.

She has studied Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine) to understand how the body deals with trauma and most recently has studied LifeForce Energy Healing® with Deborah King for the past four years. She is currently a LifeForce Energy Healing® Grad and a teacher with Deborah King Center. Ardele has also completed the LifeForce Coaching Program which involves life coaching – achieving balance and focus in everyday life.

Recently retired after 29 years as a school counsellor in the Saskatchewan area of western Canada, Ardele continues to reside there. Her interests include traveling, the outdoors, her dogs, gardening, sports, reading and researching diverse topics! She is in the process of establishing a private practice with particular interest in online availability.

Cathy Gabrielsen

In 1988, Cathy Gabrielsen and her boyfriend suffered a terrible car wreck that left him in a coma, while Cathy survived a haunting near-death experience. Twenty-two years later, Cathy experienced her second near-death awakening from a near-fatal battle with sepsis. After surviving cancer, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and near-death, Cathy came to a newfound spiritual awakening after finding Deborah King and studying LifeForce Energy Healing®. Cathy is a breast cancer survivor and the Founder of Connect Thru Cancer (formerly Cuddle My Kid, Inc.), a non-profit that provides free cancer support services to families and she is President of the Gabrielsen Healing Center.

Cathy is now a LifeForce Energy Healing® Practitioner, and a Graduate Teacher at the Deborah King Center. Cathy is also a Speaker, and #1 Best Selling author of, Dying to Live: Surviving Near-Death. Cathy is married and the mother of 2 boys. Cathy enjoys twice daily meditation sessions, running, and spending time in nature. Her goal is to help others who, like her, back in the day, are looking for healing on all levels.

Lisa Vander Kaay

Lisa Vander Kaay is a certified Health Coach, Herbalist, LifeForce Energy Healing® Master Grad at the Deborah King Center and a student of traditional and medical astrology. She also works as a director of research in Corporate America.

As a child, Lisa struggled with learning disabilities and being gay, leading to unease, self-doubt, and denying her soul’s true essence. These blocks manifested into a series of health problems, one of which was a self-diagnosed pituitary tumor resulting in her spiritual awakening.

These experiences led Lisa to trust deeper in her mind, body and soul connection and became the stepping-stones to heal naturally through acupuncture, herbalism and studying energy medicine with Deborah King. As a result, Lisa learned to become her own health advocate and trust her intuition.

Lisa is lifelong seeker and is passionate about helping people use their own internal compass to heal themselves naturally. Through herbs, energy healing and nutrition, she really enjoys helping others see the possibilities inside themselves and to be more self-aware of the choices they make in life.

Lisa’s intention is to share the knowledge she has gained from her studies and experiences to help others heal from the inside out.

Aline Harmsen

Aline started working with people when she established a practice for beauty and massage therapy. She studied natural medicine modalities and graduated as a holistic psychotherapist. In her personal life she was deeply affected by the outcome of her not bearing children. No medical procedure or natural therapy could change anything, and she just was not able to understand her life at all. She lived through divorce, separation and loss, then finally took refuge in the countryside. It felt like an ultimate choice to find roots and balance. She started to grow her own food. With the help of her wonderful dog she overcame her inner solitude. She even found a happy love life again. Gradually she connected to further studies through the internet and found Deborah King as her teacher. This has been an amazing journey as she continued to heal her life on a deep level. And she discovered that energy healing is the fulfilment of her desire to feel the light and the music of life, and thereby to be of help and service.

Aline is based in France and is available for distance healing sessions.

Joanne Randolph

Joanne is a nurse practitioner, a writer and a Certified LifeForce Energy Healing® Master Graduate Teacher at the Deborah King Center. She completed a Master’s in Nursing and is a board-certified Adult Nurse Practitioner.

Joanne has had the wonderful opportunity to work with people with physical illness in the context of western medicine. As a nurse practitioner for the past 10 years, she has worked in nephrology, gastroenterology and asthma/allergy. For 15 years she has also worked as a nurse for adults with intellectual disabilities in residential care facilities. Her career in nursing has given her valuable knowledge about the physical body.

Joanne’s interest in healing the non-physical began in her early 20s when she learned and became passionate about meditation. In meditation she connected with her inner self for the first time and started to heal from her childhood wounds. Later in her 30s, while experiencing postpartum depression and a miscarriage, Joanne needed a new teacher and a renewed spiritual practice. Her search led her to one of Deborah King’s energy healing workshops.

Learning energy healing led Joanne deeper into the inner world of her emotions, her thoughts and into the invisible, mystical world of spirit. Her inner journey helped to awaken a deeper purpose and she now would like to help empower others in their inner journey to healing not just the physical self, but the many dimensions of the self that make a person whole and healthy.

Joanne believes we are all ultimately working towards the same goal, on our own paths. The mystery and the discovery of the real self on this path are what makes life truly exciting!

Mary Bowers

Born into a large Irish family of musicians and heavy drinkers, Mary learned to love happy hours, parties, and all things music. It wasn’t until she stumbled across meditation and energy medicine that she realized her daily happy hours – though seemingly filled with fun and fancy wine in a pretty glass – had become an unhealthy and dangerous coping mechanism to hide from a childhood of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. To get a handle on her drinking habit, Mary began a 12-step journey that – together with meditation, journaling, and energy medicine – has brought clarity and a deep sense of purpose and inner peace. Today, Mary uses her love of music to share a message of personal transformation and change. Mary believes it is NEVER too late to look inside, turn things around and become the best version of YOU! The one you were always meant to become.

Melinda Malone

Melinda Malone is the #1 Best selling author of OFF MY CHEST, inspirational speaker, energy healer and graduate teacher at the Deborah King Center. In 2013, Melinda’s world was shattered by an advanced breast cancer diagnosis. As a devoted wife and adoring mother of three little girls, the threat of dying and the thought of having to leave the lives of her beloved young family was pure torture and terrifyingly real.

Unwilling to give up, Melinda embarked on a quest to reclaim her health and her innate connection to Source. While Melinda struggled through a double mastectomy and months of chemo and radiation, she began to find her only comfort and relief in what she can now identify as meditation and soon found herself communing with her higher self and surrendering to the Divine. In this new found internal space, Melinda was able to shift from her head to her heart or from fear to love and “let go and let God”. Here she was finally able to start safely releasing the 41 years of unprocessed negative emotions that were contributing to her dis-ease and lay to rest the deeply buried family secrets that had been haunting her and preventing her from loving herself.

Turning within enabled Melinda to see the importance of living from a place of gratitude. She now knew in her open heart that it is a benevolent universe-where everything is happening FOR us, not to us, for our highest growth and good. Therefore, everything is ultimately love and a valuable learning opportunity no matter how it presents or what it looks like. With this knowledge Melinda embraced cancer as a friend and teacher, instead of a lethal foe. Facing death Melinda learned how to truly live and has dedicated her life to be of service to the Light.

Melinda has been studying Life Force Energy Healing®, training in the healing arts and honing her skills under the watchful eye of Master Healer Deborah King since she was guided to her by Spirit following treatment in 2014. Melinda is a living testimony to the power of truth, love and faith and is proof that healing anything is possible. Melinda knows first hand the transformational power of energy healing and wants to share this gift with you.

Michelle Dial

Michelle has had a 25-year career in health care and corporate training helping patients and clients with their health and wellness journeys. While suffering with chronic back pain and then infertility, she began her journey to find alternate methods of healing that compliment traditional medical treatments. This led her to find many (then) alternate modalities such as, chiropractic care, yoga, and health coaching.

A few years ago, when her mother was struggling with early onset Alzheimer’s, Michelle’s stress became overwhelming. All of the joy seemed to have been removed from her life while watching her beloved mother struggle with this devastating illness. Then Michelle found LifeForce Energy Healing® and added it to her wellness program. She found that it healed the long-time patterns of pain and suffering in her body, mind, and spirit. This enabled her to be the much-needed support system for her parents during the most trying time in their lives. Because of this profound transformation Energy Healing created within herself, she wishes to share Energy Healing with others to help them overcome obstacles in their lives.

Michelle is a certified LifeForce Energy Healing® Master Graduate at the Deborah King Center, as well as, a certified Yoga Instructor, Health Coach, and Medical Technologist. Michelle uses all of these skills along with her experience in healthcare and corporate training to help people how to find peace, balance, and joy in their healing journey.

Cathy Hettwer

Cathy awoke from an abdominal surgery in 2000 with a horrible headache that would not go away. For years she saw specialists, took hundreds of prescription pain medications and tried most conventional medical treatments and tests available. Finally, with no other available options, she stopped all treatments and suffered the agony of withdrawal.

Cathy was studying self-awareness and healing practices to help herself when in 2011 she became a student of Deborah King and learned mantra-based meditation, which she says saved her life. Meditation became her new medication. It was with this practice her constant thoughts of hopelessness and suicide as an answer to pain disappeared. What she thought was the worst thing, endless pain, ended up being the best thing that ever happened to her. She found her true self, her spiritual self, and how she could serve others on this journey. Meditation changed the way she experienced pain and the intense suffering from pain disappeared.

She knows first hand what it’s like to suffer great pain and great loss, so now, as a LifeForce Energy Healing® Graduate and Coach under Deborah King, she helps people find their true self and path in life by releasing limiting thoughts and beliefs within themselves that keep them stuck and suffering, in whatever form of pain they find themselves in, with inquiry, self-awareness and energetic practices. She is also an advocate of Mantra based meditation.

Yarek Kantor

Yarek was pursuing his career in IT always trying to perform at the highest level but that was causing a lot of stress and it didn’t give him the fulfilment he was looking for. He started to look for a ways to reduce the stress so he started to meditate and focused more on his personal growth. Soon he found Deborah King’s course which changed everything. One evening he was watching one of the videos from the course and he had a spontaneous and powerful experience. His eyelids started to flicker rapidly, his breath became deep and fast and his whole body was vibrating. When things slowed down he felt great peace and sense of expanded awareness. This experience was so intense and profound that he new it was beginning of a new chapter in his life. Since then he completed several Deborah’s courses including LifeForce Energy Healing® V Certification and continues training as a Master Graduate.

Ruth McAdams

Ruth vividly recalls the summer her life turned inside out and upside down…a time of crisis and challenge, the conscious beginning of her spiritual, healing journey. She was in her early thirties, married, with three children, when her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He had several surgeries and died within a few months. She was suddenly the single parent of three young children, struggling financially as well as emotionally.

The following summer, Ruth was introduced to meditation, a practice that has changed her life forever. Not only did meditation help her stay sane as a single mom, raising and college-educating her children, it deepened her connection with the Divine and supported her spiritual journey. There were more losses, parents and then her second husband, and always leading her through all this, has been meditation and prayer.

With degrees in Early Childhood Education and Psychology, Ruth is a retired teacher and pediatric psychotherapist. She now sees that, without giving it a name, she was using energy healing, mixed with love, in her work with young children.

When Ruth attended her first workshop with Deborah King, she knew she had found a spiritual healer and teacher who could guide her even further, healing past traumas, becoming more intuitive, dealing with challenges that come every single day. And then there is the added blessing of being part of this wonderful, supportive group…the journey continues!

Christy Droog

Christy has had a life long passion for healing. She has faced several traumatic situations early in her life, which have brought her to the path of energy healing. Going through these experiences firsthand has allowed her to become an excellent coach and healer for those currently experiencing life’s challenging situations, specifically with loss, whether that pertains to abandonment, separation, divorce, abuse or death. Christy has overcome many emotional challenges since the deaths of her son and later her mom and sister with much credit given to energy healing.

She is currently a practicing Registered Nurse, as a Home Care Case Manager with special focus on end of life care. She is a certified LifeForce Energy Healing® Practitioner, Coach, and Teacher at the Deborah King Center.

Christy’s passions also include travel and being of service to others. She has led teams to South America annually to construct and help out at an orphanage. Continuing to see the growth both in the project and in these children from year to year brings much joy to her heart. She enjoys spending time with her daughters and husband, especially in the mountains nearby her home.

Christy believes that through energy healing, balance can be found physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Christy is eager to assist you to be your best you so you can live the life you were meant to lead.

Nattasha Bogdanova

Nattasha’s life had a rough start – when she was 5, her parents were sent away to Siberia on a temporary job assignment that ended up lasting 10 years. As a result of losing her primary caretakers, Nattasha had to learn to live in whatever conditions were made available by the relatives and to take care of herself to the best of her ability.

The basic need to survive and Nattasha’s own neutrality to any circumstance, whether it is indifference, open dislike, or abuse have shaped her attitude towards life and others. She learned to do whatever needed to be done in order to accomplish a goal. She also learned that as long as her life looked perfect on the outside, she was safe. When an opportunity to study abroad became available in college, it was her survival skills that made it possible for her to move to the US on her own and to become a finance professional.

While all looked well on the surface, Nattasha’s unaddressed pain of losing her beloved parents and her unacknowledged  history of childhood abuse started manifesting as physical symptoms in her 20’s. Adrenal exhaustion, thyroid dysfunction, and dangerous hormonal imbalances screamed for attention. Having thoroughly studied the Chinese and Western alternative medicine, Nattasha was able to rebalance her physical body and enjoy great health. Unfortunately, the life trauma remained unresolved and Nattasha was eventually faced with severe depression. While talk therapy provided relief, the longing and restlessness persisted. Guided to a kids’ yoga teacher training, Nattasha started on a quest of honest self-examination. When she learned of energy healing, she knew she had found a beautiful treasure.  Being part of Deborah King’s one-in-a-million, brilliant energy healing program and being lovingly supported by her soul family has completely transformed Nattasha’s life.

Nattasha is an interfaith minister, certified in energy healing, holistic health counseling and children’s and family yoga. She is available for in-person sessions and workshops in Tulsa, OK, and on Skype. You can contact her at

Kathy Clifford

Kathy is a Master Graduate of LifeForce Energy Healing® at the Deborah King Center and a Naturopath.

Her early lifestyle of raising 4 children, 4 dogs and a menagerie of other animals left little time to develop personal spirituality. However, instances of clairsentience and energetic ancestral connections were comforting, and inspiring.

In 2005, a series of health crises: a misdiagnosis of kidney cancer resulting in the unnecessary removal of a kidney followed by Lyme Disease where medical treatment resulted in drug induced hepatitis led her to alternative healthcare. Her own intuitive skills had self-diagnosed the Lyme. One medical practitioner advised her stating, ‘I’ve never said this before. I think you need to stay away from us doctors. We’ve done you no favors.” As a Naturopath she works with a variety of modalities, including: Bach Flowers, Essential Oils, and Energy work including Geotran.

A Deborah King workshop in 2016 led her deeper into Energy Healing, where she now studies as a Master Graduate of LifeForce Energy Healing®. She does both in person and distance sessions and can be reached at

Deborah King