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LifeForce Energy Healing® Graduate Practitioners

Cathy Gabrielsen

In 1988, Cathy Gabrielsen and her boyfriend suffered a terrible car wreck that left him in a coma, while Cathy survived a haunting near-death experience. Twenty-two years later, Cathy experienced her second near-death awakening from a near-fatal battle with sepsis. After surviving cancer, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and near-death, Cathy came to a newfound spiritual awakening after finding Deborah King and studying LifeForce Energy Healing®. Cathy is a breast cancer survivor and the Founder of Connect Thru Cancer (formerly Cuddle My Kid, Inc.), a non-profit that provides free cancer support services to families and she is President of the Gabrielsen Healing Center.

Cathy is now a LifeForce Energy Healing® Practitioner, and a Graduate Teacher at the Deborah King Center. Cathy is also a Speaker, and #1 Best Selling author of, Dying to Live: Surviving Near-Death. Cathy is married and the mother of 2 boys. Cathy enjoys twice daily meditation sessions, running, and spending time in nature. Her goal is to help others who, like her, back in the day, are looking for healing on all levels.

Mindy Malone

Melinda Malone

Melinda Malone is the #1 Best selling author of Off My Chest, inspirational speaker, energy healer and graduate teacher at the Deborah King Center.

In 2013, Melinda’s world was shattered by an advanced breast cancer diagnosis. As a devoted wife and adoring mother of three little girls, the threat of dying and the thought of having to leave the lives of her beloved young family was pure torture and terrifyingly real. Unwilling to give up, Melinda embarked on a quest to reclaim her health and her innate connection to Source.

While Melinda struggled through a double mastectomy and months of chemo and radiation, she began to find her only comfort and relief in what she can now identify as meditation and soon found herself communing with her higher self and surrendering to the Divine. In this new found internal space, Melinda was able to shift from her head to her heart or from fear to love and “let go and let God”. Here she was finally able to start safely releasing the 41 years of unprocessed negative emotions that were contributing to her dis-ease and lay to rest the deeply buried family secrets that had been haunting her and preventing her from loving herself. Turning within enabled Melinda to see the importance of living from a place of gratitude. She now knew in her open heart that it is a benevolent universe-where everything is happening FOR us, not TO us, for our highest growth and good. Therefore, everything is ultimately love and a valuable learning opportunity no matter how it presents or what it looks like. With this knowledge Melinda embraced cancer as a friend and teacher, instead of a lethal foe.

Facing death Melinda learned how to truly live and has dedicated her life to be of service to the Light. Melinda has been studying LifeForce Energy Healing®, training in the healing arts and honing her skills under the watchful eye of Master Healer Deborah King since she was guided to her by Spirit following treatment in 2014.

Melinda is a living testimony to the power of truth, love and faith and is proof that healing anything is possible. Melinda knows first hand the transformational power of energy healing and wants to share this gift with you

Christy Droog

Christy Droog

Christy was born a healer. As a young child she was keenly aware of her compassionate heart, which guided her into the healing arts. She then attended University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Christy now has 20 years of clinical experience as a registered nurse, with special interest in palliative care.

Following the tragic death of her precious young son in 2002, she later became a primary caregiver and advocate throughout her beloved mother’s extensive journey with cancer and subsequent passing. As a result of these experiences, she sought for a deeper meaning of life. At the Deborah King Center, she discovered holistic healing modalities that include and connect mind, body and soul.

Christy’s passion for the subtle power and magic of energy healing grew exponentially. She learned that the chakras and energy field hold the key to our innate wellbeing. Through these teachings, she learned the art of connecting to Source, in order to conduct and direct the energy to assist others in their own healing and transformation.

Christy became a graduate of Deborah’s LifeForce Energy Healing® program in 2016 and continues to enhance her skills as a certified practitioner and teacher with the Deborah King Center. In addition to these dedicated studies, Christy has also studied a number of other traditions and ancient healing techniques with various teachers and mentors. She is also a polished public speaker and has presented at the Conscious Life Expo, Ojai Valley Inn and the European Caravan of Unity.

With Christy’s foundation in traditional medical training and combining it with the powerful current of energy medicine, she is eager to assist you in transformation, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, so that you can easily access your inner light and remember who you really are!

Ellen Wasilewski

As a child Ellen felt emotionally and verbally abused by her parents.  She was extremely shy and spent a lot of time by herself.  She loved nature and animals and still does.  When Ellen went to school she did not socialize with others and had very few friends.

As she got older, Ellen realized that the reason that she didn’t have friends was because she was completely closed down with a wall around her.  Ellen forced herself to do things that were uncomfortable in order to meet other people. Interestingly enough, she chose to become a nurse so she could work with people. Ellen became a psychiatric nurse when she graduated because she resonated with psychiatric clients and felt that she could help them. She’s been a Registered Nurse for over 44 years.

Ellen married her husband when she graduated and was expecting a peaceful and love filled life. She quickly realized that her husband was an alcoholic and their life had been drama 24/7. She felt that she’d been treated unfairly by him. Although Ellen blamed her husband for most of her problems, she was as much to blame as he was. It has taken her many years to learn this.

In the process of trying to help herself, she started studying many modalities of energy healing. By working on herself, she has learned that it is important to forgive those people that you feel have hurt you. Forgiveness has allowed her to release her anger and open her heart. One of the most important things that she’s learned is to love yourself.

Ellen has been in Deborah’s program since 2010. She presently has her own business: Ellen’s Healing Garden. She does energy healing and coaching, including weight loss coaching.


Lynda Richards

Lynda Richards is a successful business owner, having operated her own company for the past 20 years. She is a certified LifeForce Energy Healing® practitioner with Deborah King, having taken courses and workshops with Deborah over the past eight years.

Lynda spent many years looking for a way to improve the quality of her life. Her challenges included adoption, death of her mother at an early age, experiencing abuse within the family, and addictions to drugs and alcohol. As a single parent Lynda went back to school at 39 to improve her own life and that of her daughter. Learning to read changed her life immensely. One of the first self-help books she read was You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. This started a new outlook on her life. Affirmations changed the way she felt about herself and others. Lynda now reads extensively and has attended workshops online and in person to continue her growth.

In 2009 Lynda had the opportunity to attend an Energy Medicine workshop given by Deborah King. Deborah was offering her energy healing program for those who were interested in healing themselves and others. Lynda began study then and has completed all levels including LifeForce Coaching. She now continues training with Deborah as a Master Graduate.

Lynda’s belief is that the number one reason why anyone should open their hearts and minds to this amazing practice is that ‘you deserve it’—learn to love yourself, forgive yourself, be of service to the world—and that this process will make us and the world a much better place.

Lynda’s goal in life now is to give back to others what has been given to her and to help raise the consciousness of the world through meditation, prayer, service, and hands-on-healing.

Cynthia Stumborg

Cynthia Stumborg

Some 30 years ago, as a stay-at-home mother of three little kids, Cynthia was brought to her knees when her husband was charged and jailed for sexually assaulting her sister. The impact of betrayal, abuse and loss, weighed heavily on her, with relentless feelings of unworthiness, shame, fear, guilt, and humiliation. She felt trapped in a chronic abusive cycle in her marriage.

While clinging to her religious upbringing, Cynthia found herself unable to relate with her religious community. She sought help through self-help books and classes, counseling, and 12-step spiritual recovery, and expressing herself through art.

While engaged in rigorous self-work, Cynthia was diagnosed with PTSD by a psychologist. Feeling called, Cynthia enrolled and began her studies with Deborah King’s LifeForce Energy Healing® program in 2010; there, she felt safe and understood at the deepest levels with Deborah as her spiritual teacher. She began to heal by writing and speaking her truth about abuse, betrayal, loss and faith.

Cynthia’s healing practice grew out of her involvement with Deborah’s safe and supportive spiritual community, daily meditation, prayer, self-awareness, writing, cultivating self-love, self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others. With many years of study and application of Deborah’s healing modalities and regular participation, Cynthia continues her healing practice with Deborah King’s LifeForce Energy Healing® Master-Graduate program.

Cynthia is an accomplished speaker, appearing at Deborah King Center events and Conscious Life Expo, as well as a writer and an artist. Cynthia believes in a life for you beyond abuse, betrayal and loss. She will help you heal the disempowering grip of your past. You’ll value your own courage and strength with greater self-awareness, compassion, love and understanding, and embrace the power of self-forgiveness, leading you to eventually forgive others, and learn to live a joy filled life.

Linda Bronn

Linda lost her voice and with it, the will to live. Grief consumed her through depression, addictions and loneliness. A learning & speech disability, plus being overweight as a child put a target on her back and set her up to endure sexual, verbal and emotional abuse.   No wonder suicidal tendencies ravaged her daily adult life as she was desperate to contain the mounting rage.  After being persuaded to have an abortion, the weight of shame became too much to bear. Drinking, binge eating, anorexia, victim mentality and rigidity were just a few of the destructive vices she used to escape reality.  

Linda knew something had to give after she was diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease in 2007. She embarked in her training under Deborah King 11 years ago and continually learns how to inspire others to accept, embrace and express themself.  Linda is now dedicated to share that wisdom and bring a lightness and freedom to the collective voice within us all.

Today, Linda understands that it is in the small moments & daily choices offered through the infinite supply of opportunities, that we become healthy, wealthy & happy. 

Linda holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders, a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and is also a certified LifeForce Energy Healing ® Master Graduate Teacher, Medical Intuitive and Hatha Yoga Instructor.

Barbara Clark

Barbara Clark is a LifeForce Energy Healing® Practitioner, LifeForce Coach, Inspired Teacher, and Children’s Meditation Coach.

A nature lover, dreamer, and free spirit at heart, Barbara’s early life was full of exploration, discovery, and imaginative play. Looking outside herself for acceptance and love during her teenage years and early adult life led to depression and dissatisfaction with her life. As Barbara was struggling to find balance, her inquisitive nature led her to experience an energy healing session that changed the course of her life, reigniting an excitement for learning, a renewed outlook, and a connection to the Divine.

Following a thirty year career as a special education teacher, Barbara transitioned into the world of energy healing. Her lifelong curiosity, combined with natural intuitive abilities, led Barbara to pursue a spiritual path, studying with teachers of energy healing, coaching, and children’s meditation.

As a LifeForce Energy Healing® Practitioner and Coach, certified by the Deborah King Center, Barbara assists clients in exploring the hidden depths of their soul in a safe, caring environment. She encourages her clients to reach deep within them to discover opportunities for personal growth and healing.

Inspired by the many children she has taught over the years, Barbara created a children’s meditation program incorporating her experience as a teacher, as well as her knowledge of energy healing and spirituality to guide and support children on a path of discovery, creativity, and joy.

Barbara’s fresh, innovative approach blends well with her creative spirit and dreamer personality to afford her clients new ways to open to guidance, personal growth, and healing at a profound level. It is her desire to support each of her clients on their journey into the realms of self discovery, healing, and living a joy filled life.

Michelle Dial

Michelle Dial

Michelle has had a 25-year career in health care and corporate training helping patients and clients with their health and wellness journeys. While suffering with chronic back pain and then infertility, she began her journey to find alternate methods of healing that compliment traditional medical treatments. This led her to find many (then) alternate modalities such as, chiropractic care, yoga, and health coaching.

A few years ago, when her mother was struggling with early onset Alzheimer’s, Michelle’s stress became overwhelming. All of the joy seemed to have been removed from her life while watching her beloved mother struggle with this devastating illness. Then Michelle found LifeForce Energy Healing® and added it to her wellness program. She found that it healed the long-time patterns of pain and suffering in her body, mind, and spirit. This enabled her to be the much-needed support system for her parents during the most trying time in their lives. Because of this profound transformation Energy Healing created within herself, she wishes to share Energy Healing with others to help them overcome obstacles in their lives.

Michelle is a certified LifeForce Energy Healing® Master Graduate at the Deborah King Center, as well as, a certified Yoga Instructor, Health Coach, and Medical Technologist. Michelle uses all of these skills along with her experience in healthcare and corporate training to help people how to find peace, balance, and joy in their healing journey.

Hilary McKean

Hilary Hanson McKean is a successful leader of a global communications consultancy, public speaker, coach, mentor and advocate for bringing consciousness and humanity into the workplace.  A compelling speaker, she has presented most recently about “Creating Culture in Times of Crisis,” “Managing Your Energy, “and “Activating Sponsorship and Mentorship.”  Hilary believes that someday every corporation will have an energy healer at the leadership table, helping infuse more joy, humanity, compassion and collaboration into the workplace – where most of us spend the majority of our day. She specializes in helping others discover how to bring conscious leadership to work and how to integrate their soul journey into their daily life.

Hilary’s focus is grounded in the difficulties she faced as she climbed the corporate ladder, and as a child.  Although she received promotion after promotion and public accolades professionally, the price she paid during the journey was losing touch with her true self.  By 2015, Hilary was in crisis – externally successful but internally numb and disconnected from her truth.  Her journey toward healing began with Miraval energy healer Tejpal Spring and three years as a student at the Invision Institute studying Clairvoyance, Women’s Energy Healing and Astral Healing.  She is now a certified Master Life Force Energy Healer with Deborah King and remains deeply committed to the Life Force Energy healing program.

Hilary believes each of us carry unhealed trauma that is then triggered by the external world – especially at work where micro-aggression and repercussions for speaking your truth make it difficult to create safe spaces, for yourself and each other.   Hilary’s childhood struggles as the daughter of a Holocaust survivor sparked depression and fear.  As a child, she was a psychic intuitive, an extreme introvert in an extrovert world and a highly intelligent girl who read at the college level by second grade but tried to hide her gifts to fit in. This lead to confusion, and ultimately becoming a chameleon in order to please those around her rather than being her authentic self.  Those choices left her by 2015 trapped in a toxic marriage and lifestyle using addictive behaviors around food and alcohol to cope with the pressure and the anger she felt.   

Today, Hilary’s life is completely different, even though she still works at the same company.  She chose to leave her unhappy marriage, move from the suburban Southern community she was in to live more authentically in both New York City and Montana and to bring her truth forward with grace and compassion at work, and at home as a mother to two college age children.  She reframed her job to focus on employee engagement/marketing and brings her whole self to this mission every day.

Evolution (and revolution) begin from within, one day and one step at a time.  Hilary knows that the courage to take the first step to clearing energy and finding your voice make possible incredible joy and rewards, and she is committed to helping others find their voice.

Ardele Gorman

Ardele grew up in rural western Canada, attended the universities of Alberta, Calgary, and Saskatchewan, and graduated with undergraduate degrees in Physical Education and Education and a Master’s degree in Counselling. She has worked with children, youth, and families for over 30 years as a counsellor and Student Services consultant. During this time in addition to providing direct counselling, she has contributed to the development of programs, services and supports for children, families, and community organizations.  She continues to be concerned for availability of supports to those living in rural areas.

Ardele has experienced firsthand living with chronic illness. She believes and lives the reality that healthy living is a balance of body, mind and spirit and that rebalancing is an active ongoing process. Her approach in working with others is that life challenges can move us to greater strength, self-understanding, and engagement with others. She is intuitive in her understanding of others and continues to develop her foundation in understanding the dynamics of healing, wellness and effective interventions.

She has studied Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine) to understand how the body deals with trauma and most recently has studied LifeForce Energy Healing® with Deborah King for the past four years. She is currently a LifeForce Energy Healing® Grad and a teacher with Deborah King Center. Ardele has also completed the LifeForce Coaching Program which involves life coaching – achieving balance and focus in everyday life.

Recently retired after 29 years as a counsellor in the Saskatchewan area of western Canada, Ardele continues to reside there. Her interests include traveling, the outdoors, her dogs, gardening, sports, reading and researching diverse topics! She is in the process of establishing a private practice with particular interest in online availability.

Kathleen Moniz

Kathleen Moniz

Kathleen Luana Durante Moniz is a native Hawaiian board certified physician with 40 years of experience. She also has knowledge of laʻau lapaʻau or Native Hawaiian medicine. She is very focused on energy healing and is a certified LifeForce Energy Healing® Master Graduate at the Deborah King Center.

Kathleen was brought up with knowledge of both the physical and spiritual world as a native Hawaiian cultural practitioner. She was taught to respect both and see their integration in the world. She has witnessed times as a physican when all the physical needs of the patient were met but it wasnʻt enough to fully heal the patient. However, with the added spiritual modality the patient was able to recover completely. Kathleen feels that this is a more fulfilling and balanced approach to health. Energy healing adds this holistic integration to your wellness plan. It seeks to help you become more self aware and knowledgeable about your limiting beliefs and how you can sometimes “be in your own way”. It helps lead you deeper into yourself and can transform you through the release of pain to instead find true joy and aloha.

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