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LifeForce Energy Healing® Graduate Practitioners

Cathy Gabrielsen

Cathy Gabrielsen

In 1988, Cathy Gabrielsen and her boyfriend suffered a terrible car wreck that left him in a coma, while Cathy survived a haunting near-death experience. Twenty-two years later, Cathy experienced her second near-death awakening from a near-fatal battle with sepsis. After surviving cancer, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and near-death, Cathy came to a newfound spiritual awakening after finding Deborah King and studying LifeForce Energy Healing®. Cathy is a breast cancer survivor and the Founder of Connect Thru Cancer (formerly Cuddle My Kid, Inc.), a non-profit that provides free cancer support services to families and she is President of the Gabrielsen Healing Center.

Cathy is now a LifeForce Energy Healing® Practitioner, and a Graduate Teacher at the Deborah King Center. Cathy is also a Speaker, and #1 Best Selling author of, Dying to Live: Surviving Near-Death. Cathy is married and the mother of 2 boys. Cathy enjoys twice daily meditation sessions, running, and spending time in nature. Her goal is to help others who, like her, back in the day, are looking for healing on all levels.

Mindy Malone

Melinda Malone

Melinda Malone is the #1 Best selling author of Off My Chest, inspirational speaker, energy healer and graduate teacher at the Deborah King Center.

In 2013, Melinda’s world was shattered by an advanced breast cancer diagnosis. As a devoted wife and adoring mother of three little girls, the threat of dying and the thought of having to leave the lives of her beloved young family was pure torture and terrifyingly real. Unwilling to give up, Melinda embarked on a quest to reclaim her health and her innate connection to Source.

While Melinda struggled through a double mastectomy and months of chemo and radiation, she began to find her only comfort and relief in what she can now identify as meditation and soon found herself communing with her higher self and surrendering to the Divine. In this new found internal space, Melinda was able to shift from her head to her heart or from fear to love and “let go and let God”. Here she was finally able to start safely releasing the 41 years of unprocessed negative emotions that were contributing to her dis-ease and lay to rest the deeply buried family secrets that had been haunting her and preventing her from loving herself. Turning within enabled Melinda to see the importance of living from a place of gratitude. She now knew in her open heart that it is a benevolent universe-where everything is happening FOR us, not TO us, for our highest growth and good. Therefore, everything is ultimately love and a valuable learning opportunity no matter how it presents or what it looks like. With this knowledge Melinda embraced cancer as a friend and teacher, instead of a lethal foe.

Facing death Melinda learned how to truly live and has dedicated her life to be of service to the Light. Melinda has been studying LifeForce Energy Healing®, training in the healing arts and honing her skills under the watchful eye of Master Healer Deborah King since she was guided to her by Spirit following treatment in 2014.

Melinda is a living testimony to the power of truth, love and faith and is proof that healing anything is possible. Melinda knows first hand the transformational power of energy healing and wants to share this gift with you

Christy Droog

Christy Droog

Christy was born a healer. As a young child she was keenly aware of her compassionate heart, which guided her into the healing arts. She then attended University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Christy now has 20 years of clinical experience as a registered nurse, with special interest in palliative care.

Following the tragic death of her precious young son in 2002, she later became a primary caregiver and advocate throughout her beloved mother’s extensive journey with cancer and subsequent passing. As a result of these experiences, she sought for a deeper meaning of life. At the Deborah King Center, she discovered holistic healing modalities that include and connect mind, body and soul.

Christy’s passion for the subtle power and magic of energy healing grew exponentially. She learned that the chakras and energy field hold the key to our innate wellbeing. Through these teachings, she learned the art of connecting to Source, in order to conduct and direct the energy to assist others in their own healing and transformation.

Christy became a graduate of Deborah’s LifeForce Energy Healing® program in 2016 and continues to enhance her skills as a certified practitioner and teacher with the Deborah King Center. In addition to these dedicated studies, Christy has also studied a number of other traditions and ancient healing techniques with various teachers and mentors. She is also a polished public speaker and has presented at the Conscious Life Expo, Ojai Valley Inn and the European Caravan of Unity.

With Christy’s foundation in traditional medical training and combining it with the powerful current of energy medicine, she is eager to assist you in transformation, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, so that you can easily access your inner light and remember who you really are!

Ellen Wasilewski

As a child Ellen felt emotionally and verbally abused by her parents.  She was extremely shy and spent a lot of time by herself.  She loved nature and animals and still does.  When Ellen went to school she did not socialize with others and had very few friends.

As she got older, Ellen realized that the reason that she didn’t have friends was because she was completely closed down with a wall around her.  Ellen forced herself to do things that were uncomfortable in order to meet other people. Interestingly enough, she chose to become a nurse so she could work with people. Ellen became a psychiatric nurse when she graduated because she resonated with psychiatric clients and felt that she could help them. She’s been a Registered Nurse for over 44 years.

Ellen married her husband when she graduated and was expecting a peaceful and love filled life. She quickly realized that her husband was an alcoholic and their life had been drama 24/7. She felt that she’d been treated unfairly by him. Although Ellen blamed her husband for most of her problems, she was as much to blame as he was. It has taken her many years to learn this.

In the process of trying to help herself, she started studying many modalities of energy healing. By working on herself, she has learned that it is important to forgive those people that you feel have hurt you. Forgiveness has allowed her to release her anger and open her heart. One of the most important things that she’s learned is to love yourself.

Ellen has been in Deborah’s program since 2010. She presently has her own business: Ellen’s Healing Garden. She does energy healing and coaching, including weight loss coaching.

Lynda Richards

Lynda Richards is a successful business owner, having operated her own company for the past 20 years. She is a certified LifeForce Energy Healing® practitioner with Deborah King, having taken courses and workshops with Deborah over the past eight years.

Lynda spent many years looking for a way to improve the quality of her life. Her challenges included adoption, death of her mother at an early age, experiencing abuse within the family, and addictions to drugs and alcohol. As a single parent Lynda went back to school at 39 to improve her own life and that of her daughter. Learning to read changed her life immensely. One of the first self-help books she read was You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. This started a new outlook on her life. Affirmations changed the way she felt about herself and others. Lynda now reads extensively and has attended workshops online and in person to continue her growth.

In 2009 Lynda had the opportunity to attend an Energy Medicine workshop given by Deborah King. Deborah was offering her energy healing program for those who were interested in healing themselves and others. Lynda began study then and has completed all levels including LifeForce Coaching. She now continues training with Deborah as a Master Graduate.

Lynda’s belief is that the number one reason why anyone should open their hearts and minds to this amazing practice is that ‘you deserve it’—learn to love yourself, forgive yourself, be of service to the world—and that this process will make us and the world a much better place.

Lynda’s goal in life now is to give back to others what has been given to her and to help raise the consciousness of the world through meditation, prayer, service, and hands-on-healing.

Cynthia Stumborg

Cynthia Stumborg

Some 30 years ago, as a stay-at-home mother of three little kids, Cynthia was brought to her knees when her husband was charged and jailed for sexually assaulting her sister. The impact of betrayal, abuse and loss, weighed heavily on her, with relentless feelings of unworthiness, shame, fear, guilt, and humiliation. She felt trapped in a chronic abusive cycle in her marriage.

While clinging to her religious upbringing, Cynthia found herself unable to relate with her religious community. She sought help through self-help books and classes, counseling, and 12-step spiritual recovery, and expressing herself through art.

While engaged in rigorous self-work, Cynthia was diagnosed with PTSD by a psychologist. Feeling called, Cynthia enrolled and began her studies with Deborah King’s LifeForce Energy Healing® program in 2010; there, she felt safe and understood at the deepest levels with Deborah as her spiritual teacher. She began to heal by writing and speaking her truth about abuse, betrayal, loss and faith.

Cynthia’s healing practice grew out of her involvement with Deborah’s safe and supportive spiritual community, daily meditation, prayer, self-awareness, writing, cultivating self-love, self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others. With many years of study and application of Deborah’s healing modalities and regular participation, Cynthia continues her healing practice with Deborah King’s LifeForce Energy Healing® Master-Graduate program.

Cynthia is an accomplished speaker, appearing at Deborah King Center events and Conscious Life Expo, as well as a writer and an artist. Cynthia believes in a life for you beyond abuse, betrayal and loss. She will help you heal the disempowering grip of your past. You’ll value your own courage and strength with greater self-awareness, compassion, love and understanding, and embrace the power of self-forgiveness, leading you to eventually forgive others, and learn to live a joy filled life.

Nattasha Bogdanova

Nattasha’s life had a rough start – when she was 5, her parents were sent away to Siberia on a temporary job assignment that ended up lasting 10 years. As a result of losing her primary caretakers, Nattasha had to learn to live in whatever conditions were made available by the relatives and to take care of herself to the best of her ability.

The basic need to survive and Nattasha’s own neutrality to any circumstance, whether it is indifference, open dislike, or abuse have shaped her attitude towards life and others. She learned to do whatever needed to be done in order to accomplish a goal. She also learned that as long as her life looked perfect on the outside, she was safe. When an opportunity to study abroad became available in college, it was her survival skills that made it possible for her to move to the US on her own and to become a finance professional.

While all looked well on the surface, Nattasha’s unaddressed pain of losing her beloved parents and her unacknowledged  history of childhood abuse started manifesting as physical symptoms in her 20’s. Adrenal exhaustion, thyroid dysfunction, and dangerous hormonal imbalances screamed for attention. Having thoroughly studied the Chinese and Western alternative medicine, Nattasha was able to rebalance her physical body and enjoy great health. Unfortunately, the life trauma remained unresolved and Nattasha was eventually faced with severe depression. While talk therapy provided relief, the longing and restlessness persisted. Guided to a kids’ yoga teacher training, Nattasha started on a quest of honest self-examination. When she learned of energy healing, she knew she had found a beautiful treasure.  Being part of Deborah King’s one-in-a-million, brilliant energy healing program and being lovingly supported by her soul family has completely transformed Nattasha’s life.

Nattasha is an interfaith minister, certified in energy healing, holistic health counseling and children’s and family yoga. She is available for in-person sessions and workshops in Tulsa, OK, and on Skype. You can contact her at

Linda Bronn

Linda Bronn

Linda lost her voice and with it, the will to live. Grief consumed her through depression, anxiety, addictions and loneliness. Suicidal tendencies ravaged her daily life as she was desperate to contain the rage mounting from the shame she endured from sexual, verbal and emotional abuse, as well as, having an abortion. Binge eating, anorexia and escaping into fantasies were just a few of the destructive vices she used to feel like she was in control of a life that continually felt ~ out, of control. As a 23 year relationship with her husband ended, her hopes, dreams and support vanished ~ disease took hold.

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Linda knew something had to give. She began healing through the meditation & teachings Deborah King offered. Through the last 13 years to now, Linda continues to learn how to embrace and reclaim her voice, and with it ~ her will, not only to live, but to thrive. She is dedicated to share that wisdom and bring a lightness and freedom to the collective voice within us all.

Today, Linda understands the it is in the small moments & daily choices offered through the infinite supply of opportunities, that we become healthy, whole and balanced.

Linda holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders, a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and is also certified as a LifeForce Coach, LifeForce Healing Energy® Practitioner Medical Intuitive and in Hatha Yoga.

Barbara Clark

Barbara Clark is a LifeForce Energy Healing® Practitioner, LifeForce Coach, Inspired Teacher, and Children’s Meditation Coach.

A nature lover, dreamer, and free spirit at heart, Barbara’s early life was full of exploration, discovery, and imaginative play. Looking outside herself for acceptance and love during her teenage years and early adult life led to depression and dissatisfaction with her life. As Barbara was struggling to find balance, her inquisitive nature led her to experience an energy healing session that changed the course of her life, reigniting an excitement for learning, a renewed outlook, and a connection to the Divine.

Following a thirty year career as a special education teacher, Barbara transitioned into the world of energy healing. Her lifelong curiosity, combined with natural intuitive abilities, led Barbara to pursue a spiritual path, studying with teachers of energy healing, coaching, and children’s meditation.

As a LifeForce Energy Healing® Practitioner and Coach, certified by the Deborah King Center, Barbara assists clients in exploring the hidden depths of their soul in a safe, caring environment. She encourages her clients to reach deep within them to discover opportunities for personal growth and healing.

Inspired by the many children she has taught over the years, Barbara created a children’s meditation program incorporating her experience as a teacher, as well as her knowledge of energy healing and spirituality to guide and support children on a path of discovery, creativity, and joy.

Barbara’s fresh, innovative approach blends well with her creative spirit and dreamer personality to afford her clients new ways to open to guidance, personal growth, and healing at a profound level. It is her desire to support each of her clients on their journey into the realms of self discovery, healing, and living a joy filled life.

Kathy Clifford

Kathy is a Master Graduate of LifeForce Energy Healing® at the Deborah King Center and a Naturopath.

Her early lifestyle of raising 4 children, 4 dogs and a menagerie of other animals left little time to develop personal spirituality. However, instances of clairsentience and energetic ancestral connections were comforting, and inspiring.

In 2005, a series of health crises: a misdiagnosis of kidney cancer resulting in the unnecessary removal of a kidney followed by Lyme Disease where medical treatment resulted in drug induced hepatitis led her to alternative healthcare. Her own intuitive skills had self-diagnosed the Lyme. One medical practitioner advised her stating, ‘I’ve never said this before. I think you need to stay away from us doctors. We’ve done you no favors.” As a Naturopath she works with a variety of modalities, including: Bach Flowers, Essential Oils, and Energy work including Geotran.

A Deborah King workshop in 2016 led her deeper into Energy Healing, where she now studies as a Master Graduate of LifeForce Energy Healing®. She does both in person and distance sessions and can be reached at

Michelle Dial

Michelle Dial

Michelle has had a 25-year career in health care and corporate training helping patients and clients with their health and wellness journeys. While suffering with chronic back pain and then infertility, she began her journey to find alternate methods of healing that compliment traditional medical treatments. This led her to find many (then) alternate modalities such as, chiropractic care, yoga, and health coaching.

A few years ago, when her mother was struggling with early onset Alzheimer’s, Michelle’s stress became overwhelming. All of the joy seemed to have been removed from her life while watching her beloved mother struggle with this devastating illness. Then Michelle found LifeForce Energy Healing® and added it to her wellness program. She found that it healed the long-time patterns of pain and suffering in her body, mind, and spirit. This enabled her to be the much-needed support system for her parents during the most trying time in their lives. Because of this profound transformation Energy Healing created within herself, she wishes to share Energy Healing with others to help them overcome obstacles in their lives.

Michelle is a certified LifeForce Energy Healing® Master Graduate at the Deborah King Center, as well as, a certified Yoga Instructor, Health Coach, and Medical Technologist. Michelle uses all of these skills along with her experience in healthcare and corporate training to help people how to find peace, balance, and joy in their healing journey.

Maria Laura Gaspar

Maria Laura Gaspar

Soon after I was born into this world, I wanted to go back to source. It was not easy to deal with a disruptive family who lived in a country ruled by dictators. My home was always burning in my dreams and my health was constantly declining. The death of my favorite cousin at the age of 12 made a profound switch in my life. It was at that moment when my healing journey began. I surrendered to God in prayer.

Because I was unable to speak freely, I spent part of my time listening to people’s stories. I realized that they felt really well after talking to me, so my listening was an act of service to others. However, my emotions were as intense as a rough sea. One day I dreamed of escaping that rough sea and taking a plane. I landed in United States. For many years my inability to speak worsened, mainly because I had to communicate in a new language. I was yearning for a rebirth and my angels guided me to the Deborah King Center.

Through Deborah’s teachings, I am learning to heal myself at a deep level. Now, I am one of her graduate students, and, in addition to listening to people’s stories, I use her teachings to help them heal and thrive.

Ardele Gorman

Ardele grew up in rural western Canada, attended the universities of Alberta, Calgary, and Saskatchewan, and graduated with undergraduate degrees in Physical Education and Education and a Master’s degree in Counselling. She has worked with children, youth, and families for over 30 years as a counsellor and Student Services consultant. During this time in addition to providing direct counselling, she has contributed to the development of programs, services and supports for children, families, and community organizations.  She continues to be concerned for availability of supports to those living in rural areas.

Ardele has experienced firsthand living with chronic illness. She believes and lives the reality that healthy living is a balance of body, mind and spirit and that rebalancing is an active ongoing process. Her approach in working with others is that life challenges can move us to greater strength, self-understanding, and engagement with others. She is intuitive in her understanding of others and continues to develop her foundation in understanding the dynamics of healing, wellness and effective interventions.

She has studied Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine) to understand how the body deals with trauma and most recently has studied LifeForce Energy Healing® with Deborah King for the past four years. She is currently a LifeForce Energy Healing® Grad and a teacher with Deborah King Center. Ardele has also completed the LifeForce Coaching Program which involves life coaching – achieving balance and focus in everyday life.

Recently retired after 29 years as a school counsellor in the Saskatchewan area of western Canada, Ardele continues to reside there. Her interests include traveling, the outdoors, her dogs, gardening, sports, reading and researching diverse topics! She is in the process of establishing a private practice with particular interest in online availability.

Aline Harmsen

Aline started working with people when she established a practice for beauty and massage therapy. She studied several natural medicine modalities and graduated as a holistic psychotherapist. In her personal life she was deeply affected by the outcome of her not bearing children. No medical procedure or natural therapy could change anything. She went through divorce, separation and loss. Herself born into a big family where emotions were not part of the education, she was discovering that fear, trauma and confusion can lead to relationship crises, illness and despair.

A major breakdown, when official psychiatry gave up on her and there seemed nothing left anymore, made her realize she needed to take on her healing by herself. She took refuge in the countryside and started creating her own home and garden. Now she discovered for real all the plants and herbs she knew from the books. Growing her own food was a great support in finding roots, balance and physical health. Long-lasting recurrent migraines were subsiding. The presence of her wonderful dog helped her to overcome her inner solitude and open up her heart. When light and laughter became more real, to her own surprise she found a happy love life again and true friends.

Gradually she committed herself to further studies through the internet and found Deborah King as her teacher. Daily meditation was at the heart of it. This has been an amazing journey as she continued to heal her life on a deep level. Daring to be present in the Master/Grad group and its strong container of love, she was able to acknowledge her true story. This opened her up to mastery and infinite gratitude about her own life and being a healer to others.

Practicing Energy Healing with clients is an experience of coming home. The natural laws of energy and personal integrity show the way. In the unfolding process many gifts and insights that have stayed dormant are expressed. Through listening deeply and unwrapping with great care the treasure that they are, Aline guides her clients to finding their personal strength and the joy to be alive.

Aline is based in France and is available for distance healing sessions.

Cathy Hettwer

Cathy awoke from an abdominal surgery in 2000 with a horrible headache that would not go away. For years she saw specialists, took hundreds of prescription pain medications and tried most conventional medical treatments and tests available. Finally, with no other available options, she stopped all treatments and suffered the agony of withdrawal.

Cathy was studying self-awareness and healing practices to help herself when in 2011 she became a student of Deborah King and learned mantra-based meditation, which she says saved her life. Meditation became her new medication. It was with this practice her constant thoughts of hopelessness and suicide as an answer to pain disappeared. What she thought was the worst thing, endless pain, ended up being the best thing that ever happened to her. She found her true self, her spiritual self, and how she could serve others on this journey. Meditation changed the way she experienced pain and the intense suffering from pain disappeared.

She knows first hand what it’s like to suffer great pain and great loss, so now, as a LifeForce Energy Healing® graduate and coach under Deborah King, she helps people find their true self and path in life by releasing limiting thoughts and beliefs within themselves that keep them stuck and suffering, in whatever form of pain they find themselves in, with inquiry, self-awareness and energetic practices. She is also an advocate of Mantra based meditation.

Lisa Vander Kay

Lisa Vander Kaay

Lisa Vander Kaay is a certified Health Coach, Herbalist, LifeForce Energy Healing® Master Graduate Teacher at the Deborah King Center, and a traditional and medical astrology student. She also works as a director of research in Corporate America.

As a child, Lisa struggled with learning disabilities and being gay, leading to unease, self-doubt, and denying her soul’s true essence. These emotional and spiritual blocks manifested into a series of health problems. In 2009 Lisa self-diagnosed a pituitary tumor resulting in her spiritual awakening. A few years later, she contracted Lyme disease and was treated with medicinal herbal tinctures and western medicine.

These experiences led Lisa to trust deeper in her mind, body, and soul connection and became the stepping-stones to heal naturally through acupuncture, herbalism, and studying energy medicine with Deborah King. Trusting her intuition and living authentically, Lisa learned to become her own health advocate and has spent years studying with leaders in their field.

Lisa is a lifelong seeker and is passionate about helping people use their own internal compass to heal themselves naturally. Through herbs, energy healing, and nutrition, she really enjoys helping others see the possibilities inside themselves and to be more self-aware of the choices they make in life.

Lisa’s intention is to share the knowledge she has gained from her studies and experiences to help others heal from the inside out. She believes the power of personal transformation is inside us all, and she’s ready to support you on your healing path.

Yarek Kantor

Yarek Kantor

Yarek was pursuing his career in IT always trying to perform at the highest level but that was causing a lot of stress and it didn’t give him the fulfilment he was looking for. He started to look for a ways to reduce the stress so he started to meditate and focused more on his personal growth. Soon he found Deborah King’s course which changed everything. One evening he was watching one of the videos from the course and he had a spontaneous and powerful experience. His eyelids started to flicker rapidly, his breath became deep and fast and his whole body was vibrating. When things slowed down he felt great peace and sense of expanded awareness. This experience was so intense and profound that he new it was beginning of a new chapter in his life. Since then he completed several Deborah’s courses including LifeForce Energy Healing® V Certification and continues training as a Master Graduate.

Ruth McAdams

Ruth McAdams

Ruth has degrees in Early Childhood Education and Psychology and brings her experience in teaching and psychology to her healing work. She is a certified LifeForce Energy Healing® Master Graduate Teacher at the Deborah King Center.

Ruth’s life journey took a sudden drastic turn when, as a young wife and mother, her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer…he died within weeks. She was suddenly the single parent of three children; she struggled both emotionally and financially. During this time, Ruth was introduced to meditation, a practice that has helped her deal with many challenges…raising her three young children, the loss of parents, and, years later, the death of her second husband.

In her work with Deborah King, Ruth realized she has been using the power of energy healing and her spiritual connection throughout her life.

Life is not always easy, there are often challenges along the way…heart-break, disappointment, loss, frustration, just being stuck in your life. Overwhelming emotions can create blocks in the energy flow necessary for a balanced and healthy life. Ruth is committed to helping you restore this energy flow as you move into a smoother and more fulfilling life.

Nancy Neff

Nancy was the highly anxious over-achieving daughter of the high school principal. She worked as a computer nerd for many years. Trying to decipher her vivid dreams, she was forced to get out of her head and recognize the fundamental role of her emotions. She now honors her feelings, using their wisdom for guidance, and has become a compassionate coach and energy teacher, with a knowledge of many healing tools.

Nancy trained as an Abundance Coach and as a LifeForce Energy Healer® and coach; she is currently teaching in Deborah King’s LifeForce Energy Healing® Master-Grad Program. Nancy helps people improve their eyesight naturally, better understand themselves and others, and remove obstacles to having an abundant and joyous life.

Joanne Randolph

Joanne Randolph

Joanne is a nurse practitioner, a writer and a Certified LifeForce Energy® Healing Master Graduate Teacher at the Deborah King Center. She completed a Master’s in Nursing and is a board-certified Adult Nurse Practitioner.

Joanne has had the wonderful opportunity to work with people with physical illness in the context of western medicine. As a nurse practitioner for the past 10 years, she has worked in nephrology, gastroenterology and asthma/allergy. For 15 years she has also worked as a nurse for adults with intellectual disabilities in residential care facilities. Her career in nursing has given her valuable knowledge about the physical body.

Joanne’s interest in healing the non-physical began in her early 20s when she learned and became passionate about meditation. In meditation she connected with her inner self for the first time and started to heal from her childhood wounds. Later in her 30s, while experiencing postpartum depression and a miscarriage, Joanne needed a new teacher and a renewed spiritual practice. Her search led her to one of Deborah King’s energy healing workshops.

Learning energy healing led Joanne deeper into the inner world of her emotions, her thoughts and into the invisible, mystical world of spirit. Her inner journey helped to awaken a deeper purpose and she now would like to help empower others in their inner journey to healing not just the physical self, but the many dimensions of the self that make a person whole and healthy.

Joanne believes we are all ultimately working towards the same goal, on our own paths. The mystery and the discovery of the real self on this path are what makes life truly exciting!

Grace Sa

Grace Eunyoung Sa

Grace is a licensed professional simultaneous translator between English and Korean for 20 years at international conferences working with government organizations, multinational companies including CitiGroup, Allianz, etc.

She is a LifeForce Energy Healing® Master Graduate Teacher at the Deborah King Center directly trained under Deborah King for 12 years. She provides healing works to people worldwide helping the clients find their voice, meet their truth and become free as she had undergone the brutal effects of stuffing down her truth to comply with subtle and yet firm Asian societal expectations. She experienced empowerment and clarity from the healing works of Deborah King and is amazed at the fun, loving and peaceful ordinary daily life she has come to live.

She had translated Deborah’s first book “Truth Heals” into Korean and her “Heal Yourself and Heal the World” is scheduled to be published in 2021 into Korean as well. She is working to spread Deborah’s teachings to the world as an ambassador to help those in need find their silver lining.

Jessica Sherman

Jessica struggled with Crohn’s disease for nearly ten years before realizing she had the power to transform her life into something better. What began as a mission towards better digestive health quickly progressed into a spiritual awakening. One that allowed her to mend the broken relationship she had with herself and learn to forgive, accept and love herself unconditionally. This was the catalyst that helped her to overcome victimhood, to mend her relationships and provided a pathway to her soul’s purpose; to help others repair their relationship to self, and by doing so connect to Source and all that is.

As a Graduate teacher of LifeForce Energy Healing® at the Deborah King Center, Jessica uses various healing modalities to help others reconnect with their soul’s voice and rediscover the joy in their journey.

Vedran Vulicevic

Vedran Vulicevic

Vedran is a retired professional athlete who experienced a challenging, spontaneous, spiritual awakening in 2014. Through this experience he was able to heal many addictions and destructive behavioral patterns. He sought to understand his extreme experience and eventually met his mentor and teacher, Deborah King, in 2015.

This meeting sparked the integration of Vedran’s experiences and led to his conscious work towards the mastery of holding space for transformation in others.

As a healer and spiritual teacher, Vedran has since dedicated his life to guide all beings that cross his path to heal, understand and integrate their own spiritual processes. He also discovered his life purpose of raising consciousness of the Earth and the whole of humanity through service, devotion, and self-awareness.

Laura Wilson

Laura Wilson

At the intersection of the empty nest, death of her mother, and an opportunity for early retirement, Laura hit a wall she never saw coming. A joyfully busy life suddenly felt flat and melancholy with severe bouts of generalized panic. It was as if the time she craved for many years had suddenly been granted; the only problem was, when faced with herself she found “nobody home.” What happened to her? Where had she gone? When, exactly, did she disappear?

Looking back, although there were episodic stretches of accomplishment and self-direction, at critical junctures, Laura had trouble acting for herself. It was easier to do for others—spouse, children, extended family, even in-laws—whether they wanted the help or not! Had she consciously crafted her life in this manner? Or, was it simply repeated attempts to fix her first family, which seemed to never fully recover from the sudden death of her father when Laura was ten. He was the calming force amid a cast of dramatic and high-voltage characters, and the very idea of his absence seemed insurmountable; the reality of it incomprehensible. In today’s language, his death was simply not processed by individual family members or the group as a whole. Since Laura was “just like her father,” she immediately shut down and went to work trying to fill his shoes. She was fine she told herself and everyone agreed. Laura was always fine. But beneath the facade was a great deal of anger, and under the anger, even more fear.

When Laura’s life finally caught up with her during that empty nest, there was a silver lining. On many days and most nights, she felt waves of energy moving around and through her. These mysterious sensations were loving, but insistent, and pressed for her attention. Searching for answers, Laura found Deborah King, meditation, and the LifeForce Energy Healing Program. What a Godsend! Meditation immediately impacted her life for the better, bringing continuity to each day and a strong connection to Source. Learning and sharing with fellow students throughout the world was very supportive and showed the unique yet common ways we all experience difficulty, pain, and loss. Finally, witnessing healing transformations through Deborah’s methods and teachings lit a strong desire in Laura to study at the highest level.

Although the material and practices were new to her, it all felt strangely familiar, like a longed-for home. Laura explains: “I knew early on that I wanted to share all I was learning and am now excited to teach and heal using the techniques and methods from which I benefitted so much. I love what I do, helping others find the same peace and joy I found through energy healing!”

Laura is in her third year as a Deborah King Master Graduate. With degrees in sociology and history, and a secondary social studies certification, Laura has worked as a social worker, classroom teacher, grant writer, and in archival and historical repositories growing outreach programs and writing/editing for publications. Laura is married with two grown daughters.

Hilary McKean

Hilary McKean

Hilary Hanson McKean is a successful leader of a global communications consultancy, public speaker, coach, mentor and advocate for bringing consciousness and humanity into the workplace. A compelling speaker, she has presented most recently about “Creating Culture in Times of Crisis,” “Managing Your Energy, “and “Activating Sponsorship and Mentorship.” Hilary believes that someday every corporation will have an energy healer at the leadership table, helping infuse more joy, humanity, compassion and collaboration into the workplace – where most of us spend the majority of our day. She specializes in helping others discover how to bring conscious leadership to work and how to integrate their soul journey into their daily life.

Hilary’s focus is grounded in the difficulties she faced as she climbed the corporate ladder, and as a child. Although she received promotion after promotion and public accolades professionally, the price she paid during the journey was losing touch with her true self. By 2015, Hilary was in crisis – externally successful but internally numb and disconnected from her truth. Her journey toward healing began with Miraval energy healer Tejpal Spring and three years as a student at the Invision Institute studying Clairvoyance, Women’s Energy Healing and Astral Healing. She is now a certified Master LifeForce Energy Healer® with Deborah King and remains deeply committed to the LifeForce Energy Healing® Program.

Hilary believes each of us carries unhealed trauma that is then triggered by the external world – especially at work where micro-aggression and repercussions for speaking your truth make it difficult to create safe spaces, for yourself and each other. Hilary’s childhood struggles as the daughter of a Holocaust survivor sparked depression and fear. As a child, she was a psychic intuitive, an extreme introvert in an extrovert world and a highly intelligent girl who read at the college level by second grade but tried to hide her gifts to fit in. This lead to confusion, and ultimately becoming a chameleon in order to please those around her rather than being her authentic self. By 2015, those choices left her trapped in a toxic marriage and lifestyle using addictive behaviors around food and alcohol to cope with the pressure and the anger she felt.

Today, Hilary’s life is completely different, even though she still works at the same company. She chose to leave her unhappy marriage, move from the suburban Southern community she was in to live more authentically in both New York City and Montana and to bring her truth forward with grace and compassion at work, and at home as a mother to two college age children. She reframed her job to focus on employee engagement/marketing and brings her whole self to this mission every day. Evolution (and revolution) begin from within, one day and one step at a time. Hilary knows that the courage to take the first step to clearing energy and finding your voice make possible incredible joy and rewards, and she is committed to helping others find their voice.

Teresa Van De Wetering

Teresa grew up caring for animals, working as a farmer and vet nurse. Her attention turned to self-growth and helping others after she had her children, when she experienced postnatal depression. Serendipitously, she discovered Deborah King’s courses. Teresa struggled with eating disorders, addictions, death, betrayal and mental illness. It seemed to her everything had been stored away; she needed to find healing and peace. Teresa found a supportive group of understanding and compassionate people while studying with the Deborah King team. She practices as a LifeForce Energy Healing® Master Graduate and continues to learn. Teresa gently works with people to encourage the growth of their love and self-acceptance that’s been blocked by their outer shell.

Regina Klaesge

Regina Klaesges

Regina has a doctorate in Cultural Psychology and a master’s degree in Secondary Education. She uses the awareness, knowledge and skills gained from her education along with her training in the Deborah King program, which she began in 2019, to inform her healing work. She is a certified LifeForce Energy Healing® Master Graduate at the Deborah King Center and a certified Health Coach. Her desire to understand others in order to help them live healthier, happier lives began in college with her studies in Psychology.

Her curiosity about human behavior combined with wanting to make a difference with disadvantaged individuals led to social work in her 20’s. She worked with mentally ill veterans, immigrant families and teenage girls on probation. After a couple of devastating losses, including her mother’s passing, she began exploring spirituality through various courses.

Regina’s interest in spirituality started while on a semester studying abroad in Asia during college. She learned to meditate at a Buddhist monastery in Thailand; a profound experience that was followed years later with Vedic mantra studies and energy healing. Once she discovered Deborah King’s life-changing teachings in 2009, she started to realize the importance of clearing stagnant emotions and energy that could show up as illness down the road. She would later experience how not fully processing her own emotions from the past would impact her health.

Regina worked in HR and marketing for an import/export business, specializing in the Chinese market, for almost a decade until she decided to leave to pursue teaching. She began teaching Psychology at the secondary level when a health scare prompted her to put her hectic teaching schedule aside to focus on her own healing and awakening. She was diagnosed with a precancerous tumor after a mammogram and multiple unsuccessful rounds of IVF. She was able to heal herself through a combination of natural methods including nutrition, energy healing and meditation as she addressed some emotional issues, stress and unresolved trauma. Now she is passionate about using her experiences with healing herself to help empower others who are going through their own healing journey.

Steve D'Amico

Steve D’Amico

Alongside his career as Principal Double Bass with the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra and Assistant Principal with the San Francisco Opera Orchestra, Steve D’Amico has played for numerous musical recordings, films, and video games. As a Master/Grad Level V Student, Steve enjoys his role as a collaborative member of the Deborah King Center Music Team and says, “Deborah’s healing work is rooted in sound and, through her encouragement, I have been able to use my instrument in group sessions to help guide the energy flow during the healing process.” Mr. D’Amico has practiced meditation for over twenty years and has completed intensive training for crystal alchemy healing bowls in “The Sacred Science of Sound”. Steve believes we can each do our part to help heal ourselves and one another, especially after the pandemic year of 2020. Deborah’s programs can help us meet the challenges we face in our lives and help each of us become the person we were meant to be.

Suzanne Stebila

Suzanne Stebila

Suzanne Stebila is a LifeForce Energy Healing® Practitioner, Yoga Teacher in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga and BreathWork facilitator. Living in Arizona for 45years she has currently set up residence in Sedona, Arizona. She has been working on her personal growth through connection with the land and the ancestors of the Southwest.

While raising her two children Suzanne attended night school in pursuit of an Art degree all while running a business during the day. Creating art was how she opened the door to seeing life with soft eyes. Leaving her position as business owner and CEO she gave up the office to explore how to help and guide others on their path through meditation, breath (pranayama) and energy healing. Suzanne has a unique way of “seeing” and unwinding bands of energy that constrict and no longer serve the path forward, opening your personal field of Light, self-acceptance and self-love.

As a LifeForce Energy Healing® Practitioner, certified by the Deborah King Center, Suzanne can assist you in opening to your authentic self and remembering who you were meant to be.

Daniel Ivanic

Daniel Ivanic

Daniel was going through life without much purpose. He started to educate himself through books and online courses from a different range of teachings and then one day stumbled across Deborah King’s Truth Heals. Daniel was blown away by her story and dedication to spiritual work; he knew somehow, he had to get in contact with her.

Daniel worked with two of Deborah King’s students before joining her Master Graduate program. He was amazed at how effective energy healing can be. Since joining with Deborah he has experienced synchronicities that he wouldn’t have otherwise experienced.

Daniel is very passionate about healing and helping others to heal themselves. Daniel believes with the right thinking Anything is Possible.

William Romero

William Romero

William was raised in Mexico; he now owns a business in the renewable energy industry.

In his mid-twenties he was drinking and partying four days a week. All of this led to depression, anxiety and deep episodes of panic attacks.

One day he decided to make changes in his life and started studying different techniques (Energy Healing & Energy Medicine) which helped him change the way he felt physically and emotionally. Along the way he found a lot of tools that have shifted his life around.

Meditation helped him feel calm and to acknowledge himself.  His business grew along with his confidence. Today William lives in the moment and is in love with life itself.

Mary Murphy

My healing journey began with Deborah back in 2016, the year after my mother had died. Exhausted by the emotions and life changes happening around me, I was looking for a new direction.  

A life of service and caring had always been important to me. But I was tired and angry. It was time to spend some time healing myself!  

I am not complaining–I still believe that service is key to a happy life. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is in service to others.” 

But I had become unbalanced. Emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

No one can do it all. NO ONE. It isn’t healthy, and it does a disservice to those around us that we love.  

During my many years on this planet, I have done a variety of things:  

  • I became and practiced as a Registered Nurse.
  • I have volunteered in many community organizations and activities.
  • I have dealt with Addiction issues in my family. 
  • I have worked for non-profits that benefit Homeless Women and Children. 
  • I have served on many Boards. 
  • I went back to University and received degrees in Psychology and Leadership.
  • I have worked as a fundraiser for a local non-profit.  

My variety of experiences has given me a broad base of knowledge and experience in life. 

Now I want to share my wisdom and gifts with others so that they too can find balance and healing in their life. As a LifeForce Energy Healing® Master Graduate, feel free to contact me for a Coaching or Healing session.  

You don’t have to do this alone. 

Deborah King