How to Make Miracles Happen


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This winter has been rough! When the days are so short that darkness falls around dinner time, and when cold, snow, and rain dominate the weather patterns, it can be hard to remember these frigid conditions are only temporary. But they are! Look closely, and you’ll see signs of spring like green shoots popping their heads up through the snow and the light coming through your window a little bit earlier each morning. No matter how dark it seems now, the miracle of nature’s yearly rebirth is just around the corner.


It’s the same with life’s metaphorical winters. I bet you can think of a “winter” you endured—or perhaps are still enduring—when you thought those dark storm clouds would never lift. Maybe you went through a painful break-up, or were suffering from an illness or injury, and you consider it a miracle you escaped even worse. What you may not have consciously realized is that you made that miracle happen, and you can do it again! With focus, clear intentions, open-mindedness, and faith, you can bring miracles to you, and change the outcome of your life.


Manifest a Miracle


Miracles happen every day. Natural miracles, like the sunrise or the uniqueness of snowflakes, as well as the supernatural kind, the ones that can’t yet be fully explained, are all around us. Think about a time when you wished for the perfect solution to a problem and then magically woke up with the answer. Or the stories you hear about a doctor who “just happens” to be seated next to a little girl who starts choking at a restaurant and saves her life. Some people even consider energy healing to be a miracle. But life is not random, and it is possible to take some control of what appears in your life, including attracting miracles when they’re needed most. When you do your best to live in the light, you can learn to manifest your desires related to health, relationships, finances, career, or anything else, with just a few simple steps.


The Most Important Step


In order for the universe to respond to your requests, your intent must be crystal clear, so the first step to manifesting a miracle is to decide what you want. I know this sounds simple, but it can actually be quite difficult to uncover your truest desires. One way to search your soul for your deepest yearnings is to meditate. Meditation calms your entire being and brings you closer to your higher self, which can offer helpful guidance from a point of greater spiritual awareness and understanding.


how to make miracles happen


Once you have determined your intention, you need to send it out to the universe. Your higher self and Spirit are always listening, but you have to let them know when you want their help. First, connect to Source through meditation or nature, and then speak your miracle out loud, or write your desire in the dirt or sand at the beach or on a watermelon – there is no right or wrong way. The important thing is to consciously project your vision. Sending your clear and focused intention out into the world is like tossing a miracle boomerang—it will always come back.


Open Yourself to Possibility


As a spiritual teacher, I can assure you – if your intent is strong, and you remain positive, the universe will answer you. Just like the old saying “God works in mysterious ways,” so, too, do miracles. A few years ago I worked with a man named Keith who was searching for deep and lasting companionship. He had cleared his chakras of distortions by working with an energy healer and done the required self-work, but dozens of dates, set-ups from friends, and even one disastrous night of speed dating had yielded zip in the way of relationships. “Has an animal recently come into your life?” I asked. One had, a puppy a friend could no longer keep and had given to Keith. Keith’s wish for companionship had been answered, just not in the way he had expected.


There are unlimited possibilities for how your miracle may reveal itself. With an open mind, you are more likely to accept a miracle that doesn’t look exactly as you’d pictured it, but was brought to you by your higher self and Source.


how to manifest miracles


Good Things Come to Those Who Have Faith


Once you have set your intention and broadcasted it to the universe, and adjusted your expectations for how your miracle will appear, then it’s time for faith. Try not to worry too much about whether or not your wish will come true. You must trust that Source has heard you and will respond at the right time—on the universe’s schedule, not yours. Be patient, but don’t give up! Continue to live a positive life full of purpose and good will. Keep practicing journaling and meditation to stay in touch with your emotions, and you may even want to participate in energy healing or healing courses to establish a deeper bond with Spirit. Spend time in nature, be of service to others, and keep the faith that your miracle is out there.


When you believe that you are worthy of what you truly want, you can harness the power of miracles and bring these amazing occurrences into your life more often. After all, who couldn’t use more miracles?