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the Band


Long a music lover and pianist, Deborah added a live Band to her already popular Facebook Live. Check out the members of the Band below and come to our next Facebook Live for teachings as well as the music!


Meet Lois Mahalia, who totally follows in the footsteps of her namesake. A highly talented vocalist, Lois most recently toured with Joe Walsh of the Eagles as he promoted his new CD. A joy to work with, Lois’ “The Infinite Dream” just won an ACAM Award for “Arranger of the Year.”  When she’s not on tour, you can book Lois here: https://loismahalia.com


A super talented musician and mainstay in our band, J.B. White makes his living as a screenwriter but all the while has a voice you gotta hear! Once you’ve heard him on our Facebook Live, you will want to check him out more here: https://www.jbwhitemusic.com


Our drummer and vocalist, James Antunez, lights up the set with songs that blow your mind! If you want to hear someone who sounds just like James Taylor, come listen to our next FB Live. And you can book James and his A to Z Musical Services here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-antunez-a2a06320/


Once we met Jack Lee, we were set! A terrific music director and arranger, he’s also a multi-instrument kind of a guy. You can connect with Jack here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jack-lee-b712764/


Dalia is a trained classical vocalist with an incredibly sweet voice who has performed as a soloist worldwide.


David Tolegian is a gifted sax, flute, and clarinet player; with his warmth coming through in his music, he is a real addition to our Band!


We are so lucky to have guitarist, violinist, vocalist, and songwriter Leland Rollag join us!


We’re delighted to have pianist, Andy Street, join us; a graduate of Cambridge in the UK, Andy’s music has been featured on “American Idol,” along with dozens of other TV shows.

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