LifeForce Energy Healing III Initiate-in-Training Graduates

Allyson Zimmermann

After a profound spiritual experience, Allyson began a deeply intensive and personal journey into self-healing and the mystery of what could not be easily explained. This journey took her around the world to study and apprentice with master healers, such as Deborah King, and intuitive teachers and visionaries. As a Consciousness Coach and Healer, she works with individuals and groups in a variety of settings focused on creating positive change. Her passion is to empower others so they find their own healer and knower within. Practical by nature, Allyson has the ability to take what she calls the “woo woo” and make it applicable to everyday life. As an Executive Director of a non-profit, she attracts clientele from all walks of life and has been described as a bridge between the business and healing worlds.

Allyson is currently living in Scotland, but travels extensively throughout Europe and the US. For more information, please visit her website or email her.

Anna Malan

Anna has been fascinated by the paranormal and believes in ‘abilities’ and on occasions, has had unexplained experiences. She has been running her own spiritual circle for several years teaching interested people about everything and anything spiritual. Anna works with the Elementals to the Angels, healing to energy work, tuning into the land and the ancient energies, and more. Her education in psychology allows her to look for science behind the unexplainable that is now quickly becoming the explainable. These days Anna is a practicing psychic medium healer teacher as well as a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and coach. She works with the traditional such as stopping smoking, fears, and stress, and also the esoteric such as healing, readings, and treating people experiencing spiritual emergence.

Her love is for nature and you will find her at the beach or in the bush. She loves her small property she shares with her family and wildlife such as wild kangaroos, possums, and cockatoos.

To get in touch with Anna, contact her at She is available for distance work including Skype.

Beth Cavalier

Beth is an energy healing practitioner who began Deborah King’s LifeForce Energy Healing program to expand her skills and provide additional services to her Reiki clients. She is certified by the Deborah King Center as a Spirit Guide Coach and Chakra Wisdom healer. Other services offered include animal communication and animal energy healing, and intuitive card reading. Beth is an instructor for the Energy Medicine Center of Richmond, Virginia. She shares her home with five horses, six dogs, ten cats, and her husband of over thirty years. She is available for distance work for people and pets.

Contact Beth by email: or phone: 540-760-5960.


Beverly Elba

A native New Yorker, now living in Los Angeles, Beverly Elba’s early experience was as a Producer in Public Tele-vision. Later, as a staff member at Edgar Cayce’s Association of Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) she studied readings and healing remedies and discovered a whole new world. To deepen her studies she enrolled and completed a rigorous one year intensive Training at the Cayce-Reilly School of Massotherapy. Beverly is also a pre-practitioner student at Agape University of Transformational Studies and Leadership. She has completed all Landmark Education Curriculum for Living and Communication’s courses. Beverly is a Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher (2002) and a successful entrepreneur specializing in marketing and product development.  As a Certified Life Force Coach from the Deborah King Center, Beverly is now dedicating herself to assisting others in their own personal transformation and empowerment.

Click here to read more on Beverly’s website.

You can contact Beverly via email.

Dawn Gillespie

Dawn is a Certified LifeForce Energy Medicine Practitioner and LifeForce Coach having received her training with The Deborah King Center. Dawn has a natural ability to heal based upon intuitive guidance and her life experiences. These forms of healing are an interaction between the client, practitioner and the Universe. As a medical intuitive, Dawn can provide invaluable information as to issues of the physical body, but can also identify mental and emotional factors that act as direct contributors to health issues. As part of Dawn’s services, she offers spiritual guidance, intuitive readings, and the Akashic records. Dawn offers both local healing sessions in Lethbridge, AB, Canada and also distant healing sessions with her business Creating Harmony.

To contact Dawn, please email or call (403) 327-4430.

Freya Dwyer

Coming from a place of deep authentic self-love and compassion can affect powerful positive change in our lives.  It’s a place where miracles can occur.  Miracles are naturally and constantly occurring all the time, but we block them with our own fear, and grievances.  If you want to:

– Step into your true purpose

– Awake each day feeling peaceful, safe and have that inner knowledge that you are being totally supported by the universe

– Hear your intuition and have the courage to follow the guidance; an

– Connect with people on a more authentic level

…… then working with Freya is for you.

Freya Dwyer is what is known as a bridge, that is someone that is equally comfortable in the corporate business and western medicine worlds as well spiritual and esoteric environments.  Bridges are able to bring spirituality, compassion and love into workplaces to raise the vibration, which cause them to often be referred to as Undercover Lightworkers.  Freya is a fifth level graduate of the well known Master Healer Deborah King, been certified as an Angel Intuitive by Doreen Virtue, as well as having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over ten years.  Freya completed a Bachelor of Arts (Drama) from QUT and studied playwriting at NIDA which has given her a rich appreciation of archetypes, and the power of Joseph Campbell’s work.  Currently, Freya is completing the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course.  Freya is committed to being a clear channel by having an honest relationship with herself by facing both her light and dark, daily meditation, and Ashtanga yoga as well as a vegan diet.

Irene (Eirini) Sendona

Eirini is a LifeForce Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner having received her training from the Deborah King Center. Eirini lives among Geneva-Switzerland, Monte Carlo-Monaco and Athens-Greece and offers both local healing sessions in-person or from a distance to humans and pets in all 3 countries. She is also a certified Feng Shui Practitioner , Prayer Practitioner, Spirit Guide Coach, Book of Life Coach (Akashic Records Coach).  For more information can be found on her website at

If you are interested in more information about Eirini or wish to schedule an appointment with her, please contact her at or at her face book page: Energy Medicine.

Janet Arthur

Janet Arthur is an integrated energy and body work healer with over 10 years experience as a Natural Health Practitioner in the Toronto and Markham areas of Ontario. Janet is a Certified Natural Health Care Practitioner (CNHP), Acupuncturist (R.Ac), Aromatherapist, Angel Therapist (ATP) and trained as a Physical Therapist. Janet has furthered her energy healing skills as a recent graduate from the Deborah King Center as a Lifeforce Energy Healing Practitioner. Janet incorporates a holistic approach to her healing practice that integrates both eastern and western healing philosophies drawing on over 30 years of experience in all sectors of the health care industry. Janet is ideally suited to help clients to heal themselves of root causes of chronic health issues, focusing on energetic clearing and balancing for emotional, mental and physical problems. She also conducts long distance healing and intuitive readings by telephone or Skype.

To contact Janet, please send an email to or phone at (416) 219-6786. For more information on Janet’s practice and workshop schedule, visit Janet’s website at

Jennifer Bolus

Jennifer is a a Registered Dietitian of eight years, mind-body wellness expert, certified yoga teacher and energy healing graduate of the Deborah King Center. An educator, leader and visionary with a passion for mind-body-soul health, she bridges modern science and ancient healing wisdom recognizing they can work together. Jennifer teaches and shares the message of Whole Health; how to nourish mind, body, and spirit to create the health you desire and deserve by listening to and learning to work with your unique body. She meets you where you are, creating a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space for self-exploration and developing self-awareness. To help you experience true health and healing, and walk with you as you awaken to your inner wisdom is her honour and joy. Jennifer offers energy healing and Whole Health coaching locally in Hamilton, Ontario, distance sessions via phone/Skype, as well as group workshops.

Her Whole Health Motto:  ”get the inside right, and the outside will fall into place.”

You can connect with Jennifer via email or visit her website.

Jennifer Hendershot

Jennifer has great passion for the outdoors, nature and gardening.  She has previously worked as an RN and is now embracing energy medicine and other holistic modalities.   Jennifer offers coaching/energy sessions in person or by Skype.

Jerry Paul

Jerry Paul retired from the Omaha Police Force in 2007 after serving for 23 years. His duties were as a patrol officer, field training officer, and school resource officer. His journey into energy healing started at an I Can Do It conference in Denver 2013. Since then Jerry has been dedicated to healing himself and others. He dedicated his life to fitness training while living as a teenager in Los Angeles and now functions as a certified fitness trainer. Having dedicated his life to helping others, he points people in a direction that shows them their true strength and courage and that there is more to them than they see with their own eyes. Jerry own 3rdenergy LLC  – a hybrid of fitness training and energy healing. For fitness training sessions or remote healing email Jerry or call him at (402) 578-2540.

Judith Meade, PhD

Judith Meade has a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Metaphysical Science from the American National Inst. for Psychical Research and Development Inc. and is an ordained minister . Judi has interests in Astrology and the psychic sciences. Metaphysics is a major life path for her. Judi is a level 4 graduate and is continuing her studies in Level 5 (hands on healing) at this time. She is also a Certified LifeForce Coach, Certified Prayer Practitioner and a Certified Spirit Guide Coach. Judi was drawn to metaphysics out of curiosity and it wound up changing her life. Practical application and balance of body, mind and spirit are major important goals for her. She has studied animal communication, palmistry, tarot, herbs, graphology, dream analysis, numerology, massage, reflexology, iridology, drumming and healing. Judi combines her abilities to help relieve stress and remove blockages due to daily living. Judi has found that the principles of astrology & palmistry can be very helpful in teaching you about who you are and where you are going with your spiritual and mundane life paths. Her major areas of interest are Metaphysics, animals and computers.

You can contact Judi at

Kathy Harris

Kathy Harris is one of Deborah’s Beta students (first students).  She graduated from Life Force Energy Healing Program Levels  IV and V and has completed her LifeForce Coaching Elite Level 1 and Coaching 1 and 2 classes.  She is also certified under Deborah’s other following programs:   Delegate of the Light, Certified Prayer Practitioner, Certified Guide to the Inner Realm, and Certified Spirit Guide Coach programs.  Kathy has taken most classes for her own development and self healing.

Lynn Bartrum

After 18 years as a CPA, Lynn realized that she loved helping her clients create their dreams—but she didn’t enjoy doing their books. After several years of training in coaching and energy healing techniques, Lynn once again helps clients achieve their dreams—this time by empowering them as they navigate their own transformational journeys.  Lynn is a graduate of the Deborah King Center’s coaching and energy healing programs.  She is a Quick Pulse practitioner through Jo Dunning’s program, and is also a graduate of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy.  Lynn is currently enrolled in the School of Healing Arts at The Estuary in Nashville, Tennessee.

Lynn lives in Franklin, Tennessee and provides coaching and healing sessions locally at her office at Back in Touch Wellness Center in Nashville.  She also provides distance sessions by phone or Skype.  For more information, please visit Lynn’s website at  If you are interested in more information about Lynn or wish to schedule an appointment with her, please contact her at

Madhavi Kata Chalasani

Madhavi is a LifeForce Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner having received her training from the Deborah King Center. Madhavi offers both local healing sessions in the Houston, Texas area and also distance healing sessions with her business Chakra Bliss Center and more information can be found on her website here.

If you are interested in more information about Madhavi or wish to schedule an appointment with her, please contact her at

Maria Elena Acevedo

Maria Elena Acevedo is a life-Force coach and life-Force Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, receiving her training from Deborah King Center.  She also is a Reconnective Healing  practitioner, Prayer Practitioner and Spirit Guide Coach.

In 2004 Maria Elena started a process of self-awareness that showed her limiting believes, habits and ways of thinking that sabotaged her life. This was the beginning of a success journey where she learned to break patterns, to focus in good things, and strength her skills. Her desire to have a better place to live and her higher purpose call, resulted in her ability to share her knowledge, to teach others to find happiness on their lives.

Maria Elena lives in Miami-Florida and offers both local healing sessions in-person or from a distance. You can learn more about Maria Acevedo, If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with her, please contact her by phone (786-484-4514).

Maria Brancatella

Maria has recently retired from a 36 year career in the Canadian Telecommunications Industry. She held numerous management positions and has extensive experience training and coaching sales personnel. Maria experienced numerous life challenges in 2007 and, when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, she decided to take the holistic route to heal herself and is now completely healed from this debilitating condition. Maria has been a student of Deborah King since 2010 and has been certified as a Lifeforce Energy Healer and Lifeforce Coach. She also teaches yoga workshops and leads sound meditation circles with crystal singing bowls. She is available for healing and coaching sessions from her home in Montreal. Contact her via email at or by phone at 514-731-2892.

Mary Elyn Bahlert, M.Div.

Mary Elyn is an inspired and inspiring spiritual teacher, speaker,and workshop leader. Mary Elyn’s deep and wide spiritual journey began almost 40 years ago. She practices prayer and meditation in the contemplative tradition, which connects her to contemplatives over many centuries and religious traditions. She has studied many modalities, including group process, Family Systems, and Energy Healing.
Before she retired in 2014, Mary Elyn worked as a pastor in a progressive spiritual community in downtown Oakland, CA.  She is a poet and writer.
Her spiritual path, which began with a “walk with Jesus,” has been wide and deep. To work with Mary Elyn, call her at:  510-778-7065. Read her blog:

Nadiya Jinnah

Originally from Uganda, Africa, and now based in Manhattan, New York, Nadiya Jinnah is the creator of “LifeScapes Energy Paintings,” a unique creative practice that allows transpersonal self-healing through art.

A professional artist by training, her many decades spent creating art opened her to the realization that a novel healing experience exists when “energy healing” and “energy paintings” are combined into a unified energy therapy.

Essentially, through the act of painting, Nadiya Jinnah is allowed intuitive access to an information field about an individual’s well-being. This occurs while being in the presence of the individual and while viewing their energy painting afterwards.

In a way, this could be considered a form of artistic mediumship.

Her creative life as a painter naturally coevolved with her energy healing work over the past forty years. Versed in many forms of alternative healing, Ms. Jinnah is grateful for her relationship with Deborah King as the energy techniques acquired from her were pivotal in Ms. Jinnah’s development as an energy worker.

Nadiya Jinnah

Pamela Key

For much of her career, Pamela worked in the hospital setting as a medical social worker.  However, it was when her son was diagnosed with developmental delays and attention issues that her social work skills became integral to own family’s well being.   After researching numerous options for treatment, she found QEEG neurofeedback and was intrigued with the idea of addressing the core issue of problems in the brain through retraining the ineffective neural pathways.  Pamela became certified as Neurofeedback Practitioner in 2009. Additionally she trained at the Deborah King Center as a LifeForce Energy Medicine Practitioner receiving her certification in 2012.  As part of Deborah King’s teaching, Pamela learned of core energetic issues.  Combining the knowledge of the brain with the insight of energy medicine, Pamela offers a unique energy medicine practice focused on brain healing.

Pamela provides in person and distant healing sessions.  For more information about Pamela or to schedule an appointment, please contact her by email at

Sulosh Pillay

I have an energy healing practice in South Africa, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Angel Therapy Medium, Past Life Reader: Certified by Doreen Virtue Phd. 21st Century Energy Practitioner Certified Prayer Practitioner Certified Spirit Guide Coach Truth Heals Magnet Coach Trained under Deborah King.

Deborah King