Let in the Light

Follow the Light

Your eyes are closed. Warm, humid air nestles on your cheeks. The air feels palpable. You lie still, rocking on what feels like water, yet, oddly, you remain dry.

You open your eyes. It’s dark. Warmly dark. Enveloping dark. Above you: a warm darkness. Below you: darkness. In front and to the behind, more dark.

It’s pleasant. Like a warm summer’s night, just as the breeze dies down when the sun finally sets.

Where are you? Where are we?

We are at the beginning. The beginning of where all consciousness begins on the journey to enlightenment. In the dark.

You blink once, twice, three times for good measure. A small dot in the distance. A dot that stands out against the darkness. You can see it. In fact, it’s the only thing you can see. It is, in fact, light. Illumination. Unsure why, you find yourself drawn toward the light. Pressing forward. Pushing through the darkness.

As you lean into the illumination, your own body becomes apparent. You can feel your legs walking forward. You can now see the ground beneath your feet. Behind you: shadow. You turn your head around and see that the darkness has grown more pronounced. More defined. Delineated between what is light and where there is no light.

For the first time, you feel fear of this dark. Even though, before, the dark was all-encompassing. Now, split by the light, the dark feels stronger. You can even see yourself reflected in the dark.

This is your shadow. Notice how it grows larger as you walk forth into the light. Notice how the shadows of all the lit rocks, hills, trees, and people grow greater as the light shines forth.

The light illuminates all. That is what light does.

From the ancient religions of Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Orthodox Christianity, great teachers have understood that light is divine. Light, is the source of all life and consciousness. Thousands of years before scientists understood how stars fused hydrogen to helium – releasing tremendous energy and life-bringing light, primitive humans knew that the light was life.

And it is. Without the brilliance of light, we’d have no home for life. We’d have no plants to photosynthesize and produce oxygen. We’d have no warmth. We’d be cold and in the dark – huddled around the few sources of heat our planet produces.

But we have light, and we give thanks to the light. We celebrate Diwali, the festival of light that honors the victory of light over darkness. We celebrate Easter, where Christ, light incarnate, arose from the dead, having gained victory over death and Hades.

I love these celebrations. And I love that we celebrate these victories of the light over darkness yearly. Because while the religious events that we celebrate may have occurred once, the journey of light over darkness is continual.

And that is because the darkness is but the absence of light. And the greater the light expands, the more darkness we are able to see.

Return, for a moment, to our warm, humid darkness. Imagine you hold but a single candle. It extends a circle of light around you – just one foot wide. Around that: darkness. But how much darkness is there? It’s hard to say. From where you’re standing, it appears to simply be where the light stops – 1 foot away.

But grow that light. When the light grows to ten feet wide, we can see so much more. We see so much light! But we also see the limits of that light. And we see that the darkness expands far more than we originally understood. Now, darkness surrounds our circle for 10 feet instead of 1.

This is why we always celebrate the victory of light over the dark – because the light’s illumination is continually expanding. And as the dark retreats, more is uncovered. Our shadows grow longer. This growing darkness may give us pause – may make us yearn for the days when our light was smaller – when the world was simpler.

When these moments feel overwhelming, when the pull of the darkness feels so warm, I want you to do one thing: find the light. Find the tiny, pin-drop light that was there at the beginning. And hold that light true. That light is your compass. Stand in the light. Sit in the light. Lie down in the light. Bask in that one dot of light, until it overwhelms you with safety and security.

And when you’re ready, walk toward it once again.

It’s a long journey, and the shadows the light raises may be imposing. But the light is life, and by journeying through the light, your true self will be illuminated.

Follow the light, bathe in the light. Come celebrate the light with me.

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