The Healing Power Of Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is the miracle cure that promotes total wellness for your mind, body, and spirit. But this “miracle” is no illusion – healing with energy is a timeless tradition drawing upon both the observable and the unseen, with powerful, practical applications in modern healthcare. The best part? The source of this universal healer is right in your own body.

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An Answer To Western Medicine

So often, Western medicine looks at only the most superficial symptoms of an illness and attacks them with pharmaceutical drugs and drastic surgeries. Energy medicine instead addresses the deepest root causes that are blocking well-being, clearing the channels of energy running through our bodies observed by every culture from the ancient Aztecs to contemporary physicists.

Healers past and present have sought to heal the surface by nurturing the source, harnessing the power of this medicine to increase flow at the spirit level.  This energetic alignment ripples out, creating well-being in every area of life, from the tiny to the profound. Eventually, Western medicine may catch up to these concepts, but you don’t have to wait until then to experience energy medicine’s profound benefits.

How Energy Medicine Can Improve Your Health

Happy Woman Laughing After Energy MedicineOpening your mind. Increased creativity and insight are just the beginning of the benefits of energy work.

Relieving chronic conditions. Skin conditions and persistent pain can be liberated by increasing flow to the corresponding energy center in the body.

Solving the “unsolvable.” When Western medicine can’t explain a problem, the first reaction is often to medicate. “Energy” medicine helps you connect the dots and see how your emotions, thoughts, physical health, and spiritual well-being are all deeply connected.

Providing clarity for your life’s path. An important role of the shaman – the original “life coach” – is to give you the clarity you need to see the best way forward from where you are now.Living at full potential. Go straight to the source to clear all barriers – physical, mental, and energetic, to achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more.

How Is Energy Medicine Applied?

Learn to Meditate with Deborah King & Energy Medicine WorkYou can’t go down to the pharmacy and have a prescription for spiritual healing filled. With the right training and guidance, we all have the power to heal ourselves and our loved ones with practical, time-tested techniques.

• Meditation: Help yourself to the ultimate free medicine – a never-ending source of calm and clarity.

• Chakra work: Clear the pathways of energy in your body to flow in every part of life.

• Using the third eye: See through the superficial causes of illnesses to stop them at their roots.

Who can benefit from energy medicine? Everyone. From every age and every walk of life, we are all tapped in to this energy and with a little guidance and training we can all feel its benefits.

Find Healing Through Energy Work At The Deborah King Center

Discover the Power of Energy MedicineLanding a book on the New York Times best-seller list brought Deborah King to the attention of the world.But this was simply the latest triumph on her journey as a powerful energy healer and inspiration to millions.

Now you can draw upon the experience of this modern day shaman at her groundbreaking center devoted to the study of energy medicine, the Deborah King Center. (

Through an intensive 48-week online course, you’ll learn from Deborah how to use these tools to live a full, creative, and abundant life, free from illness and the emotional roadblocks which stand between us and happiness. Then you can share this gift with others. It turns out we’ve all had access to the best medicine all along.
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