Amazing Energy Healing Techniques You Already Have Access To Today

Deborah-MasterHealer.jpgThrough countless generations before us, our ancestors developed energy healing techniques that drew upon the power of the universe to repair the body and nurture the spirit. But how can we employ these thousands of years of personal experience to impact our own modern daily lives? It’s easier than you might think.

Whether you realize it yet or not, you already are a practitioner of energy healing, the art of harnessing the unseen power of the universe. Any time you feel a positive shift as a result of engaging with life, you are practicing a form of energy healing. Sound complicated? It’s not. If you are considering a life devoted to healing others, you’ll be happy to know that you have already started your training, in both big and small ways.


Learn To Forge A Direct Connection To Divine Energy In Everyday Life

Guess what? Every time you connect with the world around you, you are participating in a form of energy work. That’s because everything in the universe – including our own bodies – is made up of constantly moving, invisible energy. It is the “fuel” that powers all life. Whenever life inspires you, you are tapping into that energy, and promoting wellness, insight, and joy – just like a great healer or life coach would. That’s the essence of the best energy healing techniques.

A simple walk in a neighborhood park can ignite a powerful connection to energy, which in turn can start to align all aspects of your life.

The arts.
Taking the time to connect with music, books, and movies can often lead to transcendent states that are indeed powerful portals of energy.

Profound life experiences.
Significant and high-intensity events – both positive and uncomfortable – can connect us to tremendous currents of energy, quickly.

Make It Intentional With Practical
Energy Healing Techniques


Once you’ve tuned into the ways that you naturally connect with energy every day, it’s time to take your training as a spiritual healer to the next level.  Specific, practical techniques can help you access, clear, and build energy – on purpose. Learning these methods is like being handed a secret “how-to” guide for being a thriving, happy human.

•Meditation. Of all energy healing techniques, the simplest is the intentional calming of the mind. From that platform, you can invite powerful currents to flow through you.

•Clearing chakras. The human body has 7 specific regions which are tuned to unique forms of energy. Learning to clear blockages in these channels and cultivate flow is at the heart of an energy healing practice.

•Cultivating intuition. Opening your mind to the power of the unseen begins by intentionally entering an expanded state of consciousness. Once there, you’ll receive wisdom that will inform and positively affect all parts of your life.


Master Modern Energy Healing Techniques
At The Deborah King Center


Healing the mind, body, and spirit with the power of energy medicine is a time-tested art practiced in countless forms all over the world. In fact, even people who have never heard of spiritual healing engage in forms of energy work without realizing it, simply by engaging fully with the world around them. Now imagine the kind of powerful healing all of those people could achieve if they received a comprehensive training in the concepts, traditions, and techniques of energy work!

Renowned spiritual leader and New York Times best-selling author Deborah King has created a powerful institution of learning that is a leader in the field of energy healing. Join Deborah on a journey of a lifetime, as she draws upon the wealth of both traditional teachings and cutting-edge science to deliver a comprehensive education in the healing arts. Through online videos, powerful writings, and in-person workshops, you’ll learn how to employ practical energy healing techniques to ignite profound transformation in your life and in the lives of others.
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We are all already energy workers, flowing with the power of the universe to find insight, relief, and joy every day. Take that innate understanding to a new level by commencing a detailed study of energy work with Deborah King today.

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