“I saw the angel in the marble and carved it until I set him free.” ~Michelangelo

Just as the great master found inspiration in freeing the angel within the stone, we, too, can draw strength and guidance from celestial beings. Imagine having a powerful ally in Archangel Michael, poised to provide divine guidance as you set sail for the new year and embark on a transformative journey.

Connecting with Archangel Michael: The Guardian of Strength and Protection

Archangel Michael, whose name means “he who is like God,” is a formidable force of protection, guidance, and strength. In moments of uncertainty, he stands ready to shield us from negative energy and infuse our being with the energy of unconditional love. Whether you are a healer, teacher, or simply seeking a source of strength, Archangel Michael is a steadfast companion on your spiritual voyage.

To connect with him, visualize his vibrant blue energy enveloping you as you meditate on your path. Seek his protection and draw upon his unwavering strength to navigate the challenges that lie ahead. In times of darkness, call upon him to channel divine love and healing to illuminate the path for yourself and those around you.

Choosing Your Divine Companion: Archangel Michael for Strength and Protection.

Just as Michelangelo chose the perfect strokes to unveil the angel within the marble, we can invoke Archangel Michael.
In your healing and teaching work, call upon him to surround you and protect you from any negative energy or darkness. To counteract the darkness, ask him to channel divine love and healing to everyone around you. Connect with him when you need a little extra strength, faith, and determination to continue your work.

In the spirit of embracing new beginnings, I invite you to a powerful guided meditation where I connect you to Archangel Michael to seek his blessing and let him guide you toward higher consciousness as we begin a brand-new cycle at the start of this new year.

Join me tomorrow, Wednesday, January 3rd at 1:00pm EST for a powerful guided meditation to embrace the new year with clarity and purpose under the wing of Michael’s blessings.

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