Master the

Secrets of the Sutras

Presenting the most spiritually advanced course available

Harness ancient Vedic wisdom to clear energy blockages under the guidance of Swami Vivekananda, whom we thank for the gifts of the sutras
Get initiated into the highest levels of spiritual awareness — unlock your divinity and access your supernatural powers
Awaken your soul and gain access to paranormal powers to finally manifest your grandest vision of your greatest self 

In this course you’ll receive

  • The power of sutras and access higher realms of consciousness to unleash your birthright gifts and powers
  • Comprehensive 7-week course with 7 attend live or catch later 90-minute in-depth teaching videos.
  • 7 session Deepening Practices.
  • 7 session Workbooks.
  • Community support from a vibrant online community of like-minded students.
  • Unconditional 30-day, money-back guarantee.
  • Award-winning customer support.

Get Your Spiritual Superpowers Activated With Deborah King

Embark On the Journey of Your Lifetime — Rediscover Your Birthright Powers 

Unlock the door to your spiritual superpowers with The Secrets of the Sutras Course.

With Deborah King’s expert guidance, you can open yourself up to a whole new realm of potential. Gain access to your natural healing prowess, harness the power of your intuition, and tap into incredible spiritual gifts that are already within you.

We invite you to join Deborah on this 7-Session journey and get activated. Be initiated into the mysteries of the ancient Sutras — so you can become the self-assured, beautiful, and whole being you are truly meant to be.

Seven weekly 90-minute in-depth teaching sessions
Join the livestream on Thursdays at 1 p.m. EST, beginning January 11, 2024, or stream later at your convenience.

Remember that you are more powerful than you can imagine — and that the totality of your being extends far beyond the limits of your physical body. We are all of us on a journey of discovery, healing and growth… guiding you to become the self-assured, beautiful, and whole being you are truly meant to be.” 

~Deborah King, Be Your Own Shaman.

Course Information

Session by Session Teaching Schedule

In each of the seven sessions, Deborah will take you further down the path of openness and expansion. Here’s what you can expect to learn from Deborah on this 7-week journey:



Vivekananda and the Sutras

Beginning your journey, you’ll meet Swami Vivekananda, the greatest teachers of the Vedas, who will become our guide throughout the course. We will do a clearing exercise to better receive his teachings. Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune, power, beauty, and prosperity, will protect us from Maya (illusion). She will be invoked to prepare you for mastering the practice. Subsequently, the first three sutras will be deeply seeded within you, granting you with the power to remove old trauma from your body. In addition, a guided meditation on inner peace and how to fully activate that special place will be provided.



A Mantra Foundation and a Hidden Channel to the Divine 

We will devote this session to understanding the state of Samadhi, the final stage of our spiritual path where we become fully enlightened. The sutras are the path that will lead us there, but first, they must be set in fertile soil, which can be achieved through a regular spiritual practice that expands your consciousness and heightens your intuitive capabilities. You will have opened a hidden channel to the divine in your own body in a guided meditation. Techniques such as mantra work will be discussed and you will be taught what it means to enter the “gap,” as well as how to release stress and manage distractions. After an ancient invocation to the Gods, two more sutras are then introduced.



Oneness Brings You Paranormal Gifts

Here, you’ll be able to tap into spiritual gifts, physical powers and psychic abilities that can be unlocked through a consistent sutra practice. You’ll experience a guided meditation on the 8th Chakra. You’ll also learn about the potential misuse of these abilities and the ethical approaches to using them. You’ll gain insight into breakthrough experiences of oneness, followed by an invocation and honoring of the divinity within and without, and the seeding of the next three sutras.



Be Catapulted Through the Universe

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the universal process, the way in which initiation and the sutras intertwine, and the importance of initiation in spiritual growth. You’ll be part of a guided meditation to open the thymus gland, seat of spiritual development. Potential ego problems associated with initiation will also be discussed. You will hear about the Order of Melchizedek, your place in it, and what the Order stands for. Again, an ancient invocation will be performed and three more sutras will be introduced.



The Path of the Seeker

In this week, you’ll experience your own soul star, the source of your true power, as well as relive the lives of the Hindu deities, Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer. You’ll hear all about “initiations of the threshold” — the first step of the initiatory journey of transformation that ends in union with Source. Then, seven more powerful sutras will be seeded in you.



The 7 Rays of Light

In this session, you’ll learn incredible details of the 7 Rays of Light. You will be graced with knowledge of the Ascended Masters who are in charge of the Rays. You will be guided in a self-healing Taoist Meditation, the Circulation of Light, that clears you of unwanted negative energy. You will experience another seeding of two more sutras, setting you up for the magical transformation they can bring. These final two sutras, the flying sutras, will have the most impact on your bodymind.



The Secret Meanings and their Impact on You

You are now an emerging Master and it is time for you to receive the full meaning of the twenty sutras. You will also participate in The Great Invocation. You have been doing sutras for some time now, under Deborah’s tutelage, and here is your chance to finally learn their secret meanings and how they are impacting your body, mind, and spirit. This knowledge will ramp up your sutra practice a hundred fold as well as open the door to the mysteries of the universe! 

Early Bird Bonus: The 12 Laws of Karma and how they Affect Your Life Today pdf

Once you understand the simple cause and effect of karma and how it affects you today, you will be on the path to mastery.

Bonus Material Includes

Vedic Meditation 7-part video teaching program

Since its mysterious and mythical beginnings over 5,000 years ago, the practice of meditation has been a renowned source of ancient wisdom that continues to spread throughout the world today.

In this illuminating 7-part video teaching program (normally $197), Deborah will guide you step-by-step in learning the art of meditation. She will want you to have this basic meditation in place in your energy field to support the seeding of the sutras. She will provide a personal mantra, if you don’t yet have one. 

The Power of Sanskrit: Unlocking the Vibrational Energy of Words PDF

Learn about the vibrational quality of Sanskrit sounds and how they can be used in mantras and chants to enhance spiritual practices.

Yoga and the Path to Enlightenment PDF

In this pdf, Deborah presents the philosophy and ethics of yoga in achieving enlightenment. This PDF offers a broader understanding of the context in which sutra practices were created.

Ayurveda/Wellness: Balancing Body and Mind PDF

A comprehensive pdf that sets forth the impact of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine and wellness, and how it relates to your sutra practice.

Introduction to Vedic Astrology Audio

Deborah presents this lively audio introduction to Vedic Astrology and reviews the differences with Western Astrology; this entertaining audio complements your sutra practice and brings you the full gamut of the Vedic Sciences.


To make sure you have the best experience with this program, you’ll have access to award-winning customer support. And don’t worry, you’re covered with our Satisfaction Guarantee, so you have a full 30 days to get a “no questions asked” refund if you’re not fully satisfied.

Imagine unlocking the power of sutras, accessing higher realms of consciousness, and unleashing your birthright of magnificent gifts and powers! With this 7-week course, you’ll get it all!

Sutras: The Gateway to Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Powers

Like a seed, all it takes is exposure to the right environment and nourishment to nurse your spiritual gifts back to health. That’s where Sutras come in: sacred threads that raise vibrations and open the door to higher consciousness. They are the key to accessing supernatural powers such as telepathy, time travel, levitation, and super-sensory perception. Ready to take the plunge and make a massive shift in your life? At the Deborah King Center, we’re renowned for our Customer Support Center of the highest caliber, so you know when you order from us, you’re 100% fully refundable within 30 days if you’re not fully satisfied.

7 Reasons Why This Course Is One-of-a-Kind

1. 5,000+ Year-Old Secrets of Swami Vivekananda Never Before Revealed

Sutras are mystical phrases from the ancient Vedas that wake up your energy field to connect you deeply to Source. Studying them often means years of study in India under an enlightened master in difficult and austere conditions. But today, Deborah will seed them (or re-seed if you learned them earlier from Deborah) in your energy field and body in the comfort of your own home, as you are catapulted into the stratosphere with the power of the secrets revealed.

2. Exponential Impact on Our Shared Reality

You raise your vibration AND you raise the vibration of those around you when you engage in the sutras — your friends, your family, your environment. When you study this course it not only raises your own consciousness, it heals the world!

3. For Both Newbies and Advanced Seekers

One of the unique things about this course is that it speaks to you at your level — to precisely deliver the results you want. The entire seven-week journey is designed to fulfill your deepest longing and expand your energy field to allow the outcome to exist in this body, in this lifetime.

4. Designed For Profound Shifts In Consciousness In 7 Sessions

Packed with ancient and modern techniques, this course is designed to trigger an immediate step up in consciousness. You both learn and apply the wisdom of the sutras with Deborah as you develop new spiritual gifts.

5. Removal of Trauma and PTSD from Your Energy Field, Mind, and Body

The sutras have this uncanny effect of gently removing all signs of stress, even PTSD, from your body/mind, effortlessly, and without you reliving that stressful event.

6. The Meaning of the Sutras First Revealed

Plus, for the first time ever, Deborah will reveal the underlining meanings of the entire 20 sutras; be prepared to have your mind blown and your sutra practice head for the stratosphere as you take in this esoteric knowledge!

7. Community Support From Deborah And Other Like-Minded Seekers

When you enroll, you’ll enjoy the company of Deborah and your fellow students in an intimate online setting. Whether you attend the sessions live or watch later, a powerful vibrational vortex is created that allows you to make rapid progress in your spiritual journey. This alone has a tremendous advantage over other similar courses. Plus, you’ll be offered a private Facebook group where you can ask Deborah your questions and share your experiences with her and the group, and get feedback and support.

Deborah King is a New York Times bestselling author, sought-after master teacher, and a leading authority on energy healing.

A successful attorney in her 20s, Deborah’s life was radically changed with a cancer diagnosis. Unwilling to undergo invasive surgery, she turned to alternative medicine and experienced an amazing remission at the hands of a healer.

Along the way, she conquered the alcohol and drug addictions she had used to bury an abusive childhood.

Leaving the corporate arena for the field of energy medicine, she mastered ancient and modern systems, ultimately developing a powerful technique of her own to help people heal, thrive and grow.

Since its inception, the Deborah King Center has become a global phenomenon, with 550,000+ followers, 10,000+ students, and empowering over 500 certified LifeForce Energy Healing® Teachers worldwide!

Deborah King has been seen on:

What You’ll Learn

Unlock The Mystical Gifts Spirit Has Been Keeping From You

Are you ready to experience the world beyond the five senses, diving into your clairvoyance, clairsentience, and heightened intuition? Do you want to rise to new spiritual heights, above the physical realm, and see what awaits you? Deborah King has unlocked a secret pathway that has been closely guarded within the Vedic metaphysical traditions, and she’s ready to share it with you. In this course, you’ll find esoteric information and techniques to propel your personal and spiritual development. Plus, you’ll be wrapped in a bubble of divine guidance and protection.

Here’s What Attendees Often Experience When Initiating Into The Sutras

If you’ve done a ton of personal work and you’re still not feeling self-realized and using spiritual gifts, it’s time to experience the power of the sutras. You’ll likely experience profound breakthroughs in almost every aspect of your life.


Your Future

The spiritual expansion you’ll undergo will leave you in control of your destiny. You’ll be actively creating what you want, instead of leaving it to chance.


Your Life Purpose

No more doubts—you’ll have absolute clarity on why you were given life and what you’re meant to do. You’ll find renewed purpose in your life.


Your Money and Your Job

The productivity you’ll gain will skyrocket your career and finances to new levels.


Your Emotions

Anger, fear, frustration, envy, and impatience will no longer have a hold on you. Instead, you’ll be filled with calm, serenity, and focused thoughts.


Trauma and PTSD

The truth will become clear in every situation, past or present. You’ll no longer be stuck living with bad memories.


Intuition and Other Psychic Phenomena

The closer you get to the spirit, the stronger your intuition and other psychic abilities become. Clairvoyance, among others, will be heightened.


Your Creativity

Your newfound positivity will be an endless cycle, and you’ll become happier, more creative, and more fulfilled.


Your Chi and Vitality

Stress will be no more, taking with it all the stress-related illnesses.


Your Relationships with Others

Your relationships will be more intimate, thanks to your every increasing compassion and empathy, and you’ll attract the right people into your life.


Your Spirituality

Your connection with Source will be strengthened, unlocking divine wisdom and guidance. You’ll finally feel the divine within.

What Famous People Say About Deborah King


Neale Donald Walsch

New York Times best-selling author of Happier than God

“Deborah is an essential guide for every seeker of higher truth who is destined to fulfill their purpose of helping others by first healing themselves.”


Caroline Myss

New York Times best-selling author of Entering the Castle and Anatomy of the Spirit

“Deborah King’s book is a must read for every seeker on the path.”


Vishen Lakhiani

New York Times bestselling author of Code of the Extraordinary Mind and founder and CEO of Mindvalley

“Deborah is a phenomenal teacher and the feedback we get from students who take her course is amazing.”


Louise Hay

New York Times best-selling author of You Can Heal Your Life

“I have seen people stand in line for hours just to get a moment with Deborah King. People just love her and her healing work.”


Gregg Braden

New York Times best-selling author of The Divine Matrix and Fractal Time

“Deborah King reminds us that we’re born with nature’s most powerful instrument of healing—the gift to be able to sense and direct subtle energy through our bodies.”


Marci Shimoff

New York Times best-selling author of Love for No Reason & Happy for No Reason

“I love Deborah King’s mix of esoteric and practical wisdom, the confluence of ancient and modern healing traditions!”


Robert Holden

Ph.D., the best-selling author of Be Happy and Happiness Now!

“Happiness comes by living our true nature. Deborah King opens us up to realizing the powerful healing nature that lives within us all.”


Jay Adams

Owner, Host of Emmy Award Winning Breakthrough Medicine

“If you are looking for truth, light, and a straightforward approach to unlocking your hidden potential, master healer and teacher Deborah King delivers!”


James Van Praagh

Spiritual Medium, TV Host and Producer, the New York Times best-selling author of Ghosts Among Us

“Deborah King is a spiritual guide to be reckoned with and charismatic and entertaining to boot!”

Here’s what students say about Deborah:

Christy Droog

“The techniques and knowledge I’ve gained from studying with Deborah King have proved an invaluable experience, one that will continue to serve me for the rest of my life! I feel lighter, brighter, and clearer than I’ve ever felt in my life, feeling a sense of peace, love, and gratitude filling every part of me.”

~Christy Droog

Lisa Vander Kay

“Deborah’s programs have brought me to both a new level of awareness and to greater heights than I could have ever imagined. Deborah has a unique gift of helping her students achieve what their soul desires and I have learned a great deal through her program about myself and others. It has truly been an invaluable experience.”

~Lisa Vander Kaay

“Deborah King’s work is transformational! I am so grateful for her teaching me, for guiding me and for inspiring me to heal myself and others. Since studying LifeForce Energy Medicine©, my life is happier, healthier, and everything I intended it to be!”

~Cathy Gabrielsen

It wasn’t until I began energy healing with Deborah King’s programs, along with her daily meditation, that I truly began to heal and change. As my own healing began to occur, my prayer practice blossomed and I realized that God was part of me, that none of us are separate, that we are all connected to this Universal Life Force.

~Doug Rarden

“In Deborah King, I have found a spiritual teacher and healer who has guided me in healing past traumas, becoming more intuitive, and helping me deal with challenges that come every single day. I love working with Deborah King!”
~Ruth McAdams

Melinda Malone - author of Off My Chest

“A transformational thrill ride beyond my wildest dreams. Deborah King is a game changer.”
~Melinda Malone

Grace Sa

“I met Deborah King in ’09; I didn’t know exactly what energy healing was but I signed up for it. And fast forward, it turned out to be the best investment ever. I’m meeting more of me which is so exciting because the person that I aspire to be was inside of me. The more I get to meet my true essence of me, the more I fall in love with the qualities that I exude so naturally. Therefore, I don’t have to cover up to become a better person which is so freeing. The more I can save all the energy spent for cover-ups, I feel stronger, lighter, more loving, authentic, and transparent.”
~Grace Sa


“My life changed when I attended Deborah’s workshop. I had never seen an energy healer doing the things she was doing. I did not know there was such a thing as an initiation. Some of the shamanic clearing was more familiar, but I had only read about it. I was mesmerized by her work. From that day forward, I have been learning from Deborah King.”
~Judy Gaar

Yarek Kantor

“Since I joined Deborah’s program my life and my consciousness have been changing at an exponential rate. I’m not the same person I was and I’m excited to keep discovering my true self more and more.”
~Yarek Kantor


Now you can enroll in the program and participate in all 7 sessions with Deborah King for just $397! But hurry, this limited time offer won’t last long.

Ready to get started, but don’t quite have your meditation dialed in? No worries, as Deborah is gifting you the most precious gift she has to give — her Vedic Meditation course. Mantra-based meditation is the most powerful type of meditation that has been used by ancient sages to attain the highest level of consciousness. And in this program, Deborah shares her secrets to becoming an expert at it. Here’s your chance to start meditating before the course begins, or brush up on your meditation practice if it’s slipped a bit. Let us know if you need a mantra, and Deborah will select a personal mantra for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sutra is a Sanskrit word meaning “string or thread.” These aphorisms, or short sayings that condense a lot of energy into a few words, come from ancient Vedic texts from at least five thousand years ago. With these sutras, you will connect strongly to Spirit, release old traumas and “stuff” that doesn’t serve you any longer, and can develop great spiritual powers, from psychic vision and hearing (clairvoyance and clairaudience) to the ability to levitate!

Sutra Wisdom changes lives for the better quickly, so this course is for everyone. The sutras can affect any part of your life that is out of balance, whether it’s your finances, yours relationships, your health, or your life purpose. If you’re ready to step into your power and your purpose here on earth, this course is for you.

First of all, Master the Secrets of the Sutras represents the highest, most up-to-date understanding of Deborah King. If she had to teach just one program as her legacy to change the world, this would be it. The reason is because the sutras that you’ll learn in Master the Secrets of the Sutras are directly responsible for the dramatic shift in Deborah’s life that happened years ago.

Secondly, the power of sutras are so powerful, yet the mechanism so simple that for years Deborah hesitated to share it with the world. But now, you’re getting access to it in a step-by-step, results-oriented manner. And there’s probably no one else in the planet who’s teaching this profound system for spiritual advancement in such a straight-forward way as what Deborah does in Master the Secrets of the Sutras.

It’s impossible to get access to this high-level initiation at the commitment level you’re being offered right now.

You’re going to be making rapid progress on your spiritual goals. And it will impact almost every area of your life. Some of the most obvious shifts you’ll notice include…

  1. Having a certain sense of calm and peace
  2. Less thinking and more wisdom from the non-thinking space
  3. Heightened intuition and other psychic abilities
  4. A feeling of being protected and guided by a higher power
  5. Sudden answers to your life’s biggest questions
  6. Crystal-clear clarity on your life purpose and vision
  7. And so much more.

No, not at all! Even if you are a novice in the realm of spirituality and meditation, you will be able to understand and follow everything that is taught. If you don’t already have a meditation practice, no problem – you will be taught a highly effective meditation technique in preparation for receiving the sutras.

Are you worried that you may not have the “right stuff” for a spiritual practice? Or that this particular path is not the right one for you? We are so sure that this course will positively impact your life that we offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. If you take the whole course and feel that we have misstated its effectiveness, we will refund your investment.

Absolutely. You have 30 days to check out the pre-course training materials and attend the sessions with Deborah King. And only then you decide if the program is for you.

If you are not completely blown away by the course, you can get an immediate refund of your investment by sending an email to with the subject “cancel.”

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