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Video Series

Experience a virtual trip through time and space in beautiful Ojai, California
(a world-renowned energetic vortex)
Enjoy the highlights from our first live retreat post-pandemic.

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On-demand video
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Tap into the cosmic energy of the Soul Family during the days we joyfully re-connected to gain life-enhancing insights and to heal from the isolation caused by a global meltdown.
Enter in as Master Healer Deborah King leads you and a live audience through teachings, healings, and powerful initiations to higher levels of consciousness.

Highlights of Ojai

Highlights of Mystical Retreat Videos Series features:

  10+ hours of content-rich, on-demand video   full access practices

  meditations    teacher spotlights    live concert under the stars

Given the pent-up energies that attendees brought to this retreat,  this event was — hands down — the most powerful event EVER in our Soul Family history.

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On-demand video
$ 177

Get Instant Access to the Following:

Learn about your higher chakras (9th through 12th and beyond!)

Experience the Stellar Gateway

Receive full access to meditations, including the powerful Soul Star Meditation

Create a personalized energy healing foundation by understanding how your personal energy fields affect your recovery from physical maladies (something modern medicine tries to comprehend)

Hear about the power of initiation to higher levels of consciousness, including the first 7 levels of initiation

Uncover how to begin your personal initiation process

Discover your true origins
(where you were before you arrived on Earth)

Tap into the unified field of all information

Observe the levels of your personal energy field as they affect your body and your mind

Move toward a spirit-centered life by accessing your higher vibrational levels

Discover the relationship between free and divine will

Access daily affirmations that will keep you aligned with your higher purpose

Embrace “presence” (your intense, creative, everlasting “now-ness”) as you tap into the boosted energy of this life-affirming retreat!

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On-demand video
$ 177

About the event

This retreat took place at the Ramah Retreat Center located in the powerful energetic vortex of Ojai, California. It took place over four days as members of the Deborah King Soul Family reunited for the first time in years to convene, connect, and learn, and to heal from a stress-prone, post-pandemic world.

Attendees convened here to uncover their most transcendent selves. This Highlights of Mystical Retreat Video Series is your gateway to tapping into the teachings, healings, and energy that occurred at the retreat. So, enter in NOW to experience what participants received!

Here’s your chance to tap into energy you may not feel you even possess right now. But you do! This virtual retreat event will help unleash it to serve you. And you’ll also enjoy kicking back to enjoy and embrace the live concert that took place under Ojai’s stunning stars! All from the comfort of your own home, at your convenience, via this virtual on-demand event!

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