You have an amazing story to tell.
We can help you successfully bring it to life
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Book publishing

The Deborah King Center has a publishing arm to help writers organize, outline, and collaborate with the best in the business.

We can help you both create and polish your manuscript plus generate the widespread targeted buzz you’ll need to send you out the starting gate well ahead of the pack.

Let’s do this!

Meet Your Competition. According to Bowker, more than 2700 self-published books are published every day. That’s nearly one million new titles each and every year. (97% of all new titles are self-published. Only 3% are traditionally published because traditional publishing is a monumentally difficult nut to crack.)

To become a nationally-recognized author from the get-go, you would need to sell between 5,000 and 10,000 books within the two-week period following your title’s launch to impress mainstream publishers (that is, to be worthy of possible inclusion on the New York Times Bestseller list).

But New York Times bestseller status isn’t required to become a successful author.

If you’re an expert in your field who wants to help other people improve their lives, or a survivor of a compelling personal drama, selling from 25 upwards to hundreds of copies at conferences and other high-profile events at which you can become a featured speaker will give you the high-profile status you need to boost your influence.

So, what you need — in addition to an un-put-downable manuscript — is a way to get boosted beyond the noise.

We can make that happen.

Book publishing

About Us:

Here, at Deborah King Publishing, we encourage and promote the voices of the next generation. You, a future leader and influencer, must establish yourself immediately as standing head-and-shoulders above the crowd of newly published (and well-established) experts in your field.

A well-written, prudent, and passionately promoted book is your ultimate tool for achieving those very goals.

But we only offer this full-service solution to a select few.

It is an immense undertaking to help a new writer outline, write, edit, publish, promote, and launch a book into the stratosphere. That’s why we only engage with a few new authors every year.

And those we have helped have been delighted by the results that our efforts achieved, and by the heartfelt and professional collaborators they worked with, to get their book in front of as many of their ideal readers as possible.

Following is a bullet list of the solutions, services, and benefits that you will receive (including multiple mailings to our enormous, highly responsive distribution lists).

Book publishing


For manuscript preparation, we:

  • Help create your outline
  • Assist with developing material specific to your brand
  • Provide manuscript editing
  • Perform copy editing of your manuscript
  • Collect testimonials for  your manuscript
  • Oversee final proofreading
Book publishing

For publishing, we:

  • Format your book for paperback and e-book distribution
  • Create your interior book design and layout
  • Provide an ISBN number
  • Design a custom cover
  • Personalize your back cover
  • Curate copyright-free images and illustrations
  • Register your title with the Library of Congress (copyright)
  • Distribute your title
  • Offer regular sales reports
Book publishing

For marketing, we:

  • Strategize your Marketing Plan
  • Set up your account at Amazon Author Central
  • Commence your Amazon book launch
  • Write and distribute your press release
  • Generate the sales copy for your Amazon page
  • Provide a Deborah King Center Author Page
  • An endorsement is provided
  • Promote your title to our extensive Deborah King Center network and audience in the following ways:
    • Send Email Blasts to the Deborah King Center Lists
    • Bolster your title on the Deborah King Center’s multiple Facebook Pages
    • Social via Deborah King Center’s Twitter Account
    • Boost via Deborah King Center’s Instagram Account
Book publishing

Here’s your green light!

Our editing and publicity collaborators and we at Deborah King Publishing will assume ALL the “heavy lifting” aspects of massaging your original draft into an un-put-downable epic, and we will publish and promote your title.

So, all that will be left for you to do is to let us know what your storyline is, and what you expect it to deliver to your target audience. If your subject matter is a topic that our fan and client base would love to learn more about, we will absolutely consider taking you on.

And if we do, at that point, your next obligation will be to put on your running shoes so you can be ready to quickly accept any requests for appearances, panels, and other public outreach that you wrote your book to achieve. Obviously, we can’t fulfill your public appearance requests for you! Your readers will want YOU on their stages as a leader in your field or as an inspirational writer. And we will be here to applaud and promote you every step of the way!

Book publishing

So, reach out today. Let us know about your story that you’re on fire to share with the world. Call or text and please be patient, as our phone has been ringing off the hook from future authors!

Call or text: 800 790-5785 for more details


Melinda Malone - author of Off My Chest

Melinda Malone

#1 best-selling author of Off My Chest

“Deborah King Publishing’s expertise made my book experience flawless. I wouldn’t want to have navigated that process without them!


Cathy Gabrielsen

#1 best-selling author of Dying to Live: Surviving Near-Death

“Having a published book launched my career to the next level: it opened doors to clients and speaking opportunities I had wished for! I am so grateful for Deborah King and her team’s support, knowledge, and guidance that made it possible not only for my dream of being an author a reality, but a #1 best-selling author!”



Caroline Myss

New York Times best-selling author of Entering the Castle and Anatomy of the Spirit

“Deborah King’s book is a must read for every seeker on the path.”


Gregg Braden

New York Times best-selling author of The Divine Matrix and Fractal Time

“Deborah King reminds us that we’re born with nature’s most powerful instrument of healing—the gift to be able to sense and direct subtle energy through our bodies.”


Neale Donald Walsch

New York Times best-selling author of Happier than God

“Deborah is an essential guide for every seeker of higher truth who is destined to fulfill their purpose of helping others by first healing themselves.”


Louise Hay

New York Times best-selling author of You Can Heal Your Life

“I have seen people stand in line for hours just to get a moment with Deborah King. People just love her and her healing work.”

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