Divine Feminine

Three Ways to Honor the Wisdom of the Great Mother

One of the wonderful things about Spring is that it really gets your attention. No matter how busy, distracted, or frazzled you’ve let yourself become, those first bright yellow daffodils wake you up and bring a smile to the most downcast souls. The blooming earth is calling you to take a joy and gratitude break. Just look at the marvels around you—the bright green leaves, the flowers, and the nesting birds—and consider the gifts you receive every day from the Great Mother, matriarch of this living, loving home.

Divine Feminine

Worshipped from ancient times in traditional cultures around the world, the Great Mother, Mother Earth, or Gaia, as she is also known, is the goddess of motherhood, fertility, creation, and the bounty of the natural world. She is the feminine counterpart of the Sky Father, of God the Father. The Great Mother shelters, nourishes, and sustains life.  She is the feminine face of God, and her powers are reflected in all the nurturing, healing, creative, and life-giving work that helps make this world a home. In its purest and most profound sense, “home” suggests peace, safety, belonging, solace, joy, sustenance, and empowerment. The Great Mother bestows all you need to live and thrive, to learn and grow, to heal and awaken.

  1. Strengthen the bonds of love – Think about your relationship with your fellow members of the human family. The Great Mother empowers and shelters life as it forms and grows. Just as you were nurtured and brought into the world by your own mother, so the Great Mother gives life to all creation. The protective love between family members makes life possible—whether these family members are your parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, or the people on the bus. All children of the Great Mother are family and share the same needs and aspirations. What are the relationships that nurture your life and how do you honor them? What can you do to send a message of love to your extended human family? Think about the spirit of the Buddhist prayer, “May I be filled with loving kindness.” How does that feeling take shape in your life as both a giver and a receiver of love?
Divine Feminine
Divine Feminine
  1. Keep learning how to heal, thrive and grow – One of the greatest gifts of mother love and the family bond is learning. Consider how much you’ve had to learn since arriving here as a helpless infant. Every day of life was a new experience as you grew and added to your knowledge and skills. As an adult, you began to direct and shape more and more of your learning. The realm of the Great Mother is all about growth and change. Just as the natural world blossoms with new life in the Spring, you are designed to discover new ways to grow in spirit by opening your heart and mind. What have you learned about who you are and why you are here? What are the talents, gifts, and abilities that define you? What can you do each day to foster your gifts, just as a loving mother fosters her child?
  1. Take loving action in the world – One of the Great Mother’s most important lessons is the tie that binds. Modern science is revealing what ancient wisdom always knew—that everything in this world is connected to and dependent upon everything else. The natural world, the web of life, is truly a web that can carry the vibrations of movement from one side to another distant side, from top to bottom. Cutting down the rain forests in Brazil affects the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which affects the melting of the polar ice caps which affects the sea levels around the world. Could it also be that the child you teach to read in Los Angeles will affect the future of the child in Nigeria who needs a desk and a book and a school? Why not? The interconnections of the natural world are exactly this miraculous. Whatever actions you take to provide loving service in the world will send forth ripples of healing energy. Choose a way to give service that matches your gifts (that brings you joy). It can be any helping action. Then imagine the ways in which this action could connect you to a distant positive outcome.
Divine Feminine

The wisdom of the Great Mother both shelters and challenges and so meets the needs of the human spirit. A loving mother provides the sustenance and security her child needs as well as encouraging growth and independence.  You can honor the wisdom of the Great Mother by honoring your gifts and using them with joy and gratitude to help heal the world. As you look up at the sky, down at the newly-green earth, and all around at the blooming energy of spring leaves and flowers, thank the Great Mother for her abiding love!

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Soul Star

Exponentially Expand Your Ability to Merge with Your Higher Self (and the Universe)

When I started meditating back in the day, I had two pretty good size physical problems: I had cancer as well as chronic insomnia, and the latter did not help the former.

I was taught to meditate twice a day, 20 minutes each time, with a mantra, just as I now teach you that same format today. Some time later, I learned the sutras, which I now teach you. With the addition of the sutras to my core meditation practice, I began to access the higher chakras. This was incredibly powerful and transformational for me.

The seven main chakras are tied to your development here on Earth — and in becoming one with your earth home. They are also connected to higher guidance, but less so than the chakras above your head.

The higher chakras — starting with chakras 8 through 12 — exponentially expand your ability to merge with your Higher Self and the universe…

From these higher points of energy, you are able to access higher levels of consciousness.

You begin to shift your focus upward and outward, remaining anchored in your physical self and your physical world, yet moving toward the ever-expanding horizons and possibilities available to you…

Keep in mind, you are much, much larger than your physical body. Your energy body extends many feet above, below, and around you. And you actually have even more than 12 chakras above, below, and around you.

Each of your ascending higher chakras opens you to another doorway into the vast realm of Source — with each chakra activating another level of knowledge, growth and expansion for you.

The spiritual energy that is released as you access these higher levels, vibrates through your entire chakra system (above and below) and supports you in accessing and embodying your Soul’s plan for you.

In this 9-minute video, I am going to lead you through the powerful energy centers of your upper chakras.

In this enlightening journey, we’ll begin with the eighth chakra, which is called your Soul Star.

Your eighth chakra sits about two feet above your crown chakra. It functions as the epicenter of the entire chakra system — protecting your physical, emotional, and spiritual body.

It also acts as the root of the Divine energy that floods your energy system, which you can open to consciously receive anytime you want to feel rejuvenated, replenished, and return to a deep connection to your Soul.

Accessing the wisdom of your eighth chakra stimulates creative expansion and empowers you to draw on information beyond your “thinking” mind.

Through your eight chakra, you can connect with your higher guidance, and access symbols, colors, sounds — messages from your Soul to give you inspiration toward answers to your most pressing questions.

Now, get comfortable and join me for this magical exploration of your upper chakras… watch above.

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be a leader

[Video Practice] Answer the Call and Connect to Higher Guidance

With all that’s going on in the world, do you feel called to help change the world?

Do you feel called to really step into the life you were meant to live so you can bring your gifts where they’re so needed?

Maybe you have spiritual gifts awakening inside you… perhaps energy healing or telepathy or clairvoyance…

Or maybe there’s a creative project you’ve been meaning to tackle — it could be anything — perhaps a book you were meant to write that will help shift people’s thinking and change old systems that don’t support humanity or the planet…

You might feel a call to be an activist or to step deeper into activism — for women, for children, for immigrants, for endangered species…

Or a game-changing idea for addressing climate change, reducing plastic, or guiding companies on ethical practices…

People around the world are awakening to the need for change, and maybe your gift is igniting them into action, giving them hope, counseling them, or giving them guidance to grow.

Whatever you’re called to, if you’re getting little nudges, it’s no wonder…

The “global pause” has not been easy for many, but it’s certainly brought a lot of time for reflection on what needs to change.

While these times we’re living are certainly “unprecedented,” they’re transformational times…

catalytic times, rife with potential, calling you to action to help birth a new Earth.

For all we know, we could look back on 2020 and think of it as “The Year We Seized the Chance to Make Gigantic Changes.”

Now more than ever, it’s time for you to step into leadership. Because when you achieve the life you were meant to live, you lead others by example, but you also lift as you RISE.

Are you ready to be who you’re meant to be, to become a leader in your sphere of influence?

To be an agent of powerful, positive change in the world?

To create the life you want for yourself, your family, the Earth?

One of the keys to creating this needed change — and stepping into leadership in your life, your community, and beyond — is through raising your frequency and connecting to your higher guidance.

In this 7-minute video, I will lead you through a powerful practice to raise your frequency and connect you to your higher guidance — and the unique mission of your Soul to be a leader.

Remember you have infinite power to help make the changes we need in our world.

Remain open for messages from your heart… it always has guidance for you, and may send you “nudges” in the most unexpected ways.

And stay tuned for the next part in this series where we will access the wisdom of your upper chakras and higher realms for more guidance and grounding for your leadership role.

For more information on stepping into your role as a leader in every aspect of your life, you can check out my Lifeforce Energy Master Certification Course. Open Enrollment closes soon.

Power of red coral

The Unique Balancing Power of Red Coral

Gemstones are resonant objects, objects that pulsate and vibrate with the resonance of specific planets and cadences, providing us connectivity and understanding.

A gemstone, at its very basic definition, is a mineral which has been cut or polished. These minerals are created through the rhythmic creation processes of Earth — from volcanic eruptions to intense pressure under the layers of Earth. It’s a beautiful process whose product – gems – reflect and capture the energies and motions of the Earth, and it is these captured rhythms which we strive to sync.

But not all stones come from those processes. In fact, one stone – red coral – comes from a unique and altogether wonderful process on Earth. I want to share this process with you.

Red coral comes from a life cycle. We’ve all seen images of the beautiful coral reefs in the oceans, or perhaps taken a snorkeling trip through the underwater forests. The coral that forms these reefs are the exoskeletons of living organisms.

Coral was alive. These small, precious living things live, thrive, and die in colonies. As they continuously grow and die, they deposit small amounts of calcium carbonate – the same mineral that makes up pearls and eggshells. These small deposits grow over time, building these magnificent underwater forests that we call reefs.

Within these mineral skeletons, new corals continuously grow, giving rise to coral’s nickname: living rock. This lifecycle is what makes coral so vibrant, so unique among the gemstones that we study and align with. It’s a powerful, deeply connective stone that is in tune with the oceanic circle of life.

Red coral, due both to its red color and its very deep and root resonance to life, aligns with the planet Mars. Mars, which we affectionately call the Red Planet, exists as a symbol of masculine virility, passion, and war throughout cultures in the East and the West — in both Vedic and Western astrology. When properly aligned, Mars’s energy brings vitality, strength, resolve, and passion. When overly charged, Mars’s energy can bring anger, irrationality, pain, and destruction.

The ancients knew this. The Greek thinkers specifically understood that Mars energy, whom they called Ares, ran the risk of becoming too aggressive, too warlike. They understood that Mars energy needed to be moderated. They understood that Mars energy could consume an unwary soul. In those days, they would call upon the wisdom of Athena — the goddess of wisdom and strategy — to moderate that passion. Today, while you still may call upon your higher divine wisdoms, I encourage you to also look to precious red coral. Remember, within this precious gemstone is an entire ecosystem of life, death, creation, and destruction.

This tether to life and death, unique to coral among all gemstones, imbues this stone with a profoundly moderating energy, which helps you filter out the aggressive powers that Mars can bring. This is the beauty of red coral. It strengthens you with the powerful gifts of Mars, while preventing you from falling into the throes of irrational passion.

When you connect with Mars, and I encourage you to do so, do remember that you are dealing with a powerful, primordial energy. Respect the vast, passionate, masculine power that flows through Mars, and understand that this energy should be moderated and mediated. You may also wish to call upon the strength and wisdom of the Pallas Athena. Her energy is best thought of as strong, even-tempered, intellectual, and righteous.

The beautiful and oceanic power native to red coral provides an excellent and protective conduit for this energy. I would love to teach you more about how to connect with the vibrational frequencies of gemstones and planets such as red coral and Mars. If you’re interested, please come and join me at the Shift Network, where I’ll soon be teaching a seven-week course on Vibrational Medicine.

Come on over and resonate with us!

Vibrational Medicine

The Science Behind Vibrational Medicine

You are a living, breathing field of energy. Your body is made up of molecules and atoms that produce energy, which is always in motion. So like everyone and everything else in the universe, you are creating energy through your vibrations.

My field of energy medicine is also called vibrational medicine because we use the energy within and around you to benefit your health.

Research has shown how the body’s electrical and magnetic energies kickstart the chemical processes of the body, and there is evidence that these energies definitely impact your health.

Vibrations work in a rhythm. There are big rhythmic patterns, like the ocean tides or the changing seasons. Inside your body, your beating heart, the rate of your breathing, and circadian rhythms can all be felt and measured.

But there are also much smaller vibrations happening inside your cells. Researchers have even been able to detect the nanovibrations of a single strand of hair!

All these big and small vibrations together generate waves of electromagnetic energy. The vibrations and the energy they create can change your cells, which in turn affect the way your body is working.

The molecules of your body vibrate at different rates, which can move faster or slower when things change. For example, a change in temperature can affect a molecule’s vibration.

What those of us in energy medicine have long known, and researchers are now studying, is the way your body’s rhythmic vibrations, and therefore your health, are affected by your thoughts and emotions. Anxious thoughts, for example, trigger stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, which speed up or slow down your heart rate. A continued change in vibration over time can affect your health.

Your personal energy field and its chakras are powered by your emotions. That’s such a key point – let me repeat it: your thoughts and emotions affect your field and your rate of vibration. If you are inundated with negative thoughts, you will vibrate at a lower frequency. If you are exposed to an ongoing low frequency energy, you will feel negative and may eventually become ill.

Think of the way the vibrations of music can affect how you think and feel, and thus affect your body. You know how the music in the movie amps up the intensity of what you’re seeing on the screen. The soundtrack for action movies, for example, pumps up the tension and your sense of excitement at key points with a rapid tempo, while chick-flics inevitably have a string orchestra playing love songs to lift you into a heart space.

If you change your thoughts and emotions, and even your environment, you can slow down or speed up the vibrations that are happening at the cellular level. A change in even the smallest nanovibrations can influence how you feel and the health of your body. It’s the mind-body connection.

Science doesn’t yet understand how vibrational energy does what it does in your body, but in vibrational medicine we see how a change in your body’s vibrations can shift your mood, improve your health, and help you realize your goals and dreams.

You are very susceptible to changes in frequency – the rate of vibration. There is plenty of evidence that links positive patterns of thoughts and feelings to better health and overall well-being. A high enough frequency, created by vibrations of joy, peace, and forgiveness, and you feel good, happy to be alive, and grateful for your spiritual awakening and your community. If your vibration dips too low, you may feel fearful, confused, angry, or in despair.

My goal, as a teacher of vibrational medicine, is to help you elevate your frequency, so you vibrate at a higher rate and be filled with positivity, wellness, and light.

The higher your frequency, the more likely you are to experience an initiation, those illusive step-ups in spirituality that I’m famous for helping occasion: spiritual breakthroughs in which you are admitted to the higher planes. Just as initiations are forms of higher consciousness, so too their existence is predicated on higher frequency wavelengths.

When our atoms vibrate together – or resonate – they form a connected consciousness. That is why when you resonate with another being, you feel less like a solitary figure and more part of the whole. Raising your individual consciousness requires raising your vibratory resonance, so you can connect with others and with the universe at large. Your field must oscillate faster and more intensely to resonate with the manifest beauty the universe has to offer you.

Want to experience a higher frequency? Come join me this coming Saturday, June 5, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific, on Shift Network, as I go in-depth on this topic and lead a guided meditation to do that very thing!


The beauty of your unique advanced gifts

Earlier, we talked about the incredible beauty we all discover throughout our process of initiating through higher levels. Today, I want to deepen that conversation. I want to talk about the advanced gifts that you will discover throughout your own initiation journey.

What’s an advanced gift?

You already have several, even though you may not be aware of what they are, exactly. An advanced gift is an outsized spiritual power that you are already blessed with – one that with a little focusing and guiding can become stronger and more beautiful.

Think about it for a second – we will often say that people are born with “the gift of gab” or “she’s a great listener.” These advanced gifts are a little bit like that, except we examine them on a deeper, more spiritual level. Instead of “the gift of gab,” maybe you have a profound ability to speak to others in meaningful ways, and share the higher wisdom of the universe to those who need guidance.

So today, I want to bring you on a meditative journey to help discover, identify, and strengthen your advanced gifts.

A gift so many of us have – and forms the basis of medical intuition – is our intuition itself. We intuit all the time. Perhaps you’ve gotten a sense of what someone was going to say, right before they said it. Or your gut told you, “you shouldn’t take that job offer” only for the company to go belly-up within a few months.

Intuition, right?

There are many more advanced gifts, such as the ability to sense the energies and energy fields of others, to commune with the spirits of those who have departed ahead of us, or simply to connect and ground yourself to the greater world. We all, thankfully, are blessed with a wonderful assortment of advanced gifts that we can strengthen by simply being cognizant of their existence.

There is so much more to unlocking the power of advanced gifts, and I cannot wait to share with you these wondrous insights. Please follow along with me in this guided meditation to learn how you can tap into your ancient, advanced gifts. I’ll teach you how to begin strengthening them and using them in your life.

One way to unlock your advanced gifts is to align your personal energy field and achieve a higher vibrational frequency. That may be easier said than done, but I’ll be sharing how you can do just that during a free event in partnership with The Shift Network. I’d love to have you join me. Click here to reserve your free seat >>


You decided to come here

Here’s what’s amazing. Each of us chose to come to Earth.

We are reincarnated countless times. Each time, we choose to come to Earth to learn certain lessons, to evolve our own consciousness, and to get closer to our own higher selves. It’s immaculate.

And each time we reincarnate onto Earth, our memories of our past lives are wiped clean. This allows us to go through our current journey on Earth unencumbered.

But, it makes finding our purpose a little difficult sometimes. We’ve all felt that. We have all struggled many times to understand why we are here, why we chose to come here.

Though we cannot recall our true origin, or our conscious purpose, we can intuit our purpose if we listen closely. When we are still, when we reflect, we can sense a nagging or a knowing where we begin to understand what we are meant to do.

From there, we can make conscious decisions that lead us closer to discovering our purpose. As we continue down our path to our purpose, our consciousness can shift into a higher level.

This shift is called initiation. It’s an integral part of our process of becoming enlightened, and it’s what I want to talk to you about today.

Initiation is not a “one-and-done.” Indeed, there are hundreds of levels that you can be initiated through, as your being learns to vibrate at higher and higher frequencies. However, on our time here on Earth, it’s very rare (if not impossible) to advance beyond level seven.

But what are these levels? What does it mean to ascend to level three? How do you know you are ready for an initiation? Can you will yourself to have an initiation?

Great questions. These are things I am asked frequently. And while I’ll go over some of the specifics in my video, I want to stress that no, you cannot force an initiation. Instead, you have to be receptive, but not on push. It’s a bit like love, right? You can’t force love. You can only prepare yourself to be in a great place to accept love when it arrives.

So, in this video, I’ll talk to you about the initiations. I’ll explain the seven levels of initiation. I’ll give you some meditative guides on the first four levels, help you prepare your mind for initiation, and tell you a little about my experience having my own initiations.

Join me, and learn about your soul’s ancient journey from the time before time, and learn how your choices you make today can guide your soul to its hidden purpose.

With each level, your vibrational energy pulses higher as you tune your mind into the frequency of the universe. Enhancing your vibrational energy is a lifelong journey. One that transcends this lifetime, each lifetime, as you continue to choose to be reborn to become closer to the universal light.

To continue your journey, I encourage you to check out our year-long Master-in-Training program. This exclusive, intensive program is designed to help you heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually while uncovering your true purpose in this Earthly existence; to initiate and shift into higher and higher vibrational frequencies. If you’re ready to step into your true purpose, take the first step by clicking here.
hara line

Hara line: The blueprints of your life’s purpose

You, my friend, have been born countless times. And you will continue to be born countless times. Each time you arrive on Earth, you are here to learn deeply personal lessons that will help you on your path to enlightenment.

Whether you choose to learn some or all or none of those lessons is entirely up to you. That is your freewill.

But where do those lessons come from? Who plans out these lessons? You do! Between reincarnations, your souls plot out your lessons and hopes for your life, imbuing them into your Hara line, for when you make the great trip back to Earth.

But sometimes it’s difficult to see that blueprint, isn’t it? It’s not like you have a physical checklist of your lessons that you need to walk through. Instead, it’s imbued into your energy field, and tapping into that energy field isn’t necessarily easy to do.

That’s what I want to teach about today. Today, I’d like to teach you about the Hara line, and how you can align it to ensure you’re accessing your life’s purpose.

The Hara line is an invisible line that runs through your body, just one level energetically below your human energy field. It starts down near the base of your spine, around 2 inches from your navel, and runs in tandem along with your spine upward to the top of your head, reaching higher and further into Source.

It’s parallel to your chakras, but at a level deeper. This deeper level is all about intentionality and purpose, as opposed to the chakras, which control your physical and spiritual health.

When your Hara line is in alignment, you have a direct connection to Source, allowing you to seamlessly ascertain your higher purpose – those blueprints that your soul worked so hard on in between your reincarnations.

So, if you’re feeling confused, if you don’t know what your purpose is, if you’ve been asking, “what do I need to do with my life?” — you may have a distortion in your Hara line.

If you’re feeling stuck, or unable to comprehend the reason that you’ve been placed on this Earth, then I encourage you to watch this video. Everyone has a purpose. Everyone has a reason for being here. Realigning your Hara lines allows you to understand that purpose. Understanding is a gift, one that will fill you with renewed happiness and fulfillment.

So, let’s straighten out that Hara line. Follow along with me in this brief video where I show you a simple way to align your Hara line, allowing you to access that amazing source of purpose.

Join me now

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Our Open House is this Thursday, May 13th, 2021 at 2pm Pacific.

Hope to see you there!

8th chakra

Unlock the extraordinary power of your higher chakras

What if I told you that you had an amazing, continual connection to the unlimited energy of the universe? What if I told you that this connection could help you download limitless wisdom, guidance, and cosmic understanding?

Would you want to learn how? Who wouldn’t!

We all have this connection. It’s called our soul star, and it is the first of our higher chakras.

Higher chakras?

We’re familiar with the 7 chakras of our body, those swirling pools of energy from our root to our crown. But outside of our body lie a limitless number of higher chakras – chakras that connect us to the greater energy of the universe. Chakra number 8, the soul star, is our tether to this greater energy field. Deepening your relationship with your soul star allows you to tap into your wisdom of your higher self.

It’s an advanced technique that expands upon the work we’ve done to properly open the 7 chakras within ourselves. Each chakra is a conduit for energy, and each chakra functions best when they are in a state of proper alignment. As the 7 bodily chakras reach proper alignment, you can then reach further into your higher chakras to receive universal wisdom.

As a young woman, I began to access these higher chakras through consistent meditation – a practice that I picked up as a way to heal my early cancer diagnosis and resulting insomnia. Through my consistent meditation practice, I was able to download this limitless wisdom from my higher chakras. It’s a beautiful experience that I wish to share with you.

Follow along with me in this brief video, as I show you how to access the wisdom of your soul star. I’ll show you how to open a doorway to the greater spiritual realm of truth and wisdom, where we can renew our earthly chakras with higher energy from the upper realms.

Our soul star sits about two feet above our crown chakra, serving as the locus for divine energy – energy that we can receive at will to replenish, rejuvenate, and reinvigorate our energy field. It’s simply a matter of learning how to access this field – a matter of learning how to activate your soul star.

Expand your mind! Connect with your higher self and receive the unexpected perspective and creativity that the divine source has to offer you.

If you are as excited about connecting with your soul star as I know you’ll be, then you should join us at our upcoming Open House where you can come behind the scenes and see all what goes on at my LifeForce Energy Healing advanced programs. This Open House is a wonderful way for curious minds to discover more about the amazing powers of energy healing and self-transformation. It’s taking place Thursday, May 13th at 2:00pm Pacific.

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Divine Feminine Divine Masculine

4 Individuals Who Balance the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine

The Divine Feminine. Our nurturing, caring, championing Goddess force lives within all of us, beating as a beautiful source of warmth and love throughout our veins. She is wisdom. She is timeless. And she is present within all of us.

The Divine Masculine. Our protection. Our valor. Our wisdom that grants calm and gravitas through all of us, pulsing as divine light throughout our neurons. He too is wisdom. He too is timeless. And he is present within us all.

All of us have the ability to tap into our Divine Masculinity and Femininity. How? Perhaps by first seeing who among us has brought their own Divine Masculine or Feminine to the forefront. Let’s follow the path of those who radiate divinity.

Here are some examples of those that emanate these qualities.

  1. Malala Yousafzai

    Malala Yousafzai is a tireless advocate for women’s education, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and a survivor. Raised in Pakistan, she chronicled her experiences living under the Taliban for the BBC – a fierce and brave voice against a repressive force of darkness. As she raised her voice, and with it the disinfectant of sunlight, darkness against her rose. Death threats became frequent. She remained undeterred. In 2012, she was shot after taking an exam. She was treated in Peshawar and the United Kingdom, where multiple surgeries saved her life.

    After the attack, she doubled down on her activism, opening schools for young women and creating education initiatives such as “books, not bullets.” For her activism, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. Malala radiates the nurturing, empathetic drive to educate that is the hallmark of the Divine Feminine. And she carries the lion’s strength of the Divine Masculine. She is a tenacious and remarkable woman.

  2. Lin-Manuel Miranda

    Playwright, actor, musician, activist – Miranda is a multi-dimensional artist who uses his voice to raise up those who are underserved. His mega-musical Hamilton retold the story of America’s Founding fathers through contemporary rap and hip-hop music, casting minority actors in roles historically held by white men and women. Through this transformative act, Lin-Manuel Miranda allowed Black and Latino Americans of all ages to see their part in the American story.

    Additionally, Miranda has been a tireless activist for Puerto Rico, raising millions of dollars to help the island rebuild after hurricanes Maria and Irma. It’s clear that the fire of the Divine Masculine, and the wisdom of both divine energies flows through him, galvanizing him to champion those who need championing.

  3. MacKenzie Scott

    MacKenzie Scott is a philanthropist. Perhaps best known as the ex-wife of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, MacKenzie Scott has committed to giving away the majority of her wealth.

    What makes MacKenzie’s philanthropy remarkable is the speed at which she has initiated her philanthropy. In a single year, she donated 5.8 billion dollars to over 400 individual charities, partnering directly with these organizations to disburse much-needed funds. This stands in contrast with slower, more bureaucratic giving foundations which dole out funds slowly and publicly. MacKenzie, on the other hand, has shown that she will use her gifts for good, and she will do so with speed. Her zeal for philanthropy and fire of empathy are beautiful hallmarks of the Divine Feminine. I am excited to see what good she will continue to do!

  4. Greta Thunberg

    This woman is a fighter. She is a fierce, relentless voice for climate activism in a world that would rather drag its feet on the subject. She challenges politicians directly, shaming their attempts to conduct business as usual rather than face the existential threat that a changing climate presents. And she walks the walk – or sails the seas. Instead of flying, Ms. Thunberg has committed to climate-neutral transportation, using solar-powered sailing craft to cross the Atlantic.

    Her spirit reflects the Lion’s heart of the Divine Masculine, and also the urgent nurturing instinct of the Divine Feminine. She urges us to tend to the wounds of our mother – Mother Earth. And we should heed her words. Gaia, our Mother Earth, bears our scars. To reconnect with the light, we must heal the wounds we have wrought upon her.


The Great Divinities, Masculine and Feminine, are present in each of us in different proportions. We can all call upon their strengths and attributes to help us navigate our own tumultuous waters. More than that, we can call upon their strengths to help us help others. Just as the Divine shows us the way, we too can share the light to our brothers and sisters, helping the whole of humanity move forward into the light.

I’m so excited about our course on Awakening the Divine Feminine, and I am eager to share her mysteries with you. Click here to join us now to learn how you can activate this ancient and wondrous energy within your own being.

Let in the Light

Follow the Light

Your eyes are closed. Warm, humid air nestles on your cheeks. The air feels palpable. You lie still, rocking on what feels like water, yet, oddly, you remain dry.

You open your eyes. It’s dark. Warmly dark. Enveloping dark. Above you: a warm darkness. Below you: darkness. In front and to the behind, more dark.

It’s pleasant. Like a warm summer’s night, just as the breeze dies down when the sun finally sets.

Where are you? Where are we?

We are at the beginning. The beginning of where all consciousness begins on the journey to enlightenment. In the dark.

You blink once, twice, three times for good measure. A small dot in the distance. A dot that stands out against the darkness. You can see it. In fact, it’s the only thing you can see. It is, in fact, light. Illumination. Unsure why, you find yourself drawn toward the light. Pressing forward. Pushing through the darkness.

As you lean into the illumination, your own body becomes apparent. You can feel your legs walking forward. You can now see the ground beneath your feet. Behind you: shadow. You turn your head around and see that the darkness has grown more pronounced. More defined. Delineated between what is light and where there is no light.

For the first time, you feel fear of this dark. Even though, before, the dark was all-encompassing. Now, split by the light, the dark feels stronger. You can even see yourself reflected in the dark.

This is your shadow. Notice how it grows larger as you walk forth into the light. Notice how the shadows of all the lit rocks, hills, trees, and people grow greater as the light shines forth.

The light illuminates all. That is what light does.

From the ancient religions of Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Orthodox Christianity, great teachers have understood that light is divine. Light, is the source of all life and consciousness. Thousands of years before scientists understood how stars fused hydrogen to helium – releasing tremendous energy and life-bringing light, primitive humans knew that the light was life.

And it is. Without the brilliance of light, we’d have no home for life. We’d have no plants to photosynthesize and produce oxygen. We’d have no warmth. We’d be cold and in the dark – huddled around the few sources of heat our planet produces.

But we have light, and we give thanks to the light. We celebrate Diwali, the festival of light that honors the victory of light over darkness. We celebrate Easter, where Christ, light incarnate, arose from the dead, having gained victory over death and Hades.

I love these celebrations. And I love that we celebrate these victories of the light over darkness yearly. Because while the religious events that we celebrate may have occurred once, the journey of light over darkness is continual.

And that is because the darkness is but the absence of light. And the greater the light expands, the more darkness we are able to see.

Return, for a moment, to our warm, humid darkness. Imagine you hold but a single candle. It extends a circle of light around you – just one foot wide. Around that: darkness. But how much darkness is there? It’s hard to say. From where you’re standing, it appears to simply be where the light stops – 1 foot away.

But grow that light. When the light grows to ten feet wide, we can see so much more. We see so much light! But we also see the limits of that light. And we see that the darkness expands far more than we originally understood. Now, darkness surrounds our circle for 10 feet instead of 1.

This is why we always celebrate the victory of light over the dark – because the light’s illumination is continually expanding. And as the dark retreats, more is uncovered. Our shadows grow longer. This growing darkness may give us pause – may make us yearn for the days when our light was smaller – when the world was simpler.

When these moments feel overwhelming, when the pull of the darkness feels so warm, I want you to do one thing: find the light. Find the tiny, pin-drop light that was there at the beginning. And hold that light true. That light is your compass. Stand in the light. Sit in the light. Lie down in the light. Bask in that one dot of light, until it overwhelms you with safety and security.

And when you’re ready, walk toward it once again.

It’s a long journey, and the shadows the light raises may be imposing. But the light is life, and by journeying through the light, your true self will be illuminated.

Follow the light, bathe in the light. Come celebrate the light with me.

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divine feminine

Waking Up with Divine Feminine Energy

Have you ever felt that there are more rooms in your house than you have ever seen? Do you sometimes suspect that there are hidden pages in the book of you? Are there powers of love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, creativity, and healing that you sense you possess but haven’t yet managed to bring into play?

You know there is more to your story because you glimpse it, you see it shining, you hear the melody just beyond. It lives in the joy and fulfillment, the excitement and optimism, the gratitude and boundless love you sometimes feel—and would like to more fully embrace each and every day.

Your intuition tells you that there is a bigger, better, more empowered you—your best self, your higher self—ready to awaken. Your higher self is your connection to the Divine, the Source of All That Is, and the power of unconditional love. How successful have you been in waking up your higher, most-enlightened spiritual self? What would it mean in your life to fully activate your best self? To borrow from the Sufi poet, Hafiz, “Just think what a love like that can do.”

Try to imagine how your higher self would experience life on earth. Would you feel more hope, trust, harmony, and faith? Could you be more loving to yourself and others? Would you feel less fear and more love, connection, and compassion? Could you move away from limiting beliefs and toward confidence in your ability to manifest your greatest dreams? Would you laugh more freely, smile more openly, and help others move away from negativity and toward joy and appreciation?

When you work at expanding your awareness, bringing yourself into balance, experiencing greater peace, raising your consciousness, and connecting with these elements of the Divine Feminine, you are actually assisting every other person and creature on the planet to do the same. With every thought and emotion you have, you’re sending out a wave of energy that makes its way into the fabric of humanity’s consciousness. By embracing your growth and striving to be your best self, you contribute to the well-being of all.

Here are five ways you can activate your inner Divine Feminine energy to wake up an enlightened version of you:

1. Meditate with The Great Mother

Your first step should always be opening the channel to your Higher Self. Preparing the way for awakening and healing begins with this universal practice to still the mind; calm, cleanse, and refresh the body; and increase your connection to the infinite Source of all creation, The Great Mother. Learn to meditate with an experienced teacher (like me) and build a practice that will stay with you and support all your future endeavors.

Meditation is amazingly good for you physically, mentally and spiritually. A big part of meditation’s success is its powerful ability to reduce and release stress. Meditation will also assist you in removing any blockages that come from holding onto anger and resentment. Meditation, especially when you’re connected to Divine Feminine energy, creates space for forgiveness, which opens up your connection to others and paves the way to enlightenment.

2. Discover who you are with unconditional love

Begin your course of spiritual awakening at the heart of matters, through the lens of unconditional love. Examine yourself to see if you know who you really are and what you really want.

  • What are your beliefs and values?
  • Your hopes and fears?
  • What do you love to do and whom do you love?

Because you are a unique being, there is much knowledge about yourself that only you can discover, much work that only you can do. Explore your feelings—past and present. When you start to dig into them, it may surprise you how much the feelings you’ve suppressed and the lies you’ve told yourself have held you back.

You can change your life by staying always in the mindset of self-reflection—figuring out how you feel about everything that happens to you. Ask why you feel the way you do. Working with Divine Feminine energy can bring you closer to honest, non-judgmental self-evaluation that will help you awaken your enlightened self.

3. Pray with your Divine Feminine guides

You’ll find a world of information to discover in the study and practice of prayer…it’s your high-speed connection to Divine Feminine energy. Common to every culture and every people, prayer is about joining to the light, Source, Goddess, or whatever name you have for the energy of unconditional love, creation, and strength.

Forms of prayer can include contemplation, affirmations, music, art, being in nature, and physical activities like dance and yoga—all used to connect with the guides and goddesses that can bring you gifts of healing and grace. Try forms of prayer that are new to you.

For example, use these Divine Feminine affirmations to declare a shift in your higher-self qualities:

  • I am able to heal.”
  • “I am an instrument of peace and love.”

You can also connect to the Divine Feminine through creative activities you love by asking to be a channel for the divine light as you work.

4. Journal your thoughts, goals, and experiences

Once you’ve created the habit of exploring your feelings, you can make that focus a healing spiritual practice by journaling every day.

Keeping a journal of your thoughts and emotions supports your spiritual awakening in several ways. And as an added bonus, the Divine Feminine is always listening…if you journal your hopes and dreams, you may end up being guided toward a path that will lead you there.

If you haven’t kept a journal before, you’ll discover a wonderful opportunity to express yourself, explore your feelings, be authentic, and tell the truth in a safe and private setting. It takes practice to express your authentic self openly and honestly. When you learn to be truthful on the pages of your journal, you learn to be truthful in the world. You step into a new level of self-awareness and self-trust, opening the door to goals and future accomplishments.

5. Build your connection to Divine Feminine

Remember who you are: you are a child of the Divine Feminine and have the power to create your world with love, happiness, and inspiration.

Although you are always connected to the Great Mother and to all of creation, there are ways you can practice each day to strengthen your alignment and make your connection clearer and more focused.

You have the power to keep your point of contact with the Divine Feminine open and flowing. Use your intuition. You have a channel of communication always available. Be open to the messages of Spirit. Use meditation to quiet your mind. Ask for what you need to know and be ready to receive. Invite the Divine to enter your life each day.

divine feminine

As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I’ve learned that the “best you” is really a higher you—your Higher Self. When you feel good, when joy and gratitude and creative energy fill your heart, you’ll know your alignment with Spirit is healthy and strong. In alignment with your Higher Self, you are in touch with your soul and can experience Divine Feminine energy and feel your part in the interconnected world. You will know you are loved unconditionally and you’ll have the power to be more compassionate and loving toward others. Your Higher Self, in itself a part of the Divine Feminine, goes far beyond your everyday awareness and can transport you into transcendent realms.

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What Secrets Within You Are Waiting To Be Discovered?

What would you do if you wanted to search your heart, mind, and soul for all the talents, gifts, and abilities hidden within? And how would you seek help in bringing those precious gifts forth into the world? If you were an ancient Greek, you’d be very familiar with the sisterhood of female deities known as the Nine Muses.

The role of these sister goddesses was to preside over knowledge of every art and science and to bestow inspiration on those seeking to find and pursue their creative connections. The image of the Muse, the power of the feminine guiding spirit, lives on in our culture today. When you need assistance in exploring and activating your power to imagine, to intuit, to dream, and to create, you can call upon the Muse.

If what you need is power for self-exploration and self-discovery, the feminine spirit can help with this effort to look within. You can ask for help in uncovering your gifts and abilities and in bringing them forth to serve the world.

How can you begin to explore the hidden gifts and abilities you have within? Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

1. What’s my story? –Think about the ways you describe yourself and your life first to yourself and then to others. Recognize the deep value of acknowledging the truth about your thoughts and feelings. Only the truth can set you free to look at your life with love and acceptance. Clearing barriers to self-love and acceptance eases the way for your hidden gifts to come forth. Use your daily journaling practice to build your comfort level with honest expression. Writing becomes a powerful discovery tool as you look for keys to your hidden gifts. Be sure to explore examples of people, things, and experiences you love.

2. What makes me happy? – What are you doing when you feel most free, most passionate, most engaged? Think about the things you do each day and how you feel in every moment. Are you sometimes sleep-walking through your life, not really present or focused? Do you often imagine yourself somewhere else, doing something else? Make a list of the activities or places or circumstances that really bring you to life, as opposed to putting you to sleep. What are the components of those awakening experiences? Maybe you are tutoring a child who needs help with homework or serving lunch at the senior center. Maybe you are attending a city council meeting to express concern for the growing homeless population. Maybe you are studying a subject that fascinates you, leading a prayer group, learning to grow a vegetable garden. Whatever engages your passionate attention is a clue to your gifts and your life purpose.

3. What attracts my true presence? Where you are in any moment tells you how near or far you are from accessing your soul center. Are you actually listening to your significant other talk about their day? Are you really tasting that fresh cup of coffee? Are you seeing and appreciating the bright burst of spring flowers in your neighbor’s yard? If you aren’t present, where are you? Your meditation practice is your finest tool for learning to focus your attention and become present in the present moment. Tuning in to the Divine through meditation strengthens your connection to the power source of all creation. You’ll need for that connection to be finely-tuned in order to discover your gifts, talents, and abilities and power them up to help heal the world.

4. Who needs what I have to give? This sounds like the quandary of someone looking for a job, doesn’t it? When you are looking for work, you might scan the want ads looking for a match with your skills, as you understand them. Think about those fellows being on the other side of the equation. What are the times when you have made a good match—your talents and another’s needs? Did you feel joy and purpose in bringing your talent to another’s aid? Whatever you did to help, and the satisfaction you felt, can be keys to a deeper understanding of what powerful gifts you possess that the world is needs right now.

5. How can I know my gifts are real? Is it possible that some ancient poet asked the Muse for inspiration and she replied, “No way!”? If so, the story never passed the test of time. What came down to us instead are examples of the traditional prayer or invocation of classic poets asking the sisterhood of Muses for their support and guidance. Like these poets, have faith in the power of your gifts and the power of a loving universe to help you bring them forth. Believe that your unique gifts are real and that they are needed here and now. Your firm connection to Source, nourished each day with spiritual practices—meditation, prayer, journaling, and loving service– is the foundation for all the faith you need in your amazing potential.

Just as your soul longs for the experience of self-expression, the world needs your unique contribution. As you call forth and use your unique gifts, you begin to live the life you were born for, joyfully engaged—mind, heart, body, and soul!

Recognizing your Muse is only one small facet of exploring the powerful energy of the Divine Feminine in your life.

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Divinely humble

The Price of Pride: Pinkerton the Pig and Jesus on a Donkey

“Who would care for a sand witch?”

That’s the opening line of one of my favorite children’s books. Hey! Adults can love children’s books too!

It’s called Me First, and it tells the story of a pig named Pinkerton who has to be first for everything. I know we all know somebody like that in our lives.

Anyway, in his haste to be first, Pinkerton thinks he hears someone asking if he’d like a “sandwich” (you know, lunch), while in reality it is a Sand Witch: a mysterious magical creature asking if he will take care of her.

Of course, in his haste to be first, he gets trapped being the servant of the Sand Witch, who ultimately teaches him that first is not always best.

It’s a cute story for growing minds, but the lessons it teaches can resonate with us through life: humble yourself, be kind, first is not always best.

I’ve been thinking a lot about being humble these days as we head into Spring, and with Spring, major holidays for the Abrahamic religions: Passover, Easter, and (later) Ramadan.

In all of these religions, we see the common theme of humbling oneself, as well as the dangers that befall those who choose pride.

Let’s take a look at the Passover Story. Moses leads the Hebrews out of captivity, eventually leading them into the promised land. Moses, a man who humbled himself before his God, was vested with great authority and power in order to save a people, who had been toiling under the crack of Pharaoh’s whip without mercy.

But take a look at Pharaoh for a moment. Here’s a man who when Moses says, “let my people go,” decides “absolutely not.” “Your people are my property.” Pharaoh considered himself to be a living incarnation of Horus, a powerful Egyptian God, and rejected any attempt by this foreign God, to mettle in his affairs.

What happened as a result? Famine, plague, pestilence, death. After every curse, Moses begged Pharaoh, “let my people go,” but this prideful, arrogant man could not humble himself before this foreign God, no matter the might this God showed. Pharaoh, blindly, thought himself to be greater. Ultimately, he and his armies were swept away in the Red Sea and drowned as divine punishment for his inability to see reason and accept defeat with grace.

This is the price of pride. This is the price of looking at the divine and saying, “my way or the highway.” Pride cometh before the fall.

As an inversion of this story, I am struck by the true humility that the Christ showed in his ministries. This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday, a day that Christians mark when Christ rode into Jerusalem.

How did Christ ride into Jerusalem? On a donkey.

I need you to get in the mindset of a citizen of Jerusalem back then. The Messiah was a promised figure who would restore Jerusalem’s independence. He would come in as a conqueror and expel the invaders who had Israel under their yoke.

What do conquerors ride in on? Horses.

Here’s a man – a man who calls himself the Messiah, the savior, who rides in on an ass.

What? That’s not what the Messiah is supposed to look like!

Less than a week later, Christ is executed – crucified for blasphemy. At first glance, you might think, “I don’t get it. He humbled himself and he was still killed. You exalt yourself, you humble yourself; death still comes for you.” In response, I’d ask you to look deeper.

The death of Christ is a sacrifice: it is an inversion of a man who carries the highest god-like vibration, sacrificing for his fellow man. It is the ultimate act of humility. This act of selfless sacrifice was done for humanity, and in the process, the Christ ascended. The lesson: selflessness and humility are righteous. They who exalt themselves shall be humbled. And those who humble themselves shall be exalted.

The Muslim month of Ramadan, coming up in April, is a month of fasting and introspection. The fasting is done to achieve taqwa, or fear of God. Fear meaning awe and reverence. An understanding that the divine is greater than we are, and yet that we encompass it. And this understanding draws us closer to the divine.

No matter your creed, we all understand that these tenets are universal: the first shall be last, and the last shall be first. Think of how many leaders and politicians we’ve seen whose pride has consumed them. Governor Cuomo? Last year, he was the Covid whisperer, with his talks being the fireside chats of the pandemic. Now, he’s battling an inquiry that he deliberately miscounted Covid deaths and sexually harassed employees. He thought he was untouchable. Now, he’ll be lucky if he sees out his term. Or consider “Ellen” who has lost over 1 million viewers, or over 40% of her audience, after acknowledging that there was significant misconduct at her business. So much for branding yourself as the “Be Kind Lady,” a lofty title indeed.

I too have had this very dynamic happen: who among us has not had the experience of pushing ourselves to the top, only to later fall to the bottom, where we have plenty of time to master humility.

Pride cometh before the fall.

I invite you all, as the warmth of Spring melts away the dark of Winter, to keep these truths aloft: those who exalt themselves shall be humbled, those who humble themselves shall be exalted.

Or, as Pinkerton would say, first is not always best.

Woody Allen Family

The Arc of Justice

Woody Allen indicted in the court of public opinion

I can’t imagine watching a Woody Allen movie these days.

Everywhere you look, there are fingerprints of a finely-hidden monster, scrawled like graffiti tags, pulsing in the background of every film.

Barely ten minutes into his old comedy, Bananas, he makes a joke about “advanced child molesting.” And that’s not the only instance, not by a longshot. His scripts are peppered with disturbing and obsessive jokes about abuse, sexual and familial. It’s a real red flag.

I can’t watch his movies anymore, but I did watch Allen v. Farrow – the new HBO docuseries that takes a much-needed critical eye to the story of Woody Allen’s abuse of Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow.

Now, many of you may not remember, but news of Woody Allen’s abuse hit the press back in 1992. At the time, this was a strange and salacious case, filled with “he said’s,” and “she said’s,” and “oh, she’s been coaching her,” and “this is blown out of proportion,” until the whole thing became a weird, unresolved footnote.

Woody Allen kept making movies and winning Oscars. Mia Farrow dropped out of the public eye. Then, in 2014, Dylan Farrow published a letter in The New York Times, pressing her case that Woody Allen had abused her. Again in 2018, she went public, detailing Allen’s abuse and asking, “Why hadn’t #MeToo come for Woody Allen?”

Now, three years later, here we are, with a withering documentary that strips away all of the “he said’s” and “she said’s” to reveal a stark and unflinching view of Woody Allen as a predator and a master manipulator. This is a chilling story of much more than rapacious pedophilia; it’s the story of the unbridled abuse of power.

It starts with Mia.

As I watched the documentary, I was struck by how insidiously Woody Allen dismantled Mia Farrow’s agency over their relationship. Over their thirteen years together, Woody cast Mia in thirteen of his movies. At first glance, that sounds innocuous. But then you realize that Woody Allen was Mia Farrow’s boss. He was writing and directing these movies, which meant he could nix her at any time. He changed her working arrangement so that his agent represented her. Think about that: her husband was now her boss, and she was required to use his agent.

He effectively had her under his thumb. Any money Mia Farrow made was through a Woody Allen project. This is a classic tactic of an abuser: cutting off independence.

Of course, as we know, it doesn’t stop with Mia Farrow. Through the documentary, it is clearly shown how Woody abused Dylan and then orchestrated a clever and forceful PR campaign to hamstring the investigation. To pre-empt the story of child abuse, Woody went public with his relationship with Soon-Yi Previn – Farrow’s other adopted daughter. This PR coup allowed Woody to reframe the abuse allegation as a form of retribution by Mia Farrow: the “spurned woman” who was trying to get revenge against Woody. For having sex with his other daughter. Seriously.

Look at that: Woody Allen turned an abuse allegation against himself into a weapon to hurl back at Mia Farrow. This is abuse of power on steroids.

It is difficult to parse out all of the wrinkles and turns in the investigation, but it becomes quite clear that the vaunted Yale-New Haven Hospital report, which proclaimed that Dylan Farrow was not a credible witness, was a sham. Nine times, a seven-year-old girl was forced to be interviewed by investigators about Woody Allen’s abuse to determine if her story had “any inconsistencies.”

Nine times!

If the story matches nine times out of nine, they cry “coaching.” If anything is inconsistent, they cry “she made the whole thing up.”

Tellingly, all the notes from each of these interviews were destroyed – something very much out of the ordinary. As this part of the documentary aired, it became quite clear that there were serious missteps in the execution of this report. While the documentary hints at potential cover-ups and potential political pressures by the Dinkins mayoral administration in New York City to quash the Allen inquiry, we don’t have the evidence . . . yet.

Woody Allen weaponized this Yale-New Haven Hospital report. He wielded it like a cudgel, suing Farrow for full custody of their children, and suggesting Farrow had coached Dylan and was an unfit mother. The judge, thank God, would have none of it; the court confirmed Mia as a fit parent and said Woody was a threat to Dylan Farrow’s safety.

Look at that. When Allen’s smoke-and-mirror defenses were put before a court of law, they came crumbling down. Which is why it was so disturbing that Woody Allen has never been tried and convicted. For the last thirty years, he’s used his celebrity power to dodge the court of law and has confused the court of public opinion.

This is why Allen v. Farrow is such an important documentary. Through this unflinching lens, the series dismantles Allen’s defenses on small screens across the country, cutting his defenders off at the knees.

It is said that the moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice. Woody Allen has managed to keep that arc at bay for thirty years. But thanks to perseverance from Dylan Farrow, and the investigative journalism of Allen v. Farrow, that moral arc has broken back toward justice. Once again, the court of public opinion has become the court of last resort.

When Mia Farrow and Woody Allen were in the midst of separating, he told her that she’d never work in this country again. He blacklisted Mia Farrow for speaking out against his abuse. To this day, she still fears him.

Now, the truth has finally caught up to him. As a result, he’s not found an American distributor for his recent movies. His publishers have pulled out of book deals. I don’t know if he’ll ever see the inside of a jail cell, but, with this documentary, that’s okay, as sunlight is the best disinfectant. The light of truth is wiping away the obfuscation of his abuses against Mia and Dylan. And in bringing these charges to light, Allen’s power withers away.

I invite you all to watch Allen v. Farrow to fully understand how serious and credible these allegations are. Then shake your head that, once again, we, for a bit, let celebrity trump our own instincts for truth. Now, may the truth heal Mia Farrow and her children.