Your Soul is Calling, Are You Listening?

You can almost hear it in the wind. The winter solstice and year-end are coming, and the world is calling out to us for plans, more plans. Some of this planning has to do with the holidays and all the preparations for celebrating. And, there’s also the call to make plans for the New Year. Will this be the one where you finally get it right? Something is definitely calling you to plan, but it may not be a new plan you need. It may be that you simply need to listen to an old plan created long ago for your soul’s highest good.

Yes, there is a plan, and your soul knows what it is. Long before you became a physical being here on Earth, your soul made a plan for this life, your life purpose. One of the biggest reasons students come to my energy healing courses is to delve into their feelings of dissatisfaction with the way their lives are unfolding. They feel unfulfilled. Something is amiss because their days leave them feeling mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausted. This was true for me until I stepped away from my career as an attorney and embraced my true life purpose as an energy healer and spiritual teacher.  There is no mistaking the feeling of joy and fulfillment that comes with this alignment with your soul’s calling. Living this calling not only brings joy but can be vital to your continued good health.

So how do you tune in to your soul’s plan and discover your life purpose?  Simply, keep moving along the path of Spirit. Move into closer alignment with Spirit and your perspective will shift from what’s outside to what’s inside.  You’ll discover that your purpose has more to with who you are than what you do. Your purpose may be to love yourself more, to accept your frailties with grace, or to surrender the quest to be perfect. You’ll find that your personal development is really the evolution of your consciousness. Your efforts to live in pursuit of your own higher truth will result in service to others as you become a role model for living in accordance with your soul’s plan, your true life purpose.

One of the many ways energy healing can help you advance on your spiritual path and uncover your soul’s plan is through clearing negative emotions and blocked chakras that obscure your perception.  Expanding your sixth chakra, your third eye chakra which governs what you “see” including actual physical sight, memory and intuition, will help you see what is most important for you and your life and help you make choices that lead to the path you were meant to take. With greater access to the plan your soul created for you, you will feel confident and joyful as you make choices for the days ahead.

What are some questions you can ask yourself as you begin the process of uncovering your life purpose?

Am I listening to my inner voice?

Your inner voice, coming from your spirit guides or your higher self, has a message for you! That gentle urging you hear directing you to follow your passion or escape an unhappy career is most likely an attempt to get you back on track, to guide you toward the path you are supposed to be traveling in this life.

What do I see when I ask for a visual?

The sixth chakra, your third eye, wants a picture. Try closing your eyes and visualizing yourself reaching your goals. Picture yourself in your dream career, your dream life. Visualizations help you clarify your goals and give you the confidence to reach them.

How open am I to all possibilities?

By being open to and aware of multiple possibilities you are more likely to see opportunity when it appears. You might not expect such opportunities, but your soul knew about them from the beginning. If it feels right, don’t be afraid to take a chance.

Yes, your soul has a plan, but it may not be one you could ever have dreamed of without reaching for expanded consciousness. Keep your eyes on the unlimited skies of Spirit so you won’t miss something amazing.

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