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Although it’s easy to quickly sound overly scientifically when we talk about DNA, the basics are easy to understand:

DNA is the instruction manual that builds each of our bodies, and the bodies of all living things, including plants and non-human animals.

Your individual DNA influences your baseline health, your eye and skin color, your physical characteristics, and even your emotional and intellectual ranges. Scientists and doctors now routinely use individual DNA information to decide how to target interventions for patients who are experiencing medical challenges.

But among the most intriguing — and certainly the most exciting thing to energy healers and medical intuitives like me — is that it is now stated as a fact that DNA is made of light!

Although this comes as no surprise to those of us who have pursued the study of chakras and modalities that work with light, vibration, and color, and who have worked with freeing chakra and vibrational blockages, it does surprise me that modern medicine continues to consider our most common maladies as primarily physical manifestations, and not as mere displacements, blockages or even mindsets that prevent our bodies from repairing themselves naturally.

Here’s one more small tidbit of science before I continue. Each molecule of your DNA contains many genes, and your genes are what power the production of proteins that control how your body works and grows.

And there is an “energy behind the energy” of DNA—certain chemicals that turn your genes off or on, a process called epigenetics. You have the same DNA in each of your cells from head to toe, but it’s epigenesis that tells your genes in different places how and when to operate, and sometimes something goes wrong with those instructions. A gene can turn on a response when it should turn it off, and vice versa.

The good news is that DNA is not locked into place, as was once believed. A dysfunctional relationship with your mother, for example, may leave you with a smaller part of the brain that deals with memory, learning, and emotions, according to a study from McGill University. And these types of traumatic DNA changes can be passed from generation to generation.

German professor Fritz-Albert Popp, who has a PhD in Theoretical Physics, is the founder of the International Institute of Biophysics. He and other researchers are the ones who showed that DNA operates beyond the chemical level. They were the first to call DNA a storage unit for light, and the source of what they call biophoton emissions.

Professor Popp said, “We know today that man, essentially, is a being of light. We are still on the threshold of fully understanding the complex relationship between light and life, but we can now say emphatically that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light.”

Photons drive how your body operates. They produce different effects at different frequencies. Scientists posit that the human body, and the bodies of all living beings, in fact, are surrounded by a field of light and that your DNA interacts with the frequencies of the light within the field. And studies have shown that positive thought creates a coherency between biophotons and electromagnetic emission, which can change DNA and make you healthier.

So, having established that DNA is made of light, and that all living things require adequate amounts of light to grow properly, what do we know about how light affects our baseline health?

We all have heard about what light conditions do to people at various times of the year. In extreme northern and southern latitudes, where daylight can disappear for all but a few hours per day, major depression caused by the lack of natural sunlight can become a real threat to human survival.

Even in less northerly regions, for example in states from Washington to Maine, the difference between summer solstice and winter solstice daylight hours is an astonishing seven plus hours, so many people all across that latitude eastward suffer from SADS, Seasonal Affective Disorder (aka the Winter Blues), a form depression that can cause irritability, difficulty performing physical tasks, and an increase in unhealthy carbohydrate intake (pizzas, chocolate, cake, etc.).

There are a few often recommended solutions to counteract SADS:

Artificial lighting that mimics natural sunlight (light boxes) for up to two hours per day, daily walks, keeping warm by raising the thermostat to 70 degrees, wearing warmer clothes and consuming warm foods and beverages, eating fruits and vegetables, going outside when there is daylight, and sitting near windows.

I think you may already have realized that all of the solutions for SADS also tend to increase your vibrational level, which in turn affects the amount of light that is available to your physical body. So, again, we come back to how crucial light is to your wellbeing and to the fact that your DNA is both made up of light and requires light to operate optimally.

You have what it takes to bring more light to yourself as well as become an additional source of light to those around you. Whether you use it for yourself or as a tool to help your loved ones thrive during these unprecedented times in our lives, you will be making a crucial contribution. By staying aware and in the light, you will be able to discern where a kind word or a gentle touch is needed, and that alone can make all the difference in the world to whoever it is that needs you at that moment.

You can’t help everybody. No one can. But if you’ve heard the story of the starfish thrower, you know you will make a difference:

One day a man was walking along an ocean beach. Before long, he spotted someone else approaching him from the other direction. At first, he couldn’t see what the other man was doing, but, as they drew closer, he realized the man was bending down, picking up a stranded starfish every few steps, and throwing it back into the sea.

As the starfish thrower approached him, he said to him “I’ve been watching you. How can you expect to make a difference, given the enormous number of stranded starfish here on this beach?”

The man bent over again, picked up another starfish, tossed it out into the waves, and smiled, saying, “Made a difference to that one!”

That’s our calling, and our joy. To make a difference to that one, and that one, and that one, for as long as we shall live.

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