Wish it Was Yours? 3 Ways to Fight Envy

Envy is more than feeling a little green. It can manifest as a parasite of darkness that burrows into the pit of your stomach and gnaws away at your heart, or it can be a full blown disease, compelling you to act in rash, harmful, or even dangerous, ways in order to get something someone else has. Envy is physically, emotionally and spiritually damaging, causing stress, depression, anxiety, and ruining your chances of happiness.

 Dissatisfaction with Yourself

Envy is the desire to have what someone else has. It’s the desperate need for something, a need that hinges on not being happy with yourself and your life the way it is. Envy can ruin your chances at happiness, because as you’ve learned through energy healing, if you are not happy with you, if you are not living your authentic life and expressing the being you came to this earth to become, then you can’t be happy at all.

Envy Wears You Down

Even if you are consciously unaware of its negative effects, envy wears you down, eventually causing resentment and bitterness, and even a sulky attitude of feeling sorry for yourself that makes you no fun to be around and limits your ability to see the good in your life. This emotional negativity can create dysfunction in your chakras and energy field and, if left unchecked, can eventually cause physical symptoms.

Maybe you covet someone’s body, clothes, lifestyle, partner, Facebook likes, relationship, fame, or bank account. Perhaps you try to hide this behind a false smile, or even try to convince yourself you don’t feel it. But deep down, you know when the green monster of envy has crawled into your mind with its need for what it perceives to be better, creating a loop of dissatisfaction and self-sabotage that can ruin your life.

Keep Envy at Bay

Is it possible to attack the green monster and emerge victorious? Absolutely! Here are three ways to combat envy, so you can be free from its destructive clutches.

  1. Be aware of envy’s presence.

Awareness is always the first step; in energy medicine, in personal growth, in life. The trick with envy is to become aware of it when it rears its ugly head, and then acknowledge what you wish you had and why. Be honest with yourself. Spend some time journaling or vloging about your wishes and goals, identify the accompanying feelings and any underlying disappointment in yourself, and figure out why you want the thing you’re longing so desperately for. When you dig deeper, you can discover what you’re really seeking so that you can work toward that goal in a fair and ethical manner that will take you to it.

  1. Avoid comparisons.

You can never win the comparison game. As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I have seen countless students who have worked themselves into depression or illness trying to reach the highest rung on the ladder—or find the perfect partner, or the fittest body, the biggest paycheck, etc.—but they never get there because there is no end. The truth is there will always be someone who has more of what you want or something better than your version. That’s the dirty little secret to envy: you can never reach the goal.

Instead, compare you to you. How have you grown? What personal goals have you accomplished? Where are you now compared to six months, three years, ten years ago? Focus on how far you have come, on what you have, and where you are still planning to go. Walk your path to the light without worrying about where anyone else is, and you’ll automatically feel less envious.

  1. Be more grateful.

Gratitude is the antidote to envy. Since envy is a dissatisfaction with yourself, recognizing all the good in your life and that will make you more aware of how lucky you really are. You are here for a purpose—with your unique gifts, your special skills, your exact way of spreading light to others.

Remind yourself of all the blessings you have been given, all the reasons you have to be thankful for this life you live every day that no one else gets to experience. Don’t take your time on this planet for granted. When you appreciate your talents, your loved ones, your divine spirit, you realize that you don’t really want to live like anyone else. And once you’ve realized that your life is exactly the way it’s supposed to be, there is no reason to be jealous of others.

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