Waiting for Spring?

Punxsutawney Phil—the famous weather-forecasting groundhog in Pennsylvania who appears on February second—has been shown to be about forty percent accurate in predicting whether we’ll get clear skies or six more weeks of winter.

Not bad odds for a groundhog, but if you’re waiting for spring, why not try something that is guaranteed to bring rebirth, growth, and light into your life?

Energy healing can bring the best aspects of spring into your mind, body, and soul at any time of year. Even if there’s two feet of snow on the ground outside, you can heal yourself from the inside out and experience the joy of seeing new green growth in yourself. No matter how gloomy the gray skies, you can bask in the radiance of the light energy that will replace the dark corners in your energy field and body as you become healthier and happier. When you practice energy healing, I promise you, your spirit will blossom in ways you can’t yet begin to imagine.

Here’s two ways energy healing can help your soul bloom and allow you to grow closer to the light:

1. Clear your emotional baggage.

A common stumbling block for light-bearers is the unresolved emotional baggage and leftover negative energy from traumas that have lodged in chakras and created imbalances or distortions, or in worst case scenarios, even shut the chakra down completely.

Just like plants need energy from the sun to grow tall and strong, you need energy from the universal field to thrive in your life. Energy healing helps to clear that negative energy from your chakras, allowing your energy field to receive nourishment from the universal field.

With your chakras and energy field restored to optimal condition, you can then begin to expand your awareness and reach higher states of consciousness. Remember, you can’t reach for the stars without first grounding your feet, so your chakras must be working properly in order to raise your spiritual level. You can use my pendulum kit or attend one of my energy healing workshops to determine the health of your chakras, and in the meantime, journaling is a great way to begin the process of clearing out your emotional baggage.

2. Build a foundation with meditation.

One of the pillar techniques I teach in my energy healing courses is meditation. If you have learned to meditate from a qualified spiritual teacher, the benefits go beyond simple stress reduction and relaxation. Of course, meditation provides the dozens of mental, physical, and emotional benefits you’ve probably already heard about, but meditation can also bring your spirituality to new heights when you do it properly.

Meditation expands your consciousness and helps you more fully connect with your higher self, your guides and angels, the universal field, and Source itself. It encourages your spirit to reach beyond. Meditation is also one of the foundations for an initiation—a boost in your spiritual vibration—and students who initiate at my healing courses and workshops almost always have a strong meditation or prayer base.

As if that isn’t enough, meditation can also help to activate spiritual talents you may not yet realize you have because they’ve been dormant and waiting for you to wake them up with energy healing. How’s that for a blossoming of spirit? These gifts can include increased intuition and self-awareness.

With both of these techniques, you can experience your own spiritual rebirth, and there’s no spiritual winter too harsh for energy medicine to tackle. My soul was trapped in darkness for many years as I ignored the pain of my childhood traumas, but energy healing has brought me to the light. If you allow it into your life, it will clear out any darkness from your mind, body, and spirit, cleansing your whole being. You will feel refreshed and reborn. Punxsutawney Phil may not have a real talent for prediction, but I predict a flowering of your spirit in more ways than one real soon!

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