What is Energy Healing Therapy?

Energy healing therapy is a powerful approach to wellness that can revolutionize any life. Behind the scenes of our beautiful world, an unfathomably complex network of energy fuels and connects everyone and everything. By learning to understand and apply this energy as medicine, we can powerfully steer our lives in better and better directions, healing what ails us and encouraging our vast personal potential for health, happiness, and meaning.

What Kinds Of Conditions Can Be Treated With Energy Healing Therapy?


– Your body is the ultimate superhighway of energy currents. From ancient Chinese, Aztec, and Native American cultures right up to the latest cutting edge university physics programs, scholars throughout history have understood the invisible flow which courses through the body and has a profound impact upon its systems. Now, you can put this knowledge to use through energy healing therapy (Learn More):

-Treat serious ailments like cancers and chronic conditions.

-Repair old muscular or skeletal injuries.

-Restore balance to the basic systems of the body like digestion and circulation.

-Promote overall wellness and immunity.

•MentalYour mind is literally a processor of energy. Tiny electrical impulses transmit information across neurons and form the basis for thoughts. By addressing beliefs and mental patterns from an energetic perspective, you can liberate yourself from resistance and live each day with clarity and purpose. That is the essence of energy healing therapy.

-Release internal roadblocks and believe you can achieve any goal.

-Develop a “success” mentality that steers you to abundance.

-Let go of old feelings of guilt and regret that hold you back.

-Conquer fears and build confidence from the inside out.

•Emotional – Your emotions are not random, nor merely reactive to your environment. They are also guided by the flow of energy through your body, specifically the energy centers known as chakras. Clearing these pathways will lead to happy, productive days and a warm, open heart.

-Ease the pain of depression and find the joy in everyday life.

-Release anxiety and replace it with calm and confidence.

-Soothe anger at its root and lean towards compassion and understanding.

-Relieve long-held sadness with a wise and gentle view of life.

Spiritual – As you harness the power of energy medicine to feel stronger, clearer, and more joyful, you will continue to embark upon your ever-deepening spiritual journey, opening the door to new plateaus of understanding the nature of the cosmos and the unseen world.

-Give life a deep and unshakable sense of purpose and meaning.

-Encourage your natural intuition and let it always guide you in good directions.

-Gain new insight into life’s most profound questions.

-Harness your unseen connections to all of the people in your life.

Learn The Power Of Energy Healing Therapy At The Deborah King Center

No one is alone on their journey of healing and developing spirituality. Our teachers are here to guide us through the process of understanding our own connection to energy. Modern-day shaman Deborah King has inspired countless personal transformations through her inspirational life story and New York Times bestselling books. Now, Deborah has created comprehensive programs to help you employ the power of energy healing in your life and in the lives of others.

Certification courses in energy work and life coaching will allow you to tap into the energy flowing through you every day, healing all parts of your life and challenging you to reach dramatic new levels of your potential.

Deborah King