The Seeds and Stones in Mala Beads

Mala beads have been used traditionally in meditation and prayer, which is why they are sometimes called prayer beads. But you don’t have to be religious to get the benefit of wearing mala beads: around your neck or on your wrist, or hanging them nearby – they can help you calm your mind and spirit.

Mala beads are made from different seeds and gemstones, depending on the spiritual or healing qualities that you seek. You should always go for the mala you are most drawn to by your heart. It’s easy to figure out what you don’t want, but how about what you do want in life? Mala beads give you the opportunity to wear your intention; you can check out the ones I wear and use here.

One of my personal favorites is malas made with rudraksha seeds, which are a manifestation of peace and love. The rudraksha seeds are also known for their power to heal, to ease the mind and free it of negative thoughts, and to increase mental clarity and energy. Rudraksha means “the eyes of Rudra, or Shiva.” Akasha means “eye,” so these beads help you to look at everything, especially through your third eye. Lord Shiva, in Hindu mythology, is said to have meditated on mankind and when he came out of meditation he was crying tears of compassion. When his tears hit the Earth, they crystallized and became the trees that grow rudrakshas. Rudraksha beads create a cloak of protection for your energy when you wear the beads.

Rudraksha beads, like those used in the Meditate Mala beads that I use, should be washed with warm water and soap in order to remove any dust or dirt. They can be oiled with your favorite oil, like coconut or sandalwood oil, which will help to preserve them. As you wear them (or hold them), your natural body oil will darken the beads, which shows that they are well worn and loved.

The Udana Vayu Mala has a combination of rudraksha and amazonite beads. Amazonite can be used to help heal your throat chakra and it supports the thyroid, the master gland. On the physical level, it is known to help balance, to relieve cramps, and to regulate calcium imbalances. On the mental and emotional level, amazonite dispels worries and fears, reduces anger, and can balance your mood swings. Spiritually, it will connect you with your own inner power.

What if your intention is to be more confident in yourself and your ability to proceed along the spiritual path? The I Am Confident Mala is made from brilliantly colored blue agate gemstones, which are known to banish negativity and encourage clear thinking, as well as allowing the spiritual world to inspire you and send your vibration higher. An affirmation to do in the presence of this mala is “I am enough.” 

My all-time personal fave, The Chakra Rising Mala, uses seven different gemstones that allow your energy to rise through the seven energy centers, from the base up to your crown chakra.

  1. The blue agate stones do the work of rebalancing and harmonizing your body, mind, and spirit by cleansing the aura. The agate is a protective stone, including protection from stress and bad dreams.
  1. Amethyst beads provide inspiration and a sense of peace, while invigorating your spiritual power. They calm down the emotions and allow you to let go of grief and prolonged sadness. Physically, amethyst is thought to boost the immune system and purify the blood.
  1. Beads made from both green and red aventurine are specific to helping the heart chakra find balance and comfort.
  1. The carnelian stone is a great protector against negativity in any form, while helping to focus the mind and pump up your ability to make decisions.
  1. Quartz crystal gemstones increase your insight and spiritual wisdom, as well as increasing your intuition and amplifying your prayers. It is used to treat headaches and general pain relief. Best of all, it can help heal old emotional wounds.
  1. Serpentine stones can strengthen your bones and your back, and get this: serpentine can help balance your sugar levels!

The combination of these seven stones in the Chakra Rising mala is extremely powerful. By placing this mala near you when you meditate, you are activating all your chakras and helping to balance them.

So if you are interested in experiencing the benefits of malas, let your heart lead you to the one for you. 

Deborah King