The Real Reason You’re Not Losing Weight

Are you perpetually on a diet? Do you feel “fat” no matter what size you are? Have you tried every tip, trick, and weight loss plan under the sun without sustainable success? Do your failed attempts to shed pounds lead to feelings of shame and self-blame, hopelessness, and possibly even further weight gain?

If so, you are not alone. You are caught in an unhealthy cycle of negativity that is never going to allow you to escape its clutches until you address the root causes. Even if you manage to lose weight, you are likely to gain it all back. Diet and exercise are not enough to shrink your waistline at this point. You need energy healing and the secrets of chakra wisdom to heal you from the inside out.

It’s Not Your Fault!

Weight loss is a sticky subject, and as a spiritual teacher, I see so many struggle with it, sometimes for their whole lives. The culture of celebrity has created an unrealistic ideal body image, and yet so many people aspire to this unattainable goal that a whole industry makes its money by exploiting peoples’ struggles with their weight. Perhaps you have even tried a product that claimed low effort and high results and found that it was indeed too good to be true.

Or maybe you have dutifully done everything right in order to lose weight. You work out, limit your calories, swap sugar for healthy snacks, and you still are unable to meet your goal. I know how frustrating that can be! What’s worse is that there seems to be the message floating around that overweight people choose to be in that condition, that if they just “tried harder,” they would be thin.

At the same time, the commercials imply it’s your fault you’re still overweight. No wonder you feel down! Students often tell me this is when they give up, but it’s not your fault! And there is something that can be done once you understand the real reason behind those stubborn, clinging pounds: your chakras.

Your Second Chakra and Your Weight

Carrying extra weight can be a symptom of dysfunction in your chakras, particularly in your second chakra. If you’re a student of yoga, Ayurveda, or energy medicine, you are familiar with chakras, the spinning energy centers that run up your spine. These wheels of light hold the key to all aspects of your life, so clearing, charging, and balancing them is essential to your wellbeing.

The second chakra, located midway between your root chakra and your navel, is the seat of your sexuality and sensuality, your creativity, your emotions, and your inner child. This is your pain and pleasure energy center, so it’s possible to get trapped in seeking pleasure mode, especially if you have unprocessed emotions from past traumas. An imbalanced second chakra is a recipe for addiction, as the desire for something to help you ignore the trauma or numb your pain takes control of you. This includes, of course, addiction to food, which easily leads to obesity.

Often survivors of sexual abuse have distorted or closed second chakras and therefore carry extra weight, especially in their middle. Think about Oprah Winfrey, who has had very public weight fluctuations her whole career, and has admitted that she has an addiction to food. This type of weight see-sawing is a classic sign of an imbalanced second chakra, and is often linked to the child’s shame that hasn’t been processed.

Oprah has also admitted that she feels safer when she is heavier, which is another common response to sexual abuse; survivors often don’t want to be attractive, or they feel protected by covering up their body. If you have experienced these symptoms too, it may be time to go deeper and deal with any lingering negative emotions lodged in your sacral chakra so you can begin to heal once and for all, and finally fit into that smaller size.

Healing for Weight Loss

In addition to continuing your exercise routine and healthful eating, clearing and balancing your second chakra is essential to any successful weight loss program. Here are a few ways you can begin to heal your second chakra:

1. Experience pleasure—including food!

Guilt and shame are so frequently built into any occurrence of pleasure, especially if your second chakra is distorted, that it can be hard to let yourself enjoy the simple pleasures in life. But part of a strong second chakra is reclaiming your right to feel pleasure. You don’t want to go so far as to fall into addiction, but total restriction is likely to backfire. Like with yoga, meditation, chakra health, weight loss, and life in general, the key is balance.

So eat well! Make healthy choices that taste good. If all you eat are steamed veggies, of course it’s going to be hard to stick to a diet. But there are plenty of recipes for delicious, light meals so you can take pleasure from your food without the guilt. And allow yourself a treat every now and then—you deserve it!

2. Spend time in water.

The element for the second chakra is water, so spending time in water is soothing. Swim in the ocean or take a sea salt and baking soda bath and let the healing properties of the water seep into your skin and your soul. Water is cleansing, and you can imagine all your shame and guilt washing away.

3. Journal two ways.

For weight loss, a journal serves two very important purposes. One, journaling about your emotions will help you to begin releasing them from your body and chakras. Try journaling about your feelings each night before bed, and just see what comes up. It’s not necessary to relive any traumas; simply writing about your feelings will help to get rid of the left over energetic ghosts haunting you and begin to remove the shame from your sacral chakra.

Also, part of your weight problem is likely an unhealthy relationship with food, so spend some time journaling about your feelings toward food, and what habits you were taught growing up. Also try to keep track of everything you eat and drink so you can pinpoint when and where you might be overeating. Be honest. You might think you eat ten potato chips with your trashy TV show, but find out that it’s really thirty. This new awareness will go a long way in getting you to eliminate the habits that are sabotaging your weight loss efforts, especially the ones you currently do unconsciously.

Chakra wisdom can help you shrink that waistline. If you would like to learn more about chakras and how they can unlock the secrets to your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, come check out my new online Secrets of Chakra Wisdom video course, it’s the easy way to a thinner you!