The Hidden Trap That Binds You (And How To Free Yourself)

Evolve yourself

Here’s some bad news.

Humans have found themselves in quite a predicament. A trap. Enslaved by our own ingenuity.

Now here’s some good news, there is a way out…if we know where to look…

You see, we have an amazing capacity for creating tools. Tools that make us more efficient, more productive, more powerful (and even more dangerous).

In fact, we could make a strong argument that the tools we create, tools that allow us to shape and change our environment, are responsible for human dominance on Earth.

In one sense, we have evolved and built great civilizations because of these tools.

But on the other hand, these tools may be responsible for a devolution of what actually matters.

We create tools to be more productive at work; software that helps us automate tasks, to create more spreadsheets and reports in less time, to manufacture more widgets.

We create tools that help us communicate instantly – albeit much less personally – with anyone across the globe.

We create tools to help us stay fit – workout equipment, supplements, tracking apps.

We even create tools to help us meet people for romantic relationships.

All of these are designed to make life better, easier, less stressful. But the truth is, these tools could very well be having the opposite effect.

What was designed to work for us, has enslaved us. Largely in part due to our own nature.

You see, we are always looking for shortcuts. That’s why we create tools to begin with.

We want wealth, health, and love. And we want it now.

We fall for the trap of thinking once we get what we desire, we will change.

This thought process might sound something like: “Once I get wealthy, I will be able to act a certain way, and then I will become a better person.”

If we obtain, we will do, and then we will become.

The truth is the exact opposite, however.

We build wealth by becoming the person who is capable of doing the things it takes to be wealthy.

We become healthy by becoming the person who takes the actions required.

We find love and stable relationships by becoming a person who is capable of loving, trusting, and being in a relationship. By becoming a person who is worthy of gaining that love and trust from someone else.

If we become, then we will do, and then we will obtain.

The human-made tools that are designed to help us shortcut to the end result ignore the necessary preconditions for these things to happen in the first place.

We must be that person first.

In energetic terms, we must vibrate at the proper frequency to attract these things into our lives.

By trying to take the shortcuts, we may actually be undermining our own vibrational frequency; causing stress, anxiety, and overwhelm instead of health, wealth, love, and happiness.

Focus on your frequency, and you can become. Once you become, you will act. And once you act, you will obtain.

Unfortunately, you can’t fix your frequency with the manmade tools we find all around us.

Fortunately, the universe has provided these tools. They are readily at our disposal. Most people just choose to ignore them (or don’t know they exist).

Everything around us is energy. It vibrates at its own frequency. And if you can tap into the right external frequencies, you can shift your own.

Shift your frequency, and you can shift your being. Shift your being, and you can shift your life.

The key is knowing which sources of vibration you should be tapping into (like gemstones or even planets) and when.

That is exactly what I will be sharing during my brand new live 7-week course in partnership with The Shift Network that starts today.

Learn to use the tools that can help change your life for the better, instead of the ones that cause anxiety. The universe has provided them to us for a reason. It’s up to us to leverage them.

Hope to see you at the course!

Deborah King