A Road Map to Spiritual Healing

There are as many spiritual healing philosophies as there are stars in the sky. From the earliest civilizations, we have pondered the existence of a soul, destiny, and the unseen energy that fuels all life. Through time, every culture has learned to use this energy to consciously transform the human experience.

VidicaSimpson | Bring On The Spiritual Healing!.jpgWhether ancient or modern, all true healing focuses on the releasing of resistance in every part of life. There are no finish lines on a spiritual journey, just an ever-deepening exploration, with new meaning and new connections formed every day.

You Already Have Every Tool You Need For Spiritual Healing

Nurture your body – the ultimate vessel for your spiritual journey.

All healing begins with the body, both repairing old damage and fortifying for the future. Take joy in your ability to move, breathe, and dance. Ancient Indians, Chinese, Native Americans, and Aztecs viewed the body as an energy center, through which the vibrations of the universe pass. These pathways connect your physical body to how you feel, and what opportunities come to you in life. Clearing these pathways, or chakras, is a gateway to feeling better and achieving more.

Harness the mind – your greatest tool for creating change.

Did you know we have as many as 70,000 or more thoughts per day? That’s an incredible amount of information being taken in, interpreted, and acted upon. Over a lifetime, we may accumulate mental patterns that hinder our expansion and limit openness to new ideas. But the vast power of the brain is an incredible asset – by uncovering and letting go of old thought architecture, you can continue to reach new plateaus of enlightenment and spiritual healing (Learn More) at all stages of life.

Open yourself to emotions – a living guide to getting you on the right path.

The common expression “follow your bliss” isn’t simply a catch-all excuse to shrug off responsibility. It’s a powerful spiritual tenet which acknowledges our wiring as energy-based, spiritual beings. Embracing life’s challenges in an attitude of joy is one of the ultimate aims of any spiritual quest. Reaching for happiness in everything you do, big and small, will have profound repercussions in your total state of well-being. In fact, following that sense of true happiness is the ultimate divining rod indicating which direction to go. Ask yourself:

–Does this action feel right and true on a core level?

–Do the words of my teachers and gurus resonate and inspire?

–Do my thoughts bring me to higher states of peacefulness, love, and joy?

Contemplate the spirit – your questions inspire growth and meaning.

Learn to Meditate with Deborah King Spiritual Healer.pngAsking the bigger questions can be intimidating. Why are we here? How can we best contribute? How can we bring joy into everyday life? Daring to open your mind and heart to the mysteries of the unseen by asking these questions and investing in you is the very definition of a spiritual journey. The answers come over a lifetime, as curiosity, experience, and special teachers add to your understanding and your ability to happily steer your life to new and ever more wonderful directions.

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