How to rebalance your inner and outer world with
Divine Feminine energy

Want more?

Deborah will be delivering her Awaken the Divine Feminine course with live sessions starting later this month.

It is a course we are extremely excited to bring to you, in light of the rapidly changing world that we all live in.

During this live seven-week, transformative journey, you’ll:

  • Activate your sacred feminine energy and connect to your soul’s wisdom, so you can live a life of beautiful radiance
  • Reestablish and rebalance the Divine Feminine in your life – an essential source of energy for both men and women
  • Learn to thrive in an external world that is in the midst of a great energy rebalancing
  • Awaken and learn how to use your intuitive gifts
  • Discover the sacred power of healing and grace so that you can see the world with clear eyes and a full heart
  • Mend and build the relationship with your own mother, regardless of whether or not you are close or if she is still in this world or has passed to the next – a key relationship to mend in order to thrive personally and spiritually
  • Come face-to-face with the Dark Mother (your shadow side) and be reborn as a spiritually-awakened person
  • Discover your inner warrior from the ancient wisdom of the East
  • Learn what it means to be a true lover and tap into your own unconditional love in your “higher heart”
  • Tune into the mysterious cosmic energy of the moon to draw upon your unknown depths
  • Discover the goddess that is meant to be your own personal guide

…And so much more to help you flourish and prosper in the new world into which we are transitioning.

The first live meeting is very soon – Wednesday, April 21st!

Deborah King