Reclaim Your Authentic Life!

Who are you? Take a moment and really think about who you are. Not what you do or your career, not who you are in relation to others in your life, not who your boss or parent or partner thinks you are, but who YOU are deep down inside; the true you, the real you. The “you” you came to this planet to become. Do you know that version of yourself? How often do you let the true you show her face to the world?

Shades of Dishonesty

So often people live their lives in shades of dishonesty. I can’t tell you how many students come to me at healing courses and workshops convinced that they are living as their true selves, but when I probe a little bit, they usually admit what I can already sense in their energy field: there is some piece of themselves they are keeping hidden. This repression nearly always leads to blockages in their fifth chakra, from which all expression comes.

The Fifth Chakra and Authenticity

The fifth or throat chakra rules communication, and when this chakra is distorted, you can have difficulty expressing yourself. This creates a vicious cycle: you don’t express your emotions so they become trapped and create blocks in your throat chakra, which makes it harder to speak and live your truth, which further impairs your energy field and your health. Energy healing can stop this cycle and allow you to release those blocks, express your feelings, and live more authentically.

Many students have throat chakra issues, especially those of us who grew up in a house of secrets. My own throat chakra was blocked for years due to the unspeakable abuse happening behind the façade of my perfect family. I was told who to be and how to feel, and any attempts to be my true self were crushed immediately. I learned to smother my feelings and lie like a champ. Until I found energy medicine and began the work of clearing my chakras through meditation and journaling, I didn’t know what my truth really was. I didn’t know who I really was. Energy healing helped me find my authentic self, and taught me how to present that self to the world.

Have You Repressed the Authentic You?

As a child, were you unable to express your true feelings or told to “keep your mouth shut” or “don’t air the family laundry?” Were you allowed to voice your thoughts and emotions without criticism or ridicule? Was there a secret in your household that no one ever spoke of? Any situation where you were forced to suppress your thoughts or feelings out of fear or shame can lead to a life of continued suppression. The conflict between the internal you and the external you creates a life of baseline unhappiness or even intense depression, which only further obscures your true self.

But it’s not too late! With energy healing, you can start clearing your fifth chakra and finding the true you right now. Working with a spiritual teacher or energy healer directly is the best way to kick-start the process, but in the meantime, here are some steps you can take to help heal your fifth chakra and reclaim your authenticity:

1. Cut the lies, especially to yourself.

Living with lies can make you crazy, and prevents you from being authentic. Obviously, you can’t always say exactly what’s on your mind—there’s no reason to tell your boss you don’t like her haircut, for example—but lies are the biggest obstacle to living authentically, and even the little ones create pockets of negativity in your energy field. Small lies also lead to bigger lies, and then you’re on a slippery slope to a dysfunctional fifth chakra.

Lying to yourself is an especially important habit to eliminate. Justification or rationales count, as it’s those types of disguised lies that are the most damaging, convincing you they are for your own good. But lying about who you are is never for your own good, and standing up for yourself in a tactful manner is part of being the real you in the world. How can you spread the light if you won’t let yours shine?

2. Uncover the real you.

Authenticity comes from aligning with your inner self, so you need to know who that deeper you really is. What are your values and beliefs? What are your strengths and weaknesses, your light and shadow sides? What are your honest desires and goals for the future? Through energy healing and meditation, you can expand your awareness and get in touch with your higher self to receive guidance in these areas. Discovering your truest self is a process, so be gentle and patient, and trust that you’re making progress.

3. Examine your choices.

When you live in line with someone else’s ideas for your life, you take a turn down a path not meant for you. How can you possibly live authentically if you’re traveling someone else’s journey? Once you know the real you, you can check to see if your choices line up with your spirit’s plan.

Ask yourself if there are areas of your life that don’t feel right—that don’t resonate with you on a deep soul level. Is your career something you wanted, or a choice to appease your parents or partner? Did you give up a job you loved to take care of kids or an aging parent and secretly resent it? Are you staying in an abusive relationship because you can’t admit the truth? What decisions have you made out of fear rather than love for yourself?

Being authentic is a daily practice. Check in with yourself and your higher self, and listen for that wise voice that resides in your fifth chakra and offers guidance you can always trust.

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