Is An Online Chakra Test A Good Way To “Rate” Your Spiritual Power?

The chakra test may be the latest online craze, but is it an authentic way to explore your spiritual health? As personal spiritual awareness continues to gain popularity and acceptance in our culture, we see more and more attempts to cash in on the “craze.” But exploring the energy centers of the body is nothing new. In fact, our earliest ancestral ideas and practices of spirituality explored our physical connection to non-physical energy. Let’s cut through the hype and look at what chakra health really means, as well as what those online chakra tests are actually measuring.

What Does A Chakra Test Measure?

shutterstock_196734986Thinking about the chakras is an excellent way to assess strengths and challenges in your life. These invisible points along the body are gateways to the energy which fuels our thoughts, emotions, attraction, and growth. It would follow that a “chakra test” would measure how open or blocked these portals are at any given time. We took a look at a few of the tests that have sprung up online to see if they provided true insight.

Self-reporting – Results on these tests are by nature self-reported. Without the wisdom and guidance of a trained teacher, it can be hard to give perceptive, objective responses. This makes the results of these tests unreliable.

Quantifying personality – These online tests typically ask you to measure your emotions and describe your personality on number scales or with true-false questions. Unfortunately, (or, fortunately!) human beings are far more complex than these simple assessments. Describing your personality in this way seldom gives the full portrait of a person.

One size fits all – The computerized results on these tests are really a kind of form letter or spam. An automated system grades your test and spits out a stock response. True spiritual guidance should be a highly personal affair. Of course, if you’re seeking a test for fun and as a way to start a new journey, feel free to enjoy our online chakra quiz on Facebook.

Chakra Test vs Real Chakra Knowledge

We have not yet seen any online chakra tests that deliver sophisticated, meaningful results. The tests miss out on the beautiful and inspiring wisdom that true chakra energy work can provide. Here is what you can expect from an in-depth exploration of your chakra energy:

Deep healing of old emotional trauma
Unblocking creative energy
Attracting great material abundance
Nurturing love and compassion
Gaining access to cosmic wisdom and intuition
Inspiration to follow dreams

Where To Find A Meaningful Chakra Education

Our relationship with energy is far more inspiring and complex than could ever be summed up in a basic online personality quiz. When you are ready to embark upon a more sophisticated exploration of the chakras and how they influence our spiritual growth, check out the wealth of detailed information available at the Deborah King Center.

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In the LifeForce Online Energy Healing Program, you’ll join Deborah for a fun and fascinating journey into how we can heal our lives with the power of energy. Through sophisticated yet easy-to-follow coursework, you’ll learn about how your body, mind, and spirit are all connected, developing a thorough understanding far beyond what any simple online chakra test provides. A true spiritual education has no wrong answers – just a beautifully unfolding wisdom which grows naturally with every passing moment.

Deborah King