LifeForce Energy Healing™ IV Master-in-Training Certified Practitioners

Cathy Blackmun

Cathy Blackmun grew up in southern CA.  She moved to Lake Havasu City AZ 25 years ago where she lives with her 2 cats Zen and Erin.  She has been doing bodywork and Energy Healing in Lake Havasu since 1998.  She attended Mueller College of holistic studies in San Diego CA, studied Myofascial release with John Barnes PT in Sedona AZ and is currently studying Energy healing and Life force coaching with Deborah King Master healer and spiritual teacher.

Myofascial release is a gentle application of sustained pressure into fascial restrictions.  It is a technique integrating body and mind through movement, touch and inner awareness.

The fascial system is full of life memories, emotions and consciousness.  Unwinding is a body movement technique to release emotional energy trapped in the fascial system to eliminate holding and bracing patterns in the body that are creating pain and dysfunction.

Subtle energy is a gentle therapeutic touch to balance the systems of your body.  There are 7 main energy centers in the body called chakras (Sanskrit word for energy vortex).  An energy chelation clears balances and charges these energy centers.  By keeping your chakras open and balanced you are healthier and are open to receive universal energy for your healing.

My goal is to bring inner awareness to an individual by combining bodywork, energy healing and coaching (mind, body and spirit), to bring the body into balance and return them to a pain free happy lifestyle.

William Bearley

My practice is based on the knowing that we are aspects of pure consciousness having a human experience which provides us the opportunity to explore and evolve. I support individuals in their discovery and development process through workshops, group sessions, individual consultations, webinars, coaching and mentoring. This includes work in life balance at the physical level, opening and clearing of the energy field along with exploration beyond the physical reality.

Margaret Billam

Margaret is a Life Force Energy Healing Practitioner who began her training with Deborah King in 2010. As a child she always had a deep curiosity about the body and how it worked but even at an early age suspected that there was a great deal of information missing in her health and wellness education. This information was found during the course of studying energy medicine.

Margaret practiced massage therapy for 3 years as a licensed masseuse and had a 15 year career as a registered nurse in both hospital and community nursing giving her a solid background in western medicine. During this time she continued to study alternative medical practices and both formally and informally and acquired a great deal of knowledge on the effect diet, exercises, emotions and spiritual practices had on the body’s ability to heal. Twenty two years into a delightful and fulfilling marriage Margaret’s beloved husband was diagnosed with vascular dementia. She made a promise to him from the beginning to keep him at home until his death and began to care for him with very little outside help. In the midst of caring for him her only child died suddenly and left her reeling and unable to speak of him for a year.

But she attributes the ancient practice of meditation and energy medicine techniques learned while studying with Deborah King in helping her to overcome both the death of her son and the long illness and death of her husband. Margaret believes the marriage of western medicine and energy medicine along with diet, exercise, solid spiritual practices and many forms of what today are considered alternative medical practices will go a long way to improving the health of all people and of the planet.

Nattasha Bogdanova

Nattasha’s life had a rough start – when she was 5, her parents were sent away to Siberia on a temporary job assignment that ended up lasting 10 years. As a result of losing her primary caretakers, Nattasha had to learn to live in whatever conditions were made available by the relatives and to take care of herself to the best of her ability.

The basic need to survive and Nattasha’s own neutrality to any circumstance, whether it is indifference, open dislike, or abuse have shaped her attitude towards life and others. She learned to do whatever needed to be done in order to accomplish a goal. She also learned that as long as her life looked perfect on the outside, she was safe. When an opportunity to study abroad became available in college, it was her survival skills that made it possible for her to move to the US on her own and to become a finance professional.

While all looked well on the surface, Nattasha’s unaddressed pain of losing her beloved parents and her unacknowledged  history of childhood abuse started manifesting as physical symptoms in her 20’s. Adrenal exhaustion, thyroid dysfunction, and dangerous hormonal imbalances screamed for attention. Having thoroughly studied the Chinese and Western alternative medicine, Nattasha was able to rebalance her physical body and enjoy great health. Unfortunately, the life trauma remained unresolved and Nattasha was eventually faced with severe depression. While talk therapy provided relief, the longing and restlessness persisted. Guided to a kids’ yoga teacher training, Nattasha started on a quest of honest self-examination. When she learned of energy healing, she knew she had found a beautiful treasure.  Being part of Deborah King’s one-in-a-million, brilliant energy healing program and being lovingly supported by her soul family has completely transformed Nattasha’s life.

Nattasha is an interfaith minister, certified in energy healing, holistic health counseling and children’s and family yoga. She is available for in-person sessions and workshops in Tulsa, OK, and on Skype. You can contact her at

Barbara Clark

Barbara Clark is a LifeForce Energy Practitioner, LifeForce Coach, Inspired Teacher, and Children’s Meditation Coach.

A nature lover, dreamer, and free spirit at heart, Barbara’s early life was full of exploration, discovery, and imaginative play. Looking outside herself for acceptance and love during her teenage years and early adult life led to depression and dissatisfaction with her life. As Barbara was struggling to find balance, her inquisitive nature led her to experience an energy healing session that changed the course of her life, reigniting an excitement for learning, a renewed outlook, and a connection to the Divine.

Following a thirty year career as a special education teacher, Barbara transitioned into the world of energy healing. Her lifelong curiosity, combined with natural intuitive abilities, led Barbara to pursue a spiritual path, studying with teachers of energy healing, coaching, and children’s meditation.

As a LifeForce Energy Medicine Practitioner and Coach, certified by the Deborah King Center, Barbara assists clients in exploring the hidden depths of their soul in a safe, caring environment. She encourages her clients to reach deep within them to discover opportunities for personal growth and healing.

Inspired by the many children she has taught over the years, Barbara created a children’s meditation program incorporating her experience as a teacher, as well as her knowledge of energy healing and spirituality to guide and support children on a path of discovery, creativity, and joy.

Barbara’s fresh, innovative approach blends well with her creative spirit and dreamer personality to afford her clients new ways to open to guidance, personal growth, and healing at a profound level. It is her desire to support each of her clients on their journey into the realms of self discovery, healing, and living a joy filled life. To contact Barbara, please email her at

Collette Cook

Collette Cook lives in Michigan with her husband, son and two step daughters. In 2013, Collette felt there was more to her life than just being a mother, wife and Christian.  Being raised as a Christian she has had a close personal relationship with Jesus and God, thru prayer. As a small child she asked Jesus into her heart. Choosing to be baptized as a teenager intensified her senses that Jesus was right there with her.

So, when a friend introduced her to Deborah King’s energy healing at an I Can Do it event in Pasadena, she was intrigued. Collette began practicing meditation alongside prayer, and realized the Holy Spirit had blessed her with a sight she could have only thought possible in the movies. Now being able to see energy around people, she believes that when you learn to silence your mind, all things are possible thru love and faith.

Collette is excited to see each new day and experience life through new eyes.  Her journey so far with energy healing has deepened her faith and relationship with God.  She has learned so much in a short time and is excited to share and teach whatever God has planned for her. She believes that to whom much is given, much is expected and she is so grateful to have been given this opportunity.

A great scripture that completely resonates with her is Matthew 7:7-8.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”

Marshall Davidson

A native of Cincinnati, Marshall met his soul mate in 1984. In 1986 he started losing his friends to HIV/ AIDS. He spent 10 years raising money and awareness for Aids related charities in the greater Cincinnati Area. In 2005 he relocated to Cape Coral Florida. This is where he was first exposed to energy medicine. In 2009 he started studying Reiki and became a Reiki Master. At this time he had a spiritual awakening and woke up one day and no longer had a desire for alcoholic beverages. In 2010 he was diagnosed with Barrett’s Esophagus and used reiki on himself to cure it. In 2011 he started studying Energy healing and coaching with Deborah King.  In 2011 his standard Poodle lost her sight due to bleeding in the eyes and detached retinas. He used techniques he learned from Deborah King and along with excellent veterinary care to heal her.

In three days her retinas reattached and she regained full sight.  The vets called her their Christmas miracle. Marshall is a graduate of Deborah Kings Life Force Coaching program and is a certified Life Coach. He is a graduate of the first six levels of Deborah’s Life Force Energy Healing program and currently enrolled in the Master in Training program. Marshall also uses sound healing incorporating Native American drumming and Tibetan singing bowls. He is very connected to the earth’s energy and also uses it during his healing sessions.

He loves to garden, in his youth he raised honey bees with his father in Cincinnati collecting the honey and selling it at local farmers markets. At his home in Florida, he has created a butterfly garden attracting over 15 different species to his yard.

You can contact Marshall at

Judith Gaar

As a senior citizen still learning and training with Deborah King, Judith knows that the heart never stops longing for a deeper experience of the Divine. Seeing Deborah King in a brief afternoon workshop via livestream, Judith felt an instant recognition that a new path was opening for her.

Judith had once believed that spiritual gifts were given to children and if we did not experience them early on, we likely would never access them. Training with Deborah has proven that theory wrong, giving her a greater understanding of how to awaken the gifts we have lying dormant within us. These spiritual gifts can be accessed through meditation, training, and energy work. They are waiting on us to open to them to serve humanity as well as ourselves.

Judith has studied with many teachers, including the Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox. She received a Master of Arts in Humanities through his university. He taught her, among many other things, the importance of experiencing moments of awe in Nature, and through creative expression, and spiritual practices like ritual. He inspired her to show true compassion through action for social justice and by helping to raise awareness of the urgency of saving our environment.

Judith does distance healing using vocal toning and chelation to clear, charge, and balance the chakras. She also uses intuitive card reading as a coaching tool. Email Judith>>>

Ardele Gorman

Ardele grew up in rural western Canada, attended the universities of Alberta, Calgary, and Saskatchewan, and graduated with undergraduate degrees in Physical Education and Education and a Master’s degree in Counselling. She has worked with children, youth, and families for over 30 years as a counsellor and Student Services consultant. During this time in addition to providing direct counselling, she has contributed to the development of programs, services and supports for children, families, and community organizations.  She continues to be concerned for availability of supports to those living in rural areas.

Ardele has experienced firsthand living with chronic illness. She believes and lives the reality that healthy living is a balance of body, mind and spirit and that rebalancing is an active ongoing process. Her approach in working with others is that life challenges can move us to greater strength, self-understanding, and engagement with others. She is intuitive in her understanding of others and continues to develop her foundation in understanding the dynamics of healing, wellness and effective interventions.

She has studied Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine) to understand how the body deals with trauma and most recently has studied LifeForce Energy Healing with Deborah King for the past four years. She is currently a Level VII student developing knowledge and skills in facilitating personal energy flow and balance. Ardele has also completed the LifeForce Coaching Program which involves life coaching – achieving balance and focus in everyday life.

Recently retired after 29 years as a school counsellor in the Saskatchewan area of western Canada, Ardele continues to reside there. Her interests include travelling, the outdoors, her dogs, gardening, sports, reading and researching diverse topics! She is in the process of establishing a private practice with particular interest in online availability.

Kathleen Kalbas

Kathleen has been on her healing path since the late 80s.  She continued her healing journey to help others and is a Licensed Master Social Worker having graduated in 1998 from Southwest Texas State University.  Kathleen has worked as a Psychotherapist, a Medical Social Worker in Hospice and has volunteered with the Red Cross in Disaster Mental Health.  She began her quest for alternative and holistic healing after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2009.   Kathleen has been a student of the Deborah King Center since early 2010 and is currently a 7th Level Apprentice.  She is also a Certified Life Force Energy Coach and a Certified Grief Specialist.    She has expanded her knowledge in the healing field with Sandra Anne Taylor, Peter Calhoun, Jean Haner and Denise Linn.  Kathleen works from a strengths perspective to help others achieve balance in their lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  She currently lives in Central Texas and can be reached by email at

Samadhi (Sami) Longo-Disse, PhD

In 1974 I started Samadhi Research Institute (SR), Inc. a 501(c) 3 non-profit public charity. In 1982, after working as a pastoral counselor, teacher, entrepreneur, minister and sex coach, I had an experience of healing myself and everything in my life changed. Coming back from the brink of death brought me to a hunger for a life on fire. I discovered a spark, an intensity of feeling that linked me to an energy source allowing my organs to make new cells thus regenerating my life. This spark continues to work its magic in me and others I teach to this day, shaping a method which is essential for living a vibrant incredible life.

It is about learning how to take every moment and make it sacred; breathing consciously with awareness; speaking to people’s hearts.

Healing the struggles, I find that allowing them room to show me a new way through leaves me throbbing with a life force so potent, it sweeps me away then brings me back with my feet deep in the soil of life, digging into the roots of each experience I have, every moment of each day.

Embracing this life force energy turns me on to life itself. It is sexual, powerful, constant and magnetic. And, like a magnet, I am drawn to connect with it.

The way I have learned to connect with it is what I call the art of seduction.

This art I now teach.

Come with me, visit and see how you can transform your own life into a juicy, amazing exploration!

Ruth McAdams

Ruth vividly recalls the summer her life turned inside out and upside down…a time of crisis and challenge, the conscious beginning of her spiritual, healing journey. She was in her early thirties, married, with three children, when her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He had several surgeries and died within a few months. She was suddenly the single parent of three young children, struggling financially as well as emotionally.

The following summer, Ruth was introduced to meditation, a practice that has changed her life forever. Not only did meditation help her stay sane as a single mom, raising and college-educating her children, it deepened her connection with the Divine and supported her spiritual journey. There were more losses, parents and then her second husband, and always leading her through all this, has been meditation and prayer.

With degrees in Early Childhood Education and Psychology, Ruth is a retired teacher and pediatric psychotherapist. She now sees that, without giving it a name, she was using energy healing, mixed with love, in her work with young children.

When Ruth attended her first workshop with Deborah King, she knew she had found a spiritual healer and teacher who could guide her even further, healing past traumas, becoming more intuitive, dealing with challenges that come every single day. And then there is the added blessing of being part of this wonderful, supportive group…the journey continues!

Sharon McLaughlin

Being born into city life and moving to country towns, Sharon McLaughlin learnt the need for versatility and adaptability. Health challenges in her childhood, and being involved in a hit and run accident when she was16, moulded her passion to seek to understand life’s unfoldment. She learnt that the challenges assisted her to know her strengths and supports; to be aware of her risks; to find ways to be all that she could be in any given moment, while always seeking to understand her underlying spiritual connection and gifts.

Sharon has a wide variety of life and work experience. She has worked and trained in administration, retail,management, sports coaching, health and fitness, construction/mines safety and human resources, corporate,tourism, accommodation, and not for profit. Sharon has spent the majority of her adult life, self employed, while juggling marriage, children, family and study. Sharon has provided some links to training she has received since 1989 and her connected associations. She believes in continuous ongoing professional improvement, refining and adding modalities to her toolbox in whatever area she is called.

Sharon meets each client or student from the doorway at which they enter ‘ how can I assist, what are your expectations and how are you willing to participate/ what are you willing to do?’  She gives the individual accountability and responsibility for their choices. Sharon brings all that she is to each meeting, and is fully present and engaged with the client or student. She holds herself to a high level of professionalism, confidentiality, integrity, ethics and compassion. Let Sharon assist you to turn your impossibles into opportunities for possibilities.

Contact or

Nancy Neff

An anxious nervous child, I was put in eyeglasses at age 5. I preferred reading books to spending time with other people. My prescription rapidly increased to a coke-bottle -10 strength, which I wore into my late 40s. I felt walled-off from the world behind my thick lenses. After spending years in a cubicle solving computer problems and rarely talking to anyone, it started to dawn on me how isolated I was. Yes, I felt safe, but I also felt lonely! The dreams began surfacing in my 30s, so intense I couldn’t ignore them, a lifetime of suppressed emotion. My mother is a Nazi officer?! In studying dreams to learn about my inner world. I realized I had largely ignored other people in my introverted life.

I had also been ignoring my feelings, just trying to survive. With the dual goals of improving my vision, and understanding what my dreams were trying to tell me, I quickly learned both were about honoring and being more connected to my emotions. I needed to explore this unfamiliar territory to continue to grow. In reducing my myopia, a childhood fantasy was coming true. I had practiced walking around the house with my eyes closed — my glasses kept getting stronger so I expected to be a blind adult. As I learned to reach out visually, I was thrilled to find myself reaching out more to connect with other people. Today, I’m still working on myself, and I now also enjoy coaching and guiding others, hoping to help them avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made.

Whether it be reducing your dependence on “eye-cages”, or understanding the guidance your dreams are giving you, or removing self-limiting beliefs and blocks to having the most abundant life possible, I would be honored to work with you.



Gael Nicholson

Gael was attracted to the field of energy healing in the late 90s after a traumatic breakup.  For several years she attended weekend workshops to learn various modalities, such as Reiki and Touch for Health, eventually leading to Mind Body Medicine studies (with flower essences) in 2009 and then training with Deborah King in advanced energy healing, meditation and coaching skills from early 2011. Gael was also drawn to learn ThetaHealing techniques, and to qualify as an Angel Intuitive with Doreen Virtue.  Over the years psychic development classes and mediumship have also attracted Gael’s interest.

In early 2013 Gael began to actively assist others on their healing journey, so took a leap of faith by retiring from a 35 year education career to build her own business offering Mind Body Wellness Coaching. It is Gael’s desire to be of service to others who have lost their inner spark for life, drawing from her own life experiences and healing skills to guide them to live their most awakened life. The highlight for Gael in 2014 was becoming a published author, being one of 364 other heart centered authors to contribute to Inspiration Bible, the goal being to uplift others in need of inspiration.

Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Website: Ph: +61 427 171 981 or +61 7 3846 0291 Email:

Debra Pettinato-Ross

Debra is a certified energy healer, lifestyle coach, Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, and yoga nidra master facilitator. After 40 years as a hairdresser (or “salon therapist”), a traumatic turn of events led her to embrace holistic healing and the ancient teachings of Ayurveda and yoga. She has completed Level 6 of Deborah King’s LifeForce Energy Healing course, Deborah King’s LifeForce Coaching course, and over 750 hours of yoga nidra and Ayurvedic training at the Amrit Yoga Institute. Debra believes that a personal approach to healing inspires people to open their hearts, realize their true potential, and navigate their own unique path toward physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Connect with her by email (, phone (410) 353-3795, or visit

Douglas Rarden

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio in the 1950’s and the son of a police officer, Doug dealt with tragedy at an early age.  When he was 12 years old, his mother, after suffering from years of depression, took her own life. During his teens, he escaped through alcohol abuse and in his twenties marijuana and pills. In 1979 Doug began what became a very successful career as a hairstylist, studying with many of the top artist in the field and giving him years of experience at dealing with the public. At 24, suffering from his own depression he attempted suicide but fortunately survived. His life changed for the better in 1984, when he met his soul mate, best friend and lover. The years that followed were bitter sweet.  As they were building a loving and happy life together, they watched the majority of their friends die from AIDS.

The years following were devoted to raising AIDS awareness and money for those in need.  In 2005, along with his partner Doug relocated to S.W Florida, to be close to his older sister who was dealing with a diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer. In 2009 while in search of a more meaningful life and a deeper connection to source, he received his attunements and began practicing Reiki. Two years later he started studying Deborah King’s Life Force Energy Healing program. He has since completed levels 1-6, is certified as a Life Coach and is now a level 7 Master in Training.  Doug’s spiritual quest along with daily meditation has been life changing to say the least. Now sober and more awakened he hopes to share his knowledge and healing with the world around him. You can reach Doug via email at

Ida Elisabeth Ravn

Ida Elisabeth Ravn is an artistic creator and is a Level VI certified energy healer by the Deborah King center.  As a child creativity and art became her way of escape from the real world, and as a teenager she escaped by playing sports. She decided to follow her heart, passion and sense of adventure, and has now lived and worked in different countries with live performances and events by creating magic on stage. The excitement and inner drive for what she was doing, kept her working 24/7. Not realizing that her work had become her new escape and that it created one physical problem after the other, it was energy healing that made her see the connections.

Ida loves working with people and feeling inspiration, passion and creativity flow. Her curiosity and interest in the human mind, body and soul has brought her down this path to find out how to trigger and inspire other people to make their own changes for their wellbeing. She finds the self-healing mechanisms of the body and mind fascinating, but realizes how easy it is to get trapped in debilitating thought patterns. She recognizes that with an inner drive the distance to any goal is shorter than having external motivational factors. With clients she often uses the combination of massage, energy healing and self-reflection techniques to guide people through changes, and bringing out their own creativity and passion. She knows what life on the go means, and has found that combining spirituality and healing with creativity and passion is fully possible. Ida Elisabeth Ravn lives in Oslo, Norway and can be contacted via email or phone +47 45476617.

Lynda Richards

Lynda Richards is a successful business owner, having operated her own company for the past 15 years. She is an active volunteer with the Saskatchewan Literacy Network, a non-governmental organization dedicated to promotion and support for adult literacy within the province of Saskatchewan. She is also the active grandparent of four grandchildren and a new great-grandchild.

Lynda spent many years looking for a way to improve the quality of her life. Her challenges included addictions to drugs and alcohol, adoption, death of her mother at an early age, and years of abuse within the family. As a single parent Lynda went back to school at 39 years of age to improve her own life and that of her daughter.  Learning how to read changed her life immensely. One of the first self-help books she read was You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. This started a new outlook on her life. Affirmations changed the way she felt about herself and others. Lynda has now read many holistic books and gone to many workshops,  with each one learning a little more about how a person can heal themselves.

In 2009 Lynda had the opportunity to be in a 21st Century Energy Medicine workshop given by Deborah King. Deborah offered the 21st Century Energy Medicine program for those who were interested in healing themselves and others. Lynda signed up for the course and as of now mastered her Level VI and completed the Life Force Coaching program, Levels I to III. She continues her training with Deborah as a Level VII student.

Lynda’s goal in life is to give back to others what has been given to her and to help raise the consciousness of the world through meditation, prayer, service, and hands-on healing.

Kelly Robbins

After the diagnoses and treatment of hypothyroidism and the associated autoimmune Hashimoto’s,   Kelly continued to endure an unending list of symptoms and sheer exhaustion.   Unable to get thru a work day,  Kelly left a life-long career as database administrator, to embark upon a quest for health.

Kelly felt that she saw an exhaustive list of western medicine practitioners – a general practitioner, 4 endocrinologists, a psychiatrist, a therapist, a Functional Neurologist, an Integrative doctor, a Naturopath, and a Homeopath, yet health eluded her. When it appeared that western medicine was failing to provide healing, Kelly then ventured into more holistic areas of healing such as reflexology and a Touch for Health practitioner.   The Touch for Health practitioner saw Kelly’s curiosity for people emotions and thoughts and how it affected the body so she recommended a life coaching program.  After a week of coaching and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) work among the students to identify and remove limiting beliefs and practice the craft, Kelly found that for the first time ever, she was able to cut her thyroid medication in 1/2!  This led to learning other techniques such ACE (Advanced Clearing Energetics), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), meditation, and energy work.

It was becoming clear to Kelly that in order to experience complete healing, one must address the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and soul aspects of self.  Traditional western doctors only address a small portion of this list!   By opening her awareness to the many other modes of healing, Kelly was able to heal ALL aspects of the self and tap into true healing.

As a life coach, energy healer, and originator of the Harbors of Healing program, Kelly guides clients with chronic disease, autoimmune disease, and other health issues that puzzle doctors, through the modes of healing that the client may have overlooked or that the clients is totally unfamiliar with.  Kelly can be reached at

Darby Ryon

Darby started her diverse career as a computer geek, back in the day when computers were the size of a room and phones came in a bag. While moving around the world with her husband’s job, Darby expanded her experience base and became a University Director of Academic Computer Services and instructor, a Dale Carnegie instructor, an Elementary School teacher, a Pilates instructor and studio owner.  In 2009, Darby’s husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

After nine months of guiding and supporting her husband and family, he passed away. This tragic life event guided Darby to discover energy healing and life coaching.  Being certified through Deborah King in these fields synchronized all of her passions and skill sets- her technical and analytical abilities learned as a computer programmer and problem solver, her relationship building abilities she mastered as a Dale Carnegie instructor, her passion for exploration and curiosity as a teacher of children, and her appreciation of health and well being as a professional Pilates trainer.  

Solving problems, deepening relationships, exploring possibilities, and physical wellbeing all blend beautifully in Darby’s client focused approach to healing.  Darby is a bundle of positive energy with a passion for expanding her comfort zone.  She believes we are all life-long learners and appreciates that she grows along side of each of her clients. Many of the tools Darby brings to the partnership come from personal experiences and Darby’s ability to see every life challenge as a gift.  She truly feels that we all have the ability to live a life of love, compassion and peace. Through exploring each area of a client’s life, and addressing the underlying root causes of any discord, Darby can help the client redirect and focus energy in a positive, productive way. For more information please contact Darby at

Grace Eunyoung Sa

Grace Eunyoung Sa is a Deborah King Center certified Life Force Energy Healing practitioner and counselor. She is an Avatar Master and Wizards certified by Star’s Edge, Inc. She is also a certified professional simultaneous translator between English and Korean. She has been studying directly with Deborah King for 6yrs and personally experiencing the transformative power of Life Force Energy Healing all throughout the in-depth studies with Deborah.  She has translated Deborah’s first book “Truth Heals” into Korean. Grace acts as an ambassador of introducing Deborah’s teachings to Koreans to help those in need of supports in their physical, emotional and spiritual healing. She does workshops, private sessions and distance healings actively. She lives in Korea. Grace can be reached at and skype #gracewithlove.

Dian Shirley

Dian Shirley’s passion for the teachings of Vedanta, an ancient wisdom tradition, began when she attended a Seduction of Spirit yoga and meditation retreat in 2012. As an avid runner and cyclist with a Masters Degree in Health and Wellness, she has always been intrigued by the connection between the mind and body. After her introduction to Vedanta, she began her journey to educate, first herself, and now others in using the practices of energy healing, yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. Through her own experience, she has discovered what research is now demonstrating — that daily practice of these healing modalities changes our physiology at a cellular level, enhancing our lives.

As a Level 7 student of Master Healer Deborah King’s LifeForce™ Energy Healing Program and a certified LifeForce™ Coach, Dian’s practice is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Regular clearing, balancing and energizing of our subtle energy body removes physical and emotional blocks before they can manifest as illness in the physical body.

Through The Chopra Center she became a Vedic Master certified to teach Perfect Health Ayurveda Lifestyle, the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, and Primordial Sound Meditation. As a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Dian has also studied Chakra Yoga with Anodea Judith and Yoga Anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff. She is a certified Yoga Ed™ instructor of children’s yoga.

Dian guides her clients to use the transformational practices of this beautiful ancient wisdom to make conscious choices about their lives. She encourages them to achieve Ayurveda’s definition of health – a balanced physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of well-being. She offers workshops, classes and private instruction to children and adults in yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, The Subtle Energy Body and other topics related to mind, body, and spirit. Her classes and energy healing sessions are held in Tulsa and through Skype. Connect with Dian by email: or by phone: 918-232-7533.

Barbara Sinclair

Barbara Sinclair is a holistic health practitioner with a passion for Ayurveda – the ancient mind/body system of health and longevity that originated in India. A lifelong visual artist, Barbara woke up one morning in her late 40s with pain throughout her body. A diagnosis of fibromyalgia eventually led her to seek more holistic methods of healing – all while looking within for clues as to why this had happened. For several years, Barbara was guided to explore all kinds of alternative practices. It was with fierce intent, a positive attitude, and help from some gifted healers that her body slowly began to repair itself. In the process of healing, Barbara fell head-over-heels in love with Ayurveda, a Sanskrit word which means “the knowledge of life”.

She now lives her daily life by its principles and its deep connection with Nature and the five elements, sharing its brilliance with others. Meditation and energy healing, with their direct connection to Ayurveda, were also key players in her recovery. They helped her to access an inner place of peace and unlock deeply buried pain. Today, Barbara is free from the symptoms of fibromyalgia and is grateful for the powerful lessons it taught her. Like many others who have managed to overcome a debilitating condition, it enriched her life, rather than destroyed it.

Barbara’s greatest joy now is to share the fruits of her own healing journey in hopes that it might spark a healing journey for others. Barbara received her Ayurveda training from Wise Earth Ayurveda, the first school of Ayurveda teachings in the US. She is also a certified holistic health counselor and certified energy healer. Contact her at

Lisa Skura

Misty Stam

Kim Stanford

Alitse Stovicek

Born in South Africa, in the middle of apartheid, to an Afrikaans mother and Czech father, who left Czechoslovakia in 1969 to escape Communism.  Alitse Stovicek has been living in London for the last 10 years.  At the age of 11 she lost her father to stomach cancer which entirely changed her life.  Not only did she lose her father, but her mother had to go work so Alitse and her younger sister became latch key kids.  After her father died, Alitse realized that she could sense him and the angels around her and her family.  Alitse has worked in many industries eg dairy, furniture manufacturing, auditing and accounting and is currently working at a University.  She has always been interested in alternative medicine but only started training in 2009 after suddenly finding that she had some free time as she had changed jobs (and bosses). 

The stress of having a bully for a boss had worn away a lot of her confidence and adversely affected her health.  It was thanks to a concerned friend that she found a new job and was able to start on this journey of energy healing.  This also enabled her to regain her confidence and get perspective on her previous work/boss situation.  In 2012 she started the Deborah King programme where she met like minded people.  Alitse is loving the journey and has not looked back, excepting to see how far she has come. E-mail address:

“What I have learnt has helped me become a calmer and more understanding person.   Self acceptance has made me a happier, healthier person.  I have learnt healthy ways to channel my emotions, to heal and forgive myself for not being perfect.   Now that I have the skills I want to share them and help others.” 

Christy Strom

Christy Strom has had a life long passion for healing. She has faced several traumatic situations early in her life which have brought her to the path of energy healing. Going through these experiences firsthand has allowed her to become an excellent coach and healer for those currently experiencing life’s challenging situations, specifically with loss, whether that pertains to separation, divorce, abuse or death. Christy has overcome many emotional challenges since the deaths of her son and later her mom with much credit given to energy healing.

She graduated in 2003 from the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Nursing degree and is currently a practicing Registered Nurse. She is employed as a Home Care Case Manager working with people in their homes, as well as working with doctors and other interdisciplinary team members. She is a certified Lifeforce Coach by the Deborah King Center as well as a certified Energy Healing Practicioner. Currently she is a seventh level apprentice of the Deborah King Center and has been student since July 2012. In addition to her Energy Healing studies, Christy received her certificate for Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Christy’s passions also include travel and being of service to others. She has led teams to South America annually to construct and help out at an orphanage. Continuing to see the growth both in the project and in these children from year to year brings much joy to her heart. She enjoys spending time outdoors, especially in the mountains nearby her home. Also bringing Christy joy are her two daughters.

Christy believes that through energy healing balance can be found physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Christy is eager to assist you to be your best you so you can live the life you were meant to lead.

She can be reached by email  at

Lisa Sweet

Lisa is a LifeForce Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and Life Coach having received her training from the Deborah King Center. Lisa is also an Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor, Minister, Prayer Practitioner and Spirit Guide Coach offering local and distance sessions to people and their pets around the world.

You can learn more about Lisa and her offerings on her website If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with her, please contact her at or by phone at 804-453-0932.

José Van Haastert

José Van Haastert is a passionate, skilled teacher and gifted intuitive healer. Her teachings are a combination of many traditions and Lineages and she Inspires people with her bold yet sincere opinion about spirituality, healing and coaching.

Native to The Netherlands she is now based in South West Ontario (Canada). Although she considers her youth as a happy one she faced many challenges. The fact that she was born with the ability to see and hear beyond the physical world caused her peers to consider her being different from the norm. On top of it she was very nervous and by the time she was a teenager she suffered from severe migraines, back pains, chronic sinus infections, claustrophobia and many other problems.

Faced with her compromised physical health and low self esteem she went through a severe depression in her early thirties. Realizing that in her case medication wouldn’t solve the problem she explored many of the alternative modalities in addition to allopathic care and encountered Reiki, yoga and meditation. Over time especially the energy-work changed her view on many beliefs she had embraced over time. Slowly but surely she was cured from many of her physical conditions and it opened up the psychic abilities she had locked away during her teenage years. It started an ongoing need to study everything and anything connected to mysticism, spirituality and healing. She loves to teach and coach people with the knowledge and understanding of the deeper questions about life and about who they are. Yet one of her main beliefs is the importance of staying grounded and function in daily life. She lives at a farm in Ontario and really enjoys working in the garden, help with the farm work and as she puts it “get her hands dirty”. She believes the farm business and the solid, grounded disposition of her husband provide her with a healthy balance between the visible and invisible world.

She is known to be very determined and persistent to find answers when questions and problems are presented to her. She has a tremendous insight in people’s body language and accurately reads the underlying emotions. Life shaped her into a very good listener and she attracts many people seeking her advice. Her former banking career already schooled her about the importance of confidentiality and honesty. She strongly believes you receive what you send out and honesty is number one on her list, in her personal life as well as her practice.

José is available for personal and remote work via phone or Skype with fluency in English and Dutch. Contact  information: E-mail ,  Web site or phone (519) 899-4150

Ellen Wasilewski

As a child Ellen felt emotionally and verbally abused by her parents.  She was extremely shy and spent a lot of time by herself.  She loved nature and animals and still does.  When Ellen went to school she did not socialize with others and had very few friends.

As she got older, Ellen realized that the reason that she didn’t have friends was because she was completely closed down with a wall around her.  Ellen forced herself to do things that were uncomfortable in order to meet other people. Interestingly enough, she chose to become a nurse so she could work with people. Ellen became a psychiatric nurse when she graduated because she resonated with psychiatric clients and felt that she could help them. She’s been a Registered Nurse for over 44 years.

Ellen married her husband when she graduated and was expecting a peaceful and love filled life. She quickly realized that her husband was an alcoholic and their life had been drama 24/7. She felt that she’d been treated unfairly by him. Although Ellen blamed her husband for most of her problems, she was as much to blame as he was. It has taken her many years to learn this.

In the process of trying to help herself, she started studying many modalities of energy healing. By working on herself, she has learned that it is important to forgive those people that you feel have hurt you. Forgiveness has allowed her to release her anger and open her heart. One of the most important things that she’s learned is to love yourself.

Ellen has been in Deborah’s program since 2010. She presently has her own business: Ellen’s Healing Garden. She does energy healing, EFT (also known as tapping), and coaching, including weight loss coaching. Visit her at

Jan Webber

Jan is a certified Life Force Energy Healing® practitioner and Holistic Life Coach and Meditation Guide.  She has a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, is the mother of three successful adult daughters, and has enjoyed a long and happy marriage.

Before hearing about Energy Healing, she suffered for 15 years with a leg crippled by deep vein thrombosis.  The swelling and pain was so bad she could not do simple things like stand in line with her kids at the amusement park.

After missing out on so much over the years, she discovered she could ease the pain in her leg with the healing power in her own hands. She was amazed as she felt her pain melt away, and, over a period of months, her condition resolved, and no longer troubles her. Other lifetime issues such as allergies and overweight gradually left also as she continued her practice. This is how she became so passionate about Energy Healing and sharing its benefits with others.

Based in Ohio, Jan is available for in person or live video coaching, healing sessions, and private meditation instruction anywhere in the world. Over time, you can learn how to maintain and improve your health with simple practices anyone can do at home, just as she did.

To request an appointment or free consultation, just fill out the request box on her website,

Doug Whipple

Karen Whipple

The people listed here are advanced students of the Deborah King Center (DKC). Deborah King and The Deborah King Center do not guarantee any specific result or outcome and any views or opinions presented by DKC students are solely their own and do not necessarily represent those of the company. The information provided on is, at best, of a spiritual and energetic nature and cannot substitute for the advice of a medical professional (for instance, a qualified doctor/physician, nurse, pharmacist/chemist, and so on).

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