How to Use Mala Beads

Ancient Tools for Today’s Spirituality

Prayer beads have been around for centuries; they exist in many cultures around the globe. As a devout Catholic child, I kept my rosary beads next to my bed to help me in my prayer practice to Mother Mary, yet another representative of the Divine Feminine. As a young adult in an ashram, I was given a set of blessed mala beads by the guru when he made me a teacher of meditation. If you have decided to learn how to meditate or you have an existing practice that you want to strengthen or reaffirm, mala beads can help you make and keep that commitment to reach an expanded state of awareness.

Meditation Will Change Your Life — Mala Beads Will Help

One of the most common questions I receive is how to start or maintain a meditation practice. As a meditation teacher, I provide a twenty-minute practice along with your own personal mantra. Doing it daily will help keep your chakras clear and balanced, your stress level in check, turn back the clock physically, make you look and feel younger, improve your sleep, AND connect you to Spirit. Wow, that’s a lot! If you’re not yet meditating, click here to start today – don’t wait!

I began meditating when I was diagnosed with cancer back in my twenties. I had an amazing remission at the hands of an energy healer and as I dedicated more and more of my free time and eventually my life’s work to practicing energy medicine, the more I came to understand that the foundational practice of meditation was the single most important thing I’d ever done for myself. It literally changed the entire course of my life, opening me up to my Higher Self, the cosmos, and Source as well as helping to calm my mind and heal my body. I can’t say it enough: meditation will change your life just like it did mine, if you let it. Click here to learn more.

Boost Your Spiritual Focus with Mala Beads

For many though, even twenty minutes of meditation can seem daunting. It’s hard to commit and even harder to sit still. Mala beads can help: wear them around your neck or place them near you on an altar or bedside table, and their essence will help connect you to the meditative state. Wear them when you leave the house to protect you and keep you connected to your Guides. Hang a pair on your car mirror or your computer monitor or the bed frame to remind you that, above all, you are a spiritual being having a lifetime and that everything is small stuff, everything.

To aid you in your practice, I’ve selected a few different mala beads that will best support you – you can check them out here. These beads are handmade in Bali with love. They incorporate sacred rudraksha seeds that are harvested in a sustainable manner and are fair-traded.  I’ve personally blessed these beads and can vouch for their unique ability to help connect you to Spirit. Click here

Here’s how to use your mala beads:

– When you first receive them, wear them for a few days to connect them to your personal energy field.

– Every couple of months, cleanse your mala beads by putting them out on a dry surface under a full moon. Like pendulums, mala beads can absorb energy, so you’ll want to cleanse them periodically with moonlight.

– You can also wear your mala beads around your neck or keep them close by; in your kitchen, your office, the car. This will keep you safe and remind you of your intention to meditate every day and give your practice an extra boost of spiritual energy.

Take a look at the mala beads I’ve selected for you to deepen your spiritual practice and find a calmer mind, body and spirit. Click here

Deborah King